Top Ten Hottest Disney Channel Guys

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The Top Ten

Ross Lynch
Ross should be number 1. He was even 62 on top girls. He doesn't look like a girl at all though, but super cute. He is the most hottest guy, even hotter than Zak. It would be my dream to meet the Ross Lynch. He sounds super nice too. I love Ross.
Because I think he is hot than everyone on list and he is born on my birthday he is so sexy having the sexiest eyes and smile he also got the charisma of being on stage
Ross is such a cutie. His hair is awesome, and just... Everything about him is perfect. Not to mention he can sing and act (even though he got stuck with a horrible script on Austin and Ally). And he's not one of those self centered celebrities who think they're god's gift to the world.
[Newest]He gets cuter every day! (I prefer his hair short)

2Zac Efron
Why would there be anyone different for number 1 than Zac Efron he is so HOT and hella gorgeous! Team Efron
Hottest guy alive
... But I still don't get why nick jonas is in second place and not david henrie
Well disney has lots of hott guys... Laugh out loud
But I guess ill vote for zac.


[Newest]He's so cute and sexy

3Nick Jonas
The way you love me
When your ready come and get it
Put your pom poms down for me
I think I'd have a heart attack

1. Pom poms
2. Come and get it
3. Heart attack
4. The way

Does that give you an idea! I love the jonas brothers and my favourite is nick because he is so cute! He has the best voice, if you compare him with another person. He works so hard to get where he wants to go despite the fact that he has type 1 diabetes which is a very serious illness. Nick Jonas is the best!
its definitely NICK JONAS! he iz so talented.. has a gr8 voice.. a gr8 actor n singer.. is in a hyper popular band.. a good role model.. is so sexxxxxxxxxxxy.. his eyes n lips.. his body.. HE'S JST PERFECT! he should be number 1... he iz 10000000000000 times better zan zac efron..!..
I think nick jonas is way hotter than zac efron
[Newest]He has a nick - 🍖 of you know what I mean

4David Henrie
He is so hot. But the bet thing about him is he usually plays an awkward kind of geeky character, (not a hot guy on the basketball team, like Zac Efron) and yet you are still able to see just how good looking he is
YEES he is hot
I think the list for Hottest disney channel guys should be: 1. David Henrie. 2. Ross Lynch 3. Zac Efron/Joe Jonas
[Newest]He's so cute oh his eyes I love him so much

5Jake T. Austin
He grew up to be sexy as hell. I hope he stays wit his acting career he is one of my favorite guy actors from Disney
Jake T. Austin is so cute! I LOVE him. I would do everything it takes to meet him. Such a cutie. He's such a charming boy and if I had my last day at earth it would be with him (THAT'S TRUE! ) So cute, laugh out loud!
[Newest]Yea he was hot

6Cameron Boyce
Cameron Boyce have the looks but he has a great personality. I don't care about the fame nor the looks, I care about the inside. What if he wasn't famous or that good looking, I will still love him. Call me crazy but this is true. He inspired others, he loves his fans, he is talented, smart and unique in his own way. This is what I like in a guy. I don't know if I will meet him one day but I hope I will. If Cameron Boyce read this comment, I hope he smile and be happy. If not, it's OK.
Cameron Boyce is so sexy, talented, unique and has awesome swag. I love him so much and he can act and dance. I don't just like him for his looks, even though he's sexy. I just like his awesome personality. :-)
I honestly don't get why 12-13 year old girls drool over Cameron.

I really feel bad for him. I really do.

All he is is a 15 year old guy who acts on Disney Channel. He really is just a regular guy who works for Disney Channel. Wow. Just wow.

7Dylan Sprouse
I agree Dylan is HOT if anyone would be my boyfriend I choose him you want to know a secret sometimes when I'm bored I dance to Ashley tisdale songs pretending I'm zacks girlfriend singing to him sometimes I dream of myself and my BFF in episodes of zack and Cody
He's WAY too cute from age 6~13 then he turns to flaming hot in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody! I'm like drooling over his gorgeous face.. Wow!
Trying to pick between Jason Earles, Moises Arias, and Dylan, Dylan's the hottest I think


[Newest]He is so hot he made steam look cool

8Joe Jonas
his muscles, his body, his eyes... and everypart is so appealing
I have always thought he was the cutest Jonas :) For some reason, I dig the curly hair!
His body is perfect
His eyes is wonderful
His hair is cool
His lips is hot
So he's sexiest guy EVER!
[Newest]He should be number two he is so sexy

9Leo Howard
Leo howard is the best thing ever I love him so much you can't really tell how much I love him plus he has big muscles and a great guy please vote for him
HE is really SMOKIN' HOT! This guy is a pro martial artist and he is also the hottest ever! I wish I could marry you and we could have kids!
He has the best abs ever! He is so cute and everything and he has big muscles.
[Newest]Jack from kickin it

10Billy Unger
Billy should be higher! He acts fantastic & Lab Rats is my favorite T.V. show! Come on Ungers!


He should be way higher. He is so hot, and is a great actor.
So adorable. Does a good Australian accent


[Newest]I love Billy Unger. I love everything about him. Lab rats is awesome.

The Contenders

11Bradley Steven Perry
Because all my friends love him and so do i
Very cute bring this cutie up
I think he should be first! 1 Then Cameron Boyce and so on... Ross lynch should be third I guess...
[Newest]He is a good actor and he is kinda pretty (No not like that! )

12Austin Mahone
He's not a Disney Channel guy you idiots!
I saw him in concert and Austin should be number 1. I love him. He is super cute.
He's not even Disney but I've loved him fir over a year now
[Newest]Some so sexy Austin would say what

13Jason Dolley
Jason is cute, especially when he is funny he make me laugh and has a fun Personality and sure is hot! He should be first in ranking not in 11th people start voting for him!
I think I've had a crush on him since the movie Minute Men came out years ago. He's the only Disney Channel star I will ever admit to liking.


Hes so cute. I like Lucas Till Better but jason dolley's second


14Luke Benward
You r so hot and sweet And I love your show!
! So cute and so sweet! Ily

15Cole Sprouse
I iove both sprouse twins but I think that cole is way cuter
He is hot a smaller face than Dylan
The cuter of the twins! Going to break a lot of hearts.


[Newest]He is the cutest!

16Jake Short
He's so adorable on A.N.T. farm! And he's got a beautiful voice and he's hilarious in all his videos.
His so cute. I love mighty med and ANT farm
[Newest]He is so short

17Jesse McCartney
He is so cute mostley in the suite life of zach and cody but he is hot
He's so hot! He must be on top!
I love his songs and he deserves more than he got...
He's amazing I love him very much... Best singer for me
Hell no he is so HOT! 😍

18Kenton Duty
I hate his annoying accent.


Me and my sister love you we watch shake it up all the time P. S we think your hot

19Cody Linley
I love him in Hannah Montana


wooah! he's like thii hottest guy eveer!
Cody linley is so hot he's all round cute

20Peyton Meyer
I am mad that I actually have to vote for him to put this comment here.

I never understood what is so great about him. Ever. I have friends who OBSESS over this guy for hours on end, and it's really annoying. He isn't cute. He isn't hot. I don't care how many thumbs downs I get for this, but those are my thoughts on him.


Peyton is really cute and he should be at LEAST in the top 10! He is in so many popular T.V. shows! He's by far my favorite Disney male star! Yeah Peyton!
He is so HOT! He should be at least in the top 10. I would totally marry him
[Newest]He's the number 1

21Cody Simpsons
Really don't like Cody but hey I'll try anything once...
He's hot so hot and seexxyy
Ulala mama like it sweet like a cherry

22Sterling Knight
Sterling is the cutest Disney Channel actor! He sings beautifully and he's got a lot of talent, he's very funny and his eyes are too beautiful! He is the best actor of our generation! Peace out suckers!
Hot guy loved him on sonny with a chane I wish channy could get back together
Chad from sonny with a chance/so random

23Michael Seater
I have NO clue who about half of these people are.
He is absolutely amazing! He looks so relaxed and cool in his skin1and that complimented with his superb acting!...really decent! :-D
He's so Hot and sexy!

24Gary Clayton
He is so hot and his body and I date him!
Don't worry sexy mamas coming

25Justin Timberlake
Come on you guys. Are you forgetting about one of the first? I think you are. Screw the Jonas Brothers or Zak Efron because JT has WAY more talent than them combined.
Don't forget Ryan gosling...

26Austin North
I think he and Olivia Holt would make a cute couple. Just putting that out there.

27Spencer Boldman
He should be first! He is so hot! 😊
Yup how about Robbie amell
He is the hottest, all you guys are crazy, spencer boldman should be first
[Newest]Spencer Boldman is so cute. I though so more when he was in zapped!

28Hutch Dano
Are you people nuts he's hot

29Roshon Fegan
He brings a little diversity to the Disney crew and is very easy on the eyes. And who can deny those dimples?


I think that he's smoking hot those magical eyes

30Mitchel Musso
A little strange acting but great looks!


How can mitchell musso be last this is an outrage and me will noT live to stand this mitchel is my crushiwuwu and  love him you guys are just pompous proliferators of the putrid puns and doodoo dunderheads. Hmmpp

31Kevin Jonas
He is married but still pretty hot and I really think he has talent so if on one will vote 4 him I will cause he is cool

32Karan Brar
The awkward-ism. Laugh out loud

33Logan Miller
He is soopo cute. I'll
Marry him if I have to!

34Corbin Bleu
Corbin Bleu is an American actor, model, dancer, producer, and singer-songwriter. All your arguments are invalid. Not to mention, look up recent pictures of him. He is so hot.
Daym hes #8 he should be #1 he is the hottest guy on the face of this planet.
He's Ugly because Of His Hair Style

35John Deluca
HE IS HOT I love him

36Calum Worthy
How is he even hot

37Tony Oller
From 'As the Bell Rings! '. So super cute!
He was Danny in as the bell rings!
From as the bell rings

38Lucas Grabeel

39Jake Thomas

40Phill Lewis
He Plays moseby he is so hot
He's old how can he be on this list!

41Adam Lamberg
Gordo is smart, nice and cute. I love Lizzie McGuire.
I love him. you're hot

42Luke A. Benward
His smile is cute he is sexy and hot! HE IS MINE I POSTED THIS FIRST TOO!
He is so hot! I posted this first so don't take him he is mine!
His smile could melt a ice cube. Just hot

43Aaron Musicant
Yea Me's great love in the pool! Very sexy.


44Cameron Palatas
So hot! Check him out! His been on ANT a couple of times.


45Carlon Jeffrey
! YAYA CARLON! You're AWESOME I love you!

46Johnny Pacar
Throwing it back to flight 29 down. He is so hot!

47Tyrel Jackson Williams
I think he looks to much like his brother since he's grown up a little bit.
Leo from lab rats

48Luke Bennet

49Trevor Jackson
He's cute, cool and he has swag I love him.
He comes from let it shine

50Ryan Gosling
He was on the Mickey Mouse Club. He's the hottest guy on the face of this planet. Have you ever watched Crazy, Stupid Love? Ah he's perfection.

51Peyton Clark

52Jorge Blanco
You should really put Jorge Blanco on Top he is hot smart amazing an acter singer dancer and motorcrosser he is just PERFECT and I am not happy about him not being on these lists!

53Robbie Amell
He's so hot, idc if if is Disney or not he should be top ten 😉👍


54George Shelly

55Gregg Sulkin
He's such a great actor! He's also really cute with his dimples! I love you Gregg!
Who can say no to that beautiful British accent?!?!
He is so hot no one is hotter than him

56Shia LaBeouf
knew he would be hot when he was older and he shouldn't be so low nobody above him is hot


He isn't on the disney channel anymore but he is soo hot!
He is so hot he is way better than zac efron

57Jason Earles

58Kevin Chamberlin
Burtrum on jessi is so hot he has a perfect body

59Adam Irigoyen

60Ricky Ullman
Hot hot hot <3 and he mine mine mine... Him and his perfect face structure and he beautiful eye I lovve him
So much hotter than Ross lynch and Cameron Boyce
Why is he last place? Seriously who votes on theme lists!

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