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1Ross Lynch

Ross should be number 1. He was even 62 on top girls. He doesn't look like a girl at all though, but super cute. He is the most hottest guy, even hotter than Zak. It would be my dream to meet the Ross Lynch. He sounds super nice too. I love Ross.

Because I think he is hot than everyone on list and he is born on my birthday he is so sexy having the sexiest eyes and smile he also got the charisma of being on stage

Ross is such a cutie. His hair is awesome, and just... Everything about him is perfect. Not to mention he can sing and act (even though he got stuck with a horrible script on Austin and Ally). And he's not one of those self centered celebrities who think they're god's gift to the world.

This list is disgusting. - BubbleBear01

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2Zac Efron

Why would there be anyone different for number 1 than Zac Efron he is so HOT and hella gorgeous! Team Efron

Hottest guy alive
... But I still don't get why nick jonas is in second place and not david henrie

Well disney has lots of hott guys... Laugh out loud
But I guess ill vote for zac. - ammawesome

I totally agree Zac Efron is hot. My wanted boyfriend

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3Cameron Boyce

Cameron Boyce have the looks but he has a great personality. I don't care about the fame nor the looks, I care about the inside. What if he wasn't famous or that good looking, I will still love him. Call me crazy but this is true. He inspired others, he loves his fans, he is talented, smart and unique in his own way. This is what I like in a guy. I don't know if I will meet him one day but I hope I will. If Cameron Boyce read this comment, I hope he smile and be happy. If not, it's OK.

Cameron Boyce is so sexy, talented, unique and has awesome swag. I love him so much and he can act and dance. I don't just like him for his looks, even though he's sexy. I just like his awesome personality. :-)

I honestly don't get why 12-13 year old girls drool over Cameron.

I really feel bad for him. I really do.

All he is is a 15 year old guy who acts on Disney Channel. He really is just a regular guy who works for Disney Channel. Wow. Just wow.

He is so cute but I think it's what's on the inside that counts.

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4Nick Jonas

The way you love me
When your ready come and get it
Put your pom poms down for me
I think I'd have a heart attack

1. Pom poms
2. Come and get it
3. Heart attack
4. The way

Does that give you an idea! I love the jonas brothers and my favourite is nick because he is so cute! He has the best voice, if you compare him with another person. He works so hard to get where he wants to go despite the fact that he has type 1 diabetes which is a very serious illness. Nick Jonas is the best!

its definitely NICK JONAS! he iz so talented.. has a gr8 voice.. a gr8 actor n singer.. is in a hyper popular band.. a good role model.. is so sexxxxxxxxxxxy.. his eyes n lips.. his body.. HE'S JST PERFECT! he should be number 1... he iz 10000000000000 times better zan zac efron..!..

I think nick jonas is way hotter than zac efron

I absolutely hate Nick Jonas. He's stupid and ugly.

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5Jake T. Austin


He grew up to be sexy as hell. I hope he stays wit his acting career he is one of my favorite guy actors from Disney

Jake T. Austin is so cute! I LOVE him. I would do everything it takes to meet him. Such a cutie. He's such a charming boy and if I had my last day at earth it would be with him (THAT'S TRUE! ) So cute, laugh out loud!

He's too cute for me I have problem I my therapist said

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6David Henrie

He is so hot. But the bet thing about him is he usually plays an awkward kind of geeky character, (not a hot guy on the basketball team, like Zac Efron) and yet you are still able to see just how good looking he is

YEES he is hot

I think the list for Hottest disney channel guys should be: 1. David Henrie. 2. Ross Lynch 3. Zac Efron/Joe Jonas

I heard he was arrested. And he's not that hot.

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7Dylan Sprouse

I agree Dylan is HOT if anyone would be my boyfriend I choose him you want to know a secret sometimes when I'm bored I dance to Ashley tisdale songs pretending I'm zacks girlfriend singing to him sometimes I dream of myself and my BFF in episodes of zack and Cody

He's WAY too cute from age 6~13 then he turns to flaming hot in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody! I'm like drooling over his gorgeous face.. Wow!

He is just so HOT. He was adorable when he was younger but now? He's on fire. And he's one of those more decent celebrities and I think he's pretty humble and just amazing. I've had a crush on him forever

He is so hot he made steam look cool

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8Billy Unger

Billy should be higher! He acts fantastic & Lab Rats is my favorite T.V. show! Come on Ungers! - tessa-marveld

He should be way higher. He is so hot, and is a great actor.

So adorable. Does a good Australian accent - CogginsDelaneyF123

Cutest guy ever! Very sweet!

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9Bradley Steven Perry

Because all my friends love him and so do i

Very cute bring this cutie up

He's cute in the first and second season of Good luck Charlie but not so much in the last. Still think Ross Lynch is the hottest.

So hot! I love you Bradley Steven Perry.

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10Leo Howard

Leo howard is the best thing ever I love him so much you can't really tell how much I love him plus he has big muscles and a great guy please vote for him

HE is really SMOKIN' HOT! This guy is a pro martial artist and he is also the hottest ever! I wish I could marry you and we could have kids!

He has the best abs ever! He is so cute and everything and he has big muscles.

Love this guy! He's the cutest thing every!

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11Joe Jonas

his muscles, his body, his eyes... and everypart is so appealing

I have always thought he was the cutest Jonas :) For some reason, I dig the curly hair!

His body is perfect
His eyes is wonderful
His hair is cool
His lips is hot
So he's sexiest guy EVER!

He was one of my favorites haha

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12Luke Benward

He is so cute and I just adore him

He's cute I guess

You r so hot and sweet And I love your show!

13Cole Sprouse

I iove both sprouse twins but I think that cole is way cuter

He is hot a smaller face than Dylan

The cuter of the twins! Going to break a lot of hearts. - dldmcc8

He is the cutest!

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14Austin Mahone

He's not a Disney Channel guy you idiots!

I saw him in concert and Austin should be number 1. I love him. He is super cute.

He's not even Disney but I've loved him fir over a year now

Some so sexy Austin would say what

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15Jason Dolley

Jason is cute, especially when he is funny he make me laugh and has a fun Personality and sure is hot! He should be first in ranking not in 11th people start voting for him!

I think I've had a crush on him since the movie Minute Men came out years ago. He's the only Disney Channel star I will ever admit to liking. - Luvaddict77

Hes so cute. I like Lucas Till Better but jason dolley's second - funkymonkey22

He is so cute and sexy

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16Kenton Duty

I hate his annoying accent. - Connor360

17Sterling Knight

Sterling is the cutest Disney Channel actor! He sings beautifully and he's got a lot of talent, he's very funny and his eyes are too beautiful! He is the best actor of our generation! Peace out suckers!

I loved him in sonny with a chance because he had my name and I fell in love with him as I got older and now he's on melissa and joey and I love him still love him to this day.!

Hot guy loved him on sonny with a chane I wish channy could get back together

Love his acting seems really nice love to meet him

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18Jake Short

He's so adorable on A.N.T. farm! And he's got a beautiful voice and he's hilarious in all his videos.


His so cute. I love mighty med and ANT farm

He is so short

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19Jesse McCartney

He is so cute mostley in the suite life of zach and cody but he is hot

He's so hot! He must be on top!
I love his songs and he deserves more than he got...
He's amazing I love him very much... Best singer for me

Hell no he is so HOT! 😍

20Cody Simpsons

Really don't like Cody but hey I'll try anything once...

He's like Justin Bieber, stupid and ugly

He's hot so hot and seexxyy
Ulala mama like it sweet like a cherry

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