Hottest Female Country Singers

This is my top 10 of the hottest female Country singers.

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1Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood is by far my favorite country singer! She's beautiful, talented, and her music videos are awesome! I was so excited to see her in concert (even though I was far away) and hopefully I'll one day meet her! I don't see why she isn't #1 here... Plus she has the best legs!

She is much more beautiful than Taylor Swift. While Taylor is still great, Carrie Underwood exudes natural beauty. Her voice is amazing, and through all the fame, she still seems like any other regular person you would see on the street.

Dude much prettier than TS she is cute for city slicker carrie underwood is natually pretty she is so amazing and TS is auto tuned! I say! Auto tuned and she is'nt even country! She is city slicker and wouldn't be here without all the hearts she broke up with every one carrie didn't! And carrie is a hottie!

She's pretty amazing and I love all of her songs even her voice

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2Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is so lucky. She has the looks, the talent and a good figure. If I weren't her fan, I'd be so jealous of her! She's sweet, sassy, hip and edgy all at the same time. I love you Taylor Swift!

She is TAYLOR SWIFT. Her songs are marvelous like all the tunes and the way she writes the lyrics is like writing her own novel. Her songs are the bestsellers.

If you think Taylor is pretty with make-up, you should see her without make-up. She looks so much prettier without than with.

She is the best

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3Shania Twain

Never get tired of hearing that voice. Has A beauty that is timeless and a talent that has and will rarely be bettered. Country or cross-over, #one in my book.

The only one with cleavage that men die for. Swift has some maturing to do and then she will be O.K. - Carrie has the face.

The hottest, most seductive female singer, period.

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4Faith Hill

Yeah lets see those youngsters on the list look as hot as Faith when they get in their 40's. Her Angelic face is timeless. She is hotter than 98% of any woman in their 20's

Twice the age of Taylor Swift, had 3 kids, and still hot.
Make Sunday Night Football must see T.V..

5Miranda Lambert

One little Pistol right here. Fun, gorgeous, stunning, perfect. She is a hunter and don't take nothing from No one.

She has a hot and sexy body. She should be #1

Should be number 3 behind Carrie underwood and Kellie pickler. Miranda is so HOT! Look at the little red wagon video.

She is hot and sexy

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6Jessie James

A young, new, hot, awesome country girl. She just got married! Loves making new songs and she is so beautiful and tan.

Miss Jessie in my opinion is the best of the best. What a flawless talent. She is the perfect combination of great looks, a voice with amazing range and character. The girl can dance. She absolutely has my vote

7Danielle Bradbery

She is so beautiful. Won The Voice. She is a new country singer! She is only 16! But she is so gorgeous.!

Oh my god she is sooo pretty I seriously got so mad when I saw her on the list of artists that are going to ruin the music industry. She is also very sweet and wise beyond her years.

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8Trisha Yearwood
10Martina McBrideV1 Comment

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11Tammie Davis

Way to go Tammie, glad to see you climbing the ladder to success. You are a wonderful and talented person... Also I Love your music--Keep up the great work... Love you...

Tammie is a beautiful person (inside and out) who is a great singer. Has been a pleasure meeting her and listening to her music. Hope to see and hear more.

Still holding #3 Tammie and the percentage is rising---Way to go---Love your music... OK

Here is a beautiful young lady with an equally beautiful voice... Watch for her on the National Country Music scene very soon... - RockyOrrell

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12Cassadee Pope
13Kellie Pickler

I love the song Red High Heels

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14Julianne Hough

Her lovely looks makes me wants to kiss her and drives me crazy

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15Jessica Simpson
16Julie Roberts
17Kimberly Perry
18Leann RimesV2 Comments
19Gretchen Wilson
20Jennifer Nettles

Listen to 'Run' and/or 'Tonight' and tell me Jennifer doesn't have a mesmerizing and powerful voice. She is unbelieveable.

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