Hottest Female Singers

It may say "singer" on their Wikipedia pages, but these ladies can still please a crowd merely by showing up. Presenting the top ten hottest female singers. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Selena Gomez
She looks so sexy in her videos!


She is hot and sexy. She is # 1 in my book
She is so beautiful and talented she should be number 1.
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Does everyone just care about their boobs and butt?
Kind of hot but not really but sometimes a good voice.

3Jennifer Lopez
She does look sexy in catsuits and bodystockings that I seen on a music video! Plus, what the fack is K.S. chithra doing at the top list? She isn't that hot at all, she's ugly! :P
Jennifer Lopez hot gorgeous women sad smart

4Amy Lee
Amy Lee has got kind of a great voice but with out her tonsils it sounds a lot louder, slower, and more beautiful she is hot but I have some one else on my neighborhood next door to me named Amy who has very very hot legs and her butt is so darn hot looking I wish I could see her real bare butt in public thank god her butt is real hot.
Very sexy singing voice and very attractive face, but Cyndi Lauper has the sexiest voice in the history of pop, followed by Lene Lovich.
Kind of hot but she has a wonderful voice but she is not really as hot as others but I guess she kind of can be at some points.
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5Beyonce Knowles
She's a singer, dancer, songwriter, editor, director, entertainer.
She has a perfect private life.
A body with perfect curves, she has boobs, six pack and she's bootylicious!
She has boobs, butt, curves and by the way she's talented and she can sing! PERFECT!
Hot has an extreme big booty
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6Katy Perry
OOhh boy... ever since I saw her in I kissed a girl, I've fantasized so many damn things bout her... She's friggin hot, period. I mean, if I had to choose someone to be with me for my entire life on a deserted island, I'd choose her, if she'd be all passionate and stuff :P
P. S. WTF, who's KS Chithra bloody hell?!


She has wonderful breast. And cute eyes. Her figure is also lovely.
Katy Perry is a great person to listen to singing especailly at night. I think her hair is not too bad looking at all but it just isn't as good as some girls but it is not as bad as some other girls it is just right just an average human bean.
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7K.S. Chithra
she had sexy figure... sexy look...
K. S. Chithra is the ultimate combo singer.. she has the beautiful looks and the best voice going...

SHe is hot and her songs also hot
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8Mariah Carey
I think this one is hot beyond compare, and she is, in my opinion, a much better singer than other women.


No Doubt shes the Hottest ever
Mariah its the trendseter

9Carrie Underwood
Carrie Underwood is a very hot looking women just like Taylor is but in fact I think she looks really hot in her bikini especailly her long legs and her butt are very awesome looking indeed. My top 5 favorite songs are 1 Ever ever after 2 Just a dream 3 Inside your heaven 4 Blown away 5 haven't thought about it yet.
No one holds a candle in beauty like she does, she has it all from looks, to voice to taste in men, she has it all, I think she should be number one, go carrie
Carrie is extremly good at holding her breath by singing very loud for at least 10 minutes and her butt is just so hot looking it would be very nice if I ever saw her bare butt being shown in public at the beach.
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10Hayley Williams
her voice is uniquely hot and strong and she is beautiful nad gorgeous
I think they put her on Guitar Hero, just for Fanservice of looking at her.
Currently the hottest female vocalist


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The Contenders

11Cheryl Cole
Cheryl is so under rated

12Jessica Simpson

13Ariana Grande
Ariana grande man oh boy she's smoking hot her legs are very hot and her hair is awesome she dies it red to make it look like hot makeup she is very sexy looking and her best song ever is put your hearts up.
Ariana Grande is incredibly hot and her legs are amazing.
She is cute and has a voice like a pro. Go Grande
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14Britney Spears
Reasoning very talented and beautiful and her legs I assume are hot looking as we'll as all the others.
Britney is not really that hot but I found some pictures on the enternet today August 25th 2012. I have not really heard very much about her but I probaly will once I see more images on Google.
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15Shania Twain

16Christina Aguilera
How can one woman such as Christina Aguilera have one of the greatest voices in history and be seductively sexy yet innocent and sweet at the same time? Whoever marries her is a very lucky man indeed.
Beautiful lady, inside and out. She reminds me a lot of Marilyn Monroe.
La belleza de Reina Christina es magica, es increible.
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I think Shakira is absolutely Beautiful!
I think she has stunning skin and smile... and she has a lovely figure x
Shakira is not wicked hot but still I like her hair witch is very pretty and gorgess I think she should come it 50 times so I will know how beautiful it looks and I would love to see how good she is at kissing.
Her hips don't lie and shes number one in my book her hair smile and skin are all as sexy as her
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18Elizabeth Gillies
She is so cute. Her skin is so silky! I love her. Her voice is so pure too.

19Carly Rae Jepsen

20Joan Jett

21Alicia Keys

she is much hotter then mariah and beyonce I love her <3

22Miley Cyrus
Miley cyrus is so far my 5th hottest female singer and has nice legs like a lot of women in the world do and I really think her butt is sexy looking. She is very friendly and very polite and I seem to like a lot of her music.
What she is sixth please kill me
This world is going to hell
I think this women has nice legs and a nice ASS sticking out an wiggling it all the time and her smile looks like a angel singing to god. Miley Cyrus is pretty darn hot but I would like to get a chance to see this chick to see if her legs or her bum is hot enough or not.
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23Ellie Goulding
I have only this to say: Ellie Goulding should be higher on this list!

24Nelly Furtado

25Nicki Minaj
Why ain't she on here, she's the hottest singer/maybe rapper female in the world! Well maybe not (Beyonce, Katy Perry etc) but she still should be high and at least on the list.


Get her up you guys are stupid she is so so
So hot
43? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Nicki Minaj is so hot yet so cute at the same time. Her face, her smile, her booti, she just is so hot. She is like so hot. S hot. Look up starships music video and you'll see!
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26Fiona Apple

27Naya Rivera

28Lzzy Hale
HIT AS HELL. Beyonce isent even that hot

29Demi Lovato
Demi should b at the top!
Best singer I ever heard

Stacy Ferguson, Anne Ferguson, or Fergie is the second hottest singer in the world in my opinion. She has the hottest bum in the world out of all female adults on earth in my opinion. Type in fergie and her boyfriend mexico it will show a picture of her laying on her stomach at the beach and almost her whole bare butt being shown in public I so wish I could just go and touch her ass right away for at least half an hour.
She is AMAZING her voice, her style, her fashion, the Black Eyed Peas, EVERYTHING LOVE HER so MUCH
Fergie is a super hotty of North Aamerica who is very pretty and very kind. I have been very intrested in pictures of her in Mexico especailly the one where you can see her bare ass. I don't know a whole bunch of Fergie songs but I love Big girls don't cry. The mostly things I like about her is her voice, her legs, and most of all her butt.
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31Cristina Scabbia

32Jordin Sparks


34Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift has extremely nice, long, hot and sexy looking legs, she has a very beautiful voice and my top 5 favorite
Songs are 1 Mine 2 Today was a fairy tale 3 You belong with me 4 Our song 5 Mean she is very kind very friendly very beautiful and I Love to stare at pictures of her nice long bare legs.
She has very nice legs. Her legs are very long, very smooth, very shiny, very hot and so sexy that even her friends that are girls think she looks nice. Taylor Swift has a beautiful voice as loud as a scream, leg's as long as a meter, and hair as beautiful as flowers
Very very hot and sexy her singing is ok but her looks are better should be in top ten not near the bottom
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35Pixie Lott

36Celine Dion
She is not wicked hot looking but still like all female singers is a very smart and caring and has a beautiful voice on beauty and the beast credits.
Celine is the ultimate combo singer.. she has the beautiful looks and the best voice going... Celine is the best... period...


Celine Dion has one of the sweetest, and most beautiiful voices of all times and she one of the people who sings my favorite song ever a tale as old as time from the credits of Beauty and The Beast and I asoom that she has hot legs and maybe a hot butt as well but I haven't decided on a favorite picture of her on the enternet yet.

37Avril Lavigne
Seriously half the girls ahead of Avril are not hot. Well hot only to other girls who unless are lesbians or bi shouldn't really have a say as much as a straight man has in a hottest man poll. Avril is the hottest singer on the planet.
SHE IS THE BEST! GO AVRIL! I wanna see her in concert but she wont be in the united states for a long time

38Norah Jones

39Whitney Houston

40Megan Fox
Looks nice in her movies and she can be the first.


41Lana Del Rey

42KT Tunstall

43Sarah Brightman

Sarah is the proof of immortality- for her time doesn't exist! Her beauty is eternal, because it comes form inside, not just from outside!

44Gwen Stefani
She has got fantastic eyes!

45Leona Lewis

46Simone Simons

47Lady Gaga
She seems like she would be a very nice person to meet butt I don't think she is as hot as others but just because she is the at least hottest does not mean I don't think she is hot.
Reasoning sometimes is really hot but sometimes
Not so much but I personally think she is sexy looking even though her clothes can be very inns propriety.
She is very clever and is very beautiful and like I said about most of them all ready above her name she has nice legs and a nice butt and I love her song I'm on the ege with you and bad romance. It's just awesome when she dresses innaprorietly.

48Nellie McKay

49Lindsay Lohan

50Cat Power

51Natalia Oreiro

52Geri Halliwell

Please geri sit on my face, I have fantasies of her every night the ultimate milf who says gingers are not hot love her accents swell fine lady


54Ashlee Simpson

55Sharon den Adel
She has a Voice of a REAL angel... No wonder she has songs like Angels, Memories, Stand My Ground, Ice Queen...

56Vanessa Hudgens
How is Vanessa Hudgens 63rd? She is amazingly HOT! And some ugly slag K.S. chithra is top? One girl in the world I could be lost with, no doubt it would be her (vanessa). Once again she is FIT AS F**K!

57Jessie J

58Sheryl Crow
Hot looking and a very sexy looking mouth

59Delta Goodrem

60Aria Tesolin

61Nerina Pallot

62Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir
She sings so well and besides she is so hot that she must be number 1
She is so hot with no compare she should be in the top ten
His songs are real poems and full of love

63Joss Stone

64PJ Harvey

65Jenna McDougall
Her smooth blond hair and lollipop smile just makes me melt. She's so cute.

66Tay Jardine

67Miranda Lambert
This women is very pretty, very polite, and is very sexy looking. Her legs and butt are both very nice looking and her hair is very pretty and her bikini is as well and she is just so darn HOT looking.
Reasoning pretty hair and nice legs and butt like most young women do and beautiful smiles.

How could she not be included she is sexy should at least bev25 her videos
Body Party
Get Up
Promise were all so sexy
She is fcking sexy and beautiful why is she here because she stomps rihanna



71Skylar Grey

72Sarah Geronimo

73Perrie Edwards

74Victoria Justice

75Girls Aloud

76Liz Phair

77Nicola Roberts

78Kelly Clarkson

Such a unique style. She is beautiful in so many different ways that just being "hot. "
Best overall body. Great ass!

80Anna Azerli
Fantastic body and voice!
She is the best! Fantastic voice! I love!
The best body US
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