Hottest Female Sitcom Characters

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The Top Ten

Penny - The Big Bang Theory
Cute blonde with nice body.. Oh yeah!
Extremely Hot! Love that!

2Rachel Green - Friends
with the blond hair and in those skirts... mmmmmm
She had a haircut named after her character..Dude, I don't see that happening with someone else..


3Robin Scherbatsky - How I Met Your Mother
Taran Killam is a lucky man to have Cobie Smulders as a wife.

4Elliot Reid - Scrubs

5Monica Geller - Friends
I find monica hotter than rachel, she's so pretty and in the episode where chandler is about to propose, she looks ravishing in the red dress!

6Lily Aldrin - How I Met Your Mother

7Laurie Forman - That 70s Show

8Phoebe Buffay - Friends
I know a lot of people wouldn't think she's hot but I think she is really pretty and probably the prettiest out of all the the friends characters

9Grace Adler - Will and Grace

10Whitley Gilbert - A Different World

The Contenders

11Samantha Jones - Sex and the City

12Carla Espinosa - Scrubs

13Hilary Banks - The Fresh Prince of Bel-air

14Caroline Channing - 2 Broke Girls

15Gloria Delgado-Pritchett - Modern Family

16Jessica Day - New Girl

17Cece Meyers - New Girl

18Dharma Montgomery - Dharma and Greg

19Jackie Burkhart - That 70's Show

20Kelly Bundy - Married, With Children

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