Hottest Final Fantasy Guys

This is my own list of final fantasy hottest guys. Even if that doesn't match yours, mine is mine. But welcome everyone.

The Top TenXW

1Cloud Strife

No need any argument here I think!

Hands down Cloud Strife

2Vincent Valentine

King of my heart and Dirge of Cerebus. I have no Idea why Lucresia left him. Her lost, might be my gain.


Tall, strong, handsome, awesome mixed with evil= ultimate hottness!

4Noctis Lucis Caelum

This royalty is most finest emo guy.

How cute guy and awesome...


Squall with his brown hair and blue eyes, something a little lion-like about him. Pretty boys aren't necessarily my thing but here's one who actually really is beautiful looking. He's got troubles and wears it on his face quite a bit, he always appears to be in thought and looks kind of intelligent.

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Leader of Silver head shake my heart.


Red is always have been will be my favourite and beloved.

8Zack Fair

Hehes like a puppy who could resist lolziz zero attention span funny cute and hot

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Half Ninja, Half Magical

10TidusV1 Comment

The Contenders


Funny and pretty, make my list.

13Hope Estheim V2 Comments
14Ward Zabac
15Prompto Argentum

Love this guy already, he's adorable and has a fun personality.

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