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1Brendon Urie - Panic! At the Disco

I WOULD MARRY HIM ANY DAY! He is TOO gorgeous and he's ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! He is the sexiest guy ever and his voice is AMAZING! That is a bonus to his face. If you LOVE Brendon Urie and P! ATD like me, OPEN YOUR DAMN EYES AND VOTE FOR HIM!

I absolutely LOVE Brendon! He's so hot and so talented it's not fair. So many qualities in one perfect person.

How can you not love Brendon? He's cute and playful, but also really sexy. He doesn't realize how sexy he is. He doesn't have to try.

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2Kellin Quinn - Sleeping With SirensThis is a redirect from a person who is a member of a group to a general, related topic, such as the group name, organization, ensemble or team of membership.

This list is just... no. If you're going to like a band, focus on the music and not how attractive the members are. Ranking the most attractive members of bands is pointless. Go make a list of the band's best songs instead. I bet some of you voting on this silly list don't even know that many songs of the band but are just obsessed with them because of their looks, considering y'all have hundreds of pictures of them on your phone. Some of y'all are just like boy band fans- liking them more for the looks than the music. To the crazy fangirls who are like this- just chill out and focus more on the music being made. I'm not saying everyone who voted on the list is like this, but this list is really unnecessary considering that bands exist for music (and not hot guys) and some of these comments are really cringy. Like I said before, focus on the MUSIC and not the looks. Listen to the band's albums before looking up pictures and information about the lead singer.

Kellin is the hottest guy ever and he is amazing! His eyes are big and beautiful and he sings in a smooth alto voice. His songs are so romantic and that compliments his sexy face and body! I LOVE YOU KELLIN!

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3Andy Sixx - Black Veil Brides

The blue eyes/black hair combination is one like no other

Oh geez... Him. He is the meaning of perfection. I would do him any day

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4Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day

He might be getting old but he will always be sexy in my eyes.

He still looks damn fine for over 40

I bet he would be 200 and look 102 how can he do this good for 44

He's so hot for his age I just think he would live to 200

5Gerard Way - My Chemical RomanceGerard Arthur Way is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and comic book writer who was the lead vocalist and co-founder of the American alternative rock band My Chemical Romance from its formation in September 2001 until its split in March 2013. His debut solo album Hesitant Alien was released more.

Why is he not on the top?!? This is NOOT OKAAAY, ITS NOT OKAY (coughcough song reference coughcough) WELL ITS NOT OKAY...

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6Frank Iero - My Chemical RomanceFrank Anthony Iero, Jr. is a musician who was the rhythm guitarist and backup vocalist of the alternative rock band My Chemical Romance as well as the vocalist of the post-hardcore band Leathermouth and electronic-hardcore act Death Spells.

I love Frank Iero! He's so cute and funny, and the fact that he's short makes him that much sexier! He's the cutest guy ever!

Frankie is so hot! I've always thought he was just the most adorable, sexiest guy ever!

Little Frankie is so cute! I love it when he pranks Mikey! It's funny!

If you don't like frank iero you're wrong

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7Gabe Saporta - Cobra StarshipV1 Comment
8Ryan Ross - Panic! At the Disco

Ryan Ross is the hottest person in the entire universe, let alone this list! I love him so much! He was in the best band in the world and when he writes a song, it's magical! I also love it when he sings... It's amazing!

He is the sexiest person ever, but that's not the only reason to love him. He doesn't have muscles or abs, but he doesn't need all that. He has a gift. He is an artist, especially in his lyrics. He is so inspirational and amazing and I love him. Lastly... I LOVE HIS FACE SOMUCH!

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9Nate Novarro - Cobra Starship
10Martin Johnson - Boys Like Girls

Oh my GOD! Martin Johnson is gorgeous! How could anyone possibly disagree? And the fact he's in such an awesome band makes him even more appealing! I love him and I love the others too! But Martin is hot, not questions,

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?Deryck WhibleyDeryck Jason Whibley (Born March 21, 1980) is a Canadian musician, best known as the lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, songwriter and producer of the punk rock band Sum 41.

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11Pete Wentz - Fall Out Boy
12Matt Shadows - Avenged SevenfoldMatthew Charles Sanders, better known by his stage name M. Shadows, is an American musician, best known as the lead vocalist, songwriter and founding member of the American heavy metal band Avenged Sevenfold.V1 Comment
13Oli Sykes - Bring Me the HorizonOliver Scott "Oli" Sykes is a British musician, best known as the lead vocalist of the band Bring Me the Horizon. He also founded the apparel company Drop Dead Clothing.

His eyes are gorgeous, his hair is amazing, he has tons of tattoos and a British accent... WHAT MORE COULD YOU POSSIBLY WANT GODDAMMIT?!?

14Ben Bruce - Asking Alexandria
15Jared Leto - 30 Seconds to MarsV2 Comments
16Kurt Cobain - NirvanaKurt Cobain was born February 20, 1967, in Aberdeen, Washington. In 1988, he started the grunge band Nirvana. He was a talented yet troubled grunge performer. Kurt Cobain became a rock legend in the 1990s with his band. He committed suicide at his Seattle home in 1994.V1 Comment
17Andrew VanWyngarden - MGMT
18Josh Franceschi - You Me At Six
19Josh Dun - Twenty One PilotsJoshua William "Josh" Dun is an American musician. He is currently the drummer for the band Twenty One Pilots.V1 Comment
20Alex Gaskarth - All Time Low

He is BEYOND adorable and I can't believe he wasn't on this list

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