Top Ten Hottest Male Actors

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The Top Ten

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
He is super! Very beautiful and talented actor! I seen all films with him (about 40) and I don't like only one from it! Jonathan's work is very serious, difficult and his characters is very different! It's amazing!
Oh boy, is he hot ^^ sexy. Wish I could see him in the flesh. Absolutely gorgeous. I would die happy if I met him.
I think he's so hot he's got a great personality he's walked past my shop before and responded to my hello and gave me a winning smile made my day.
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2Johnny Depp
Oh, my GOD! SO AWESOME! I used to be obsessed with him! My life revolved around him! I liked him most in Secret Window and Donnie Brasco... LOVE (D) HIM!
The best in Pirates of Carribean, and can't be replaced! He doesn't have to be really young to be hot... COOLEST PIRATE EVEER!
I am a total depphead! Johnny Depp is the hottest, most amazing actor ever and it is a crime that he has not received an Oscar! Oscar should receive a Johnny Depp. I've seen all of his movies and to this day I don't have one bad thing to say about any of the roles he has portrayed.
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3Channing Tatum
Channing Tatum is the love of my life my boyfriend hates him laugh out loud his is the sexiest man in the universe God did a great job on him! He definitely needs to be number one with no questions asked I will marry Channing Tatum one day even though he doesn't know and he already had a wife but I kinda don't care laugh out loud just kidding
I have to say that Channing Tatum isn't my favorite out of all of these people, but he is perfect. He is so handsome, is very muscular, can dance, has a really nice smile that makes him look so innocent, and he was in magic mike.
If I were to wake up one day with Channing Tatum telling me we were married and have no recollection of ever even meeting him, I wouldn't question it (Like in The Vow)! I would just simply say "Okay"! He's such a Hottie! He should so be #1! Please vote for him!
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4Orlando Bloom
Well duh. That's all I have 2 say about that. Yep, he's hot and I'm just typing until the requirement let's me post. So yep. OH COMMON! Thank you.
Thank you! The only thing is Orlando should be number one. But hey three is good. (he is number on in my book though.
He's sexy. I mean come on what girl doesnot love him?
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5Leonardo DiCaprio
Top 3. Probably #1
Deserves to be number 1. Killer looks, great actor, does not get the appreciation he deserves.
Oh my god I love him so much
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6Taylor Lautner
He is so hot if you don't think he is hot you are crazy. He should be in the top five I rate him a ten out of a ten. I LOVE HIM AND HIS ACTING. VOTE FOR TAYLOR LAUTNER HE IS THE BEST. <3 Plus have you seen is abs I mean they are so amazing.
I love him! He is literally the hottest guy in the world!
He is the fittest man in existense. I love you Taylor. So incredibly fit. The perfect thing I have ever seen. The defenition of hot. I am delirious with excitment over his hotness.
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7Liam Hemsworth
Hunger Games is all I'm going to say. I can't wait to see this movie. TEAM GALE! Ha ha ha ha...!
He should be number one. and number two should be chris hemsworth.
Liam has the look and the charism to get the job done.

8Heath Ledger
Always had a bit of a crush for Heath Ledger... I don't know why and I'm actually quite surprised he makes the list. Yeah! I'm not the only one to think he's hot!
I'd marry the joker any time of the day.
The one With the cutest smile,.. Ever!
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9Brad Pitt
"his always be the best, as one of the brightest star nowadays, hot leading man, action fighter and hot in any roles... "

10Jared Leto
Jared is just an amazing man, and he deserves every accolade that he gets. I have seen him in person, and I must say he looks gorgeous.
Jared is timeless. He not only looks 20 years younger, he is beautiful in every way. Generous, talented, an incredible person.
It's a beautiful man, and beautiful actor, I want he win! Please vote him, It's amazing!
He's the most handsome and sexy man in the world, very telented and credible, he's the best and I love him!
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The Contenders

11Ryan Gosling
Such an effortlessly sensual man. So unassuming, yet so gorgeous!
He makes me melt all the time!

12Ryan Reynolds

13Chris Hemsworth

14Bradley Cooper
He is so charming and sweet.


15Ian Somerhalder
He is so hot and sexy.. His eyes, oh my gosh.. He is so amazing in the vampire diaries.. He should be number 1.. IAN and NINA are so perfect for each other.. I mean Ian so sexy and hot and Nina is beautiful.. Love you Mr. Smolderhotter..
I love his smile and he is so sexy in the vampires diaries. He must to be in the first position!
Paul Walker also is hot
He should definitely be in the top 10 if not 1 he is so beautiful... The eyes, his jawline his boddyy just yumm... I sometimes wonder what his and Nina Dobrev's kids would look like...
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16Tom Welling

17David Boreanaz

18Josh Duhamel
Josh is so good looking, much better than Jared leto!

19Mark Wahlberg
Mark Wahlberg penis in the movie Boogie Nights alone was very hot and him alone is very handsome and hot body beautiful face, hair and that big penis in the movie Boogie Nights was so big I literally almost past out watching that last scene at the end of the movie wow.

20Jason Segel
I would marry him if I could!

21Shia Labeouf

22Jensen Ackles
Really worried about some of your eyesight. This list is supposed to be hottest actors, and Jensen Ackles is smoking hot. Seriously, his facial proportions fit Leonardo DaVinci's perfect face proportions, his eyes are gorgeous sparkly green, his lips make even straight guys want to kiss him. At 6'1" and about 180, he's well-built too, not too thin, not beefy - an athlete's build. Now add in the guy can dance, plays the guitar, and has a sweetly sexy singing voice.
Come on! Have you not watched Supernatural, ever? He's damn cool in that.
Me so in love with him.
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23Kellan Lutz

24Will Smith

25Matthew Lillard

26Pierce Brosnan

27Daniel Craig

28Matthew Lawrence

29Dave Franco

30Andrew Garfield

31James Franco

32Hayden Christensen
Nice Body in Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, and a cute, but kind of childlike. Should be in Top 10.

33Justin Timberlake

34Alexander Ludwig

35Paul Walker
Paul Walker should be number one' he's the sexiest man I've ever seen
A great loss for so many reasons

36Eric Bana

37Tom Hiddleston
Just by looking at him, he's extremely hot. After hearing his voice and seeing his acting, his hotness is through the roof. If seeing him isn't proof enough, just ask his fangirl army.
Really?! He's number 41? How can this be? Who did this? TELL ME?! He's so HAWT! His accent is just amazing and so is everything about him. If everybody who voted for the others up there had common sense, Tom Hiddleston would be at the top.
Loki in the avengers, who originally auditioned for Thor.
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38Enrique Iglesias

39Gaspard Ulliel
HE isn't just hottest male actor but HE is the hottest guy on earth! Proof: Hannibal rising got him an "ew" haircut but still he managed to make me think that oh this guy sure is hot. So when I googled him and finally found him with normal haircut I was like MARRY ME! Laugh out loud



gorgeous and french, the scar alone is sexy... let alone he has a french acsent.
Gaspard is killing me! How a person can be so beautiful?

40Robert Pattinson
He is awesome... So hot.. So sexy... And talented as well... Love you Robert <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3!...
He is so fit and an amazing actor x

41Christian De La Fuente

42George Clooney

43Hrithik Roshan
What the hell is going on! I m so shock... He is the hottest guy in the bollywood... He should be in top 10... Man
This stupid and crazy we are talking about hotness not popularity
He is the best good looking actore in the world
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44Zac Efron

45Shahrukh Khan
Greatest actor seen by INDIAN CINEMA and now the WORLD. <3 HIM the most... He is a thinker, philosopher, and a teacher. He has great knowledge. Not a single day of mine passes without mentioning SHAHRUKH KHAN... KING KHAN.. SEXIEST

46Christian Bale

47David Duchovny
David Duchovny is awesome. Brilliant mind and gorgeous body.

He is man of many talents. Excellent actor and director.

He is absolutely fantastic in The Joneses, with Demi Moore.

I love seeing him in Californication, one of the best TV shows nowdays.

I admire him for being a family man.
Most of all, I love his sarcastic humor... and his legs, arms, lips, eyes... and ass... and all about him.

There is something about David Duchovny!
David Duchovny rules!
Californication rules!
Hank Moody rules!

48Matthew Gray Gubler
Nerdy/Girly, but somehow hot!


49Taylor Kitsch
His eyes, mouth, arms, abs and butt are exceptionally gorgeous. And he can actually act (watch him in The Bang Bang Club and Friday Night Lights) but needs a really good movie to show his talents - maybe Lone Survivor will do it for him.
Beauty inside/outside; and I can sense he will still show us his acting potential
Love his green eyes and great body! And he looks great with long or short hair.

50Hugh Jackman
Are you kidding me? He's the hottest of them all

51Jake Gyllenhaal

52James Marsden

53Josh Hutcherson

54Logan Lerman
I think logan is so cute. I wihs I coud meet him

55Tom Guiry

56Viggo Mortensen

57Salman Khan
What is this in the list hot salman khan no is 58 not 1 I am shocked. Infact he is the hot and finest actor we have the most good looking bechlor. His phisics inspired millions people and heartthrob of every young ladies and man even also child.

58Shemar Moore
I'm a guy and my mom loves him. I'm not guy but come on black ripped badass rlly if I was a chick I would love him

59Wentworth Miller

He's not really an actor, a rapper mostly. But he's still hot

61Norman Reedus

62Robert Downey Jr.

63Robin Dunne

64Ryan Phillippe

Well, Even though he is an Korean actor, an actor is still an actor! BUT... He isn't just an actor... He is THE HOTTEST ACTOR IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! Plus he's a singer, and he has the hottest body ever! He's such an amazing actor and I've seen a lot of his movies, and they've made me smile, sad, lough, cry my freaking eyeballs out, and oh yeah they've made me kiss my screen tons of times! - And even though he's Korean... He's already rocking The States... Go check him out and you'll see why!

66Chris Evans
The true top 3:
1. Chris EVANS (Captain America)
2. Chris PINE (star trek)
3. Chris HEMSWORTH (? ) (Thor)

67Dingdong Dantes

68Benedict Cumberbatch

69Gilles Marini

70Josh Holloway
Oh my gosh this man is so hot I cannot believe he's so far down! He's not as popular as Johnny Depp but holy cannoli he's so much sexier. His southern accent in lost. His smooth chest and perfect body. He doesn't even need abs and a rock hard chest to get all the girls. How about his ass shots and sex scenes in the movie Cold heart. I only hope he gets a role in a movie where he is required to be nude next but even though I've never seen his penis, I can only imagine!
Yea the other commenter is spot on. Everything about this guy is amazing. If I could have sex with any man in the world it would be him. His skin is so smooth and shiny and his accent and hair. OH GOD.

71Joseph Morgan

72Aaron Taylor-Johnson

73Daniel Radcliffe

74Matt Smith

75Alexander SkarsgÄrd

76Desmond Harrington

77Tom Hardy

78Eddie Cibrian

79Josh Lucas

80Matthew Fox

81Ed Burns

82Stuart Townsend

83Elijah Wood
Super cute and eyes that hypnotize anyone Ahh my Frodo!

84Alex O'Loughlin

85Blake Michael
I want to have sex with that hot

86Matt Lanter

87Ashton Kutcher

88Mahesh Babu

89Gautam Rode

90Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Rising Young Star ;D

91Chris Colfer

92Daniel Padilla

93Kurt Russell

94David Tennant

95Rob Lowe
The Outsiders. Enough said. He has seriously not aged since then.

96Dylan O'Brien
Hottest guy do vote

97Devon Bostick

98Adam Brody

99Jamie Campbell Bower

100Tom Felton

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