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1Jonathan Rhys Meyers

He is super! Very beautiful and talented actor! I seen all films with him (about 40) and I don't like only one from it! Jonathan's work is very serious, difficult and his characters is very different! It's amazing!

Oh boy, is he hot ^^ sexy. Wish I could see him in the flesh. Absolutely gorgeous. I would die happy if I met him.

I think he's so hot he's got a great personality he's walked past my shop before and responded to my hello and gave me a winning smile made my day.

He's not even hot! He even doesn't deserves to be on the list. Such a bad actor and super ugly...

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2Johnny Depp

Oh, my GOD! SO AWESOME! I used to be obsessed with him! My life revolved around him! I liked him most in Secret Window and Donnie Brasco... LOVE (D) HIM!

I am a total depphead! Johnny Depp is the hottest, most amazing actor ever and it is a crime that he has not received an Oscar! Oscar should receive a Johnny Depp. I've seen all of his movies and to this day I don't have one bad thing to say about any of the roles he has portrayed.

I think Johnny Depp should be number one, he is one of the most beautiful and magic actors EVER! Love him.. God bless him

So hot no matter what!

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3Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum is the love of my life my boyfriend hates him laugh out loud his is the sexiest man in the universe God did a great job on him! He definitely needs to be number one with no questions asked I will marry Channing Tatum one day even though he doesn't know and he already had a wife but I kinda don't care laugh out loud just kidding

I hated the ending to dear John, how could you leave a guy that looks like Channing Tatum, for someone two times your age? Channing Tatum is the hottest man alive, but it was a close call between him and Taylor Lautner, you gotta admit!

If I were to wake up one day with Channing Tatum telling me we were married and have no recollection of ever even meeting him, I wouldn't question it (Like in The Vow)! I would just simply say "Okay"! He's such a Hottie! He should so be #1! Please vote for him!

Definitely the best

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4Orlando Bloom

Well duh. That's all I have 2 say about that. Yep, he's hot and I'm just typing until the requirement let's me post. So yep. OH COMMON! Thank you.

Thank you! The only thing is Orlando should be number one. But hey three is good. (he is number on in my book though.

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5Leonardo DiCaprio

Deserves to be number 1. Killer looks, great actor, does not get the appreciation he deserves.

Smart, sexy, stylish and one hell of a good actor! Definitely my number 1!

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6Brad Pitt

"his always be the best, as one of the brightest star nowadays, hot leading man, action fighter and hot in any roles... "

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7Taylor Lautner

I love him! He is literally the hottest guy in the world!

I think taylor is sexy and is the hottest man in acting business

Od damn its hot man he is only 20 and man its very sexy amir

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8Liam Hemsworth

Hunger Games is all I'm going to say. I can't wait to see this movie. TEAM GALE! Ha ha ha ha...!

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9Bradley Cooper

He is so charming and sweet. - Stitch013

Very fresh and honest

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10Paul Walker

Paul Walker should be number one' he's the sexiest man I've ever seen

A great loss for so many reasons

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?Jung Woo-sung

Park Do-won in 'The Good, the Bad, the Weird'. Not my ideal standard of beauty but I admit he is one beautiful man.

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11Heath Ledger

Always had a bit of a crush for Heath Ledger... I don't know why and I'm actually quite surprised he makes the list. Yeah! I'm not the only one to think he's hot!

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12Chris Hemsworth

I think Chris is so much hotter than Liam in my opinion...

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13Ian Somerhalder

Come ON, ian is definitely better than taylor lautner! He should be in the top fives, in fact, he should be number one. I mean, first look at him, and you will think only two words "hot, sexy". He is baby blue eyes are so cute, and that sly smile makes my heart explode! Watch any one episode of the vampire diaries, you will know what I mean. He is so underrated, he is an amazing actor! He should definitely be higher than 13! COME ON SMALDERS, BRING HIM HIGHER!

He is so hot and sexy.. His eyes, oh my gosh.. He is so amazing in the vampire diaries.. He should be number 1.. IAN and NINA are so perfect for each other.. I mean Ian so sexy and hot and Nina is beautiful.. Love you Mr. Smolderhotter..

I love his mysterious smile it's so perfect and lets not forget those gorgeous blue eyes

Ian I love you handsome

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14Ryan Gosling

Such an effortlessly sensual man. So unassuming, yet so gorgeous!

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15Jared Leto

Jared is just an amazing man, and he deserves every accolade that he gets. I have seen him in person, and I must say he looks gorgeous.

Jared is timeless. He not only looks 20 years younger, he is beautiful in every way. Generous, talented, an incredible person.

I love his voice, it has so much depth and passion. His eyes suck me in. What ever the role he puts his all in to it.

Loved blue eyes

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16Ryan Reynolds

He is so cute. I love him. He is an amazing actor to.

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17Dylan O'Brien

Hottest guy do vote

He should be number one he is awesome

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18Tom Welling
19Josh Duhamel

Josh is so good looking, much better than Jared leto!

20Eric Bana
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