Hottest Male Country Singers

A list of the top ten handsomest male Hunks who sing country Western Music. Yeeehaaaw!!

The Top TenXW

1Luke Bryan

He's REALLY HOT. The hottest country singer OF ALL TIME! Have you not seen his SMILE? Its amazing and the sexiest smile I've seen in my life.

I agree easily number one, the best smile I've seen in years! -)

Luke Bryan has the most sexiest body I've ever seen! He is most definitely the hottest!

When you look at his ass you can't take a breath

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2Jason Aldean

LOVE THEM Georgia BOYS! His voice rocks too! Awesome artist with great taste in jeans.. Yummy! Absolutely awesome... (just needs to tell his drummer to shut his mouth when he plays)

I voted for JASON ALDEAN because he is the hotest one of all! the others are so not hot I mean kieth urban looks like a woman! brad also looks like a woman! and kenny you got to be joking me kenny his so short and bald!

Jason is the best country singer ever and the hottest if you don't agree then I don't know what's wrong with you he is the best best best best! I love you Jason! He has a beautiful voice that no one can beat!

Jason Aldean is my dream man. I want to go for a ride in his chevy

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3Blake Shelton

Blake reminds me of a naughty southern gentlemen filled with rugged good looks and charm... kinda like Rhett Butler... only the man can sing... number one in my book!

Blake and jason are the best looking men throughout the country music industry.

My teacher thinks he's cute and I do to

Blake reminds me of my dad. Only a good singer - Icegirl119

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4Brad Paisley

I love Brad Paisley, in my humble opinion he can only be the best. Jason Aldean is good too, but Brad is pretty awesome. I totally love his song, "This is Country Music. " He's a pretty awesome guy.

Brad Paisley all the way for sure is he the hottest male country artist he is the best and the best at guitar like no word of a lie its true he is I meat him and he is also very real and honest and very funny! PAisley fan forever

Mr paisley shoul be at 1. Can you pick one country male that more handsome than this guy? I guess you can't. Urban and Mcgraw comes pretty close. All his song is awesome and had more than 20 number 1 and most consecutive no. 1 song. His voice can melt every woman. Voting aldean at 1 is a bit silly cause he only country at the hat and not at the song.

Where is Alan Jackson?

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5Rodney Atkins

He is so good looking and has a great voice.

6Deirks Bentley

This guy has it made in the shade. Handsome gentleman. I'd screw him any day

Look at his blue eyes and listen to his deep voice...

Smokin hot! Looks way better than Jason Aldean!

Wow it just got so hot in here

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7Kieth Urban

KEITH URBAN IS A BABE <3 I LOVE HIM! Going to see him live! I voted for Keith Urban because he has the sexiest accent ever! & He just gets more attractive as he gets older <3. He's also an amazing artist! Like the best ever, So sexy! <#

Keith Urban has been my Idol since I was about 10 years old. I first heard his song "You'll Think of Me" and fell in love. As I got older I discovered his Australian like accent and more of his songs. He is my absolute favorite singer of all and hopefully one day I'll be able to see him live.

Keith Urban is just the best looking guy of all time, even better than the guys in that vampire movie twilight haha I wanna marry Keith Urban

He is the the best singer

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8Chris Young

He is the man. Hotter than a pistol

9George Strait

Oh this male singer is deffinitely rated the winner of this list. He is all that and more. He really should be at the top of the list.

He has always been the hottest, he is currently the hottest and he will ALWAYS be the hottest!

George Strait happens to be the hottest thing that has ever lived!

Great looking and class act.

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10Billy Currington

Why is Billy Currington only a contender?! I agree with Jason and George and even Luke and Blake. But no way Keith Urban is sexier than Billy. Have you SEEN the "Must be Doing Something Right" video? Hot hot hot!

Yes I have seen the video and Keith Urban is sexy and Billy is to.

The Contenders

11Tim Mcgraw

No other artist can make singing in a chair look more sexy than Tim in his Real Good Man video

Very cute. He is the most cutest and nicest country singer. He should be number one. I love you Tim!

All I got to say is sexy with an amazing voice

Favorite singer and sexiest man alive

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12Robin Ariel Ross St. Claire Holgate

Robin Ariel Holgate even with a wrongful conviction against him convicted of a horrible crime he did not commit has still managed to stay in the forefront of online music and continues to put out such songs as "Send me to Heaven or Send me to Hell", "Exile", "Perjury", "Wanted Man", "Amos Chapter5", "First Fan in Yucatan", "Fun In the Sun", "The Broken Twitter Song" and many more. God Bless all his FANS

This man can Rock out the Country Music with the Best Top Five in Country Music Today, Ya All Need to put this man on Stage and maybe a recording Studio, I seen over 700 of his covers in the past three years and I have listened to at least ten Decent Original Songs. This entertainer Rocks

Watch this man Perform, He doesnt use backing tracks and Plays Guitar, Wonderful Performance each Song whether it's a Cover or Original, This man Rocks Great Entertainer and still growing online. God Bless all his Fans and Fan Clubs

Robin Ariel Ross St Claire Holgate is Sweeping the Net, on over 100,000 websites and millions of viewers in 2 short years has gone from 0 of Fans to Thousands

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13Hunter Hayes

Hunter wins hands down.That Robin Holgate above him is no celebrity at all he is nothing more than an amateur singer who is delusional and an online predator who stalks women and children. Truth be known he posted his own name on this list Hunter belongs way above him. Everything Robin Holgate says and does is fake.He gets friends to pose with him and posts them as big Fans. Posts photos himself and tells everyone they are leaked photos.

<3 hunter hayes O. O <3 Hunter Hayes is new at singing, young and amazing. Also he is really cute, and has a long way to go. I think he is an amazing country singer, and that he has a good future of singin

Hunter hayes is definitely the hottest of them all... Come on people. Click that vote button next to his name. You know you want to!

Hunter wins hands down! What is sexier than someone who can play more than 30 instruments and can sing and write? He's so passionate about his music and that just does it for me!

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14Kenny Chesney

Obsessed with kenny! Best ass in the world! Love all his song!

Nobody has a better "Summertime" without Kenny Chesney! He is so awesome. There is only one song I don't like

This guy should be at the tippy top of the list.

15Brantley Gilbert


He is the most badass singer that ever open his mouth

I'll maybe perform with him and Michael Ray in 2025

Hottest guy that could be on this list

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16Toby Keith

Toby Keith is a very nice an generous guy, down to earth guy, love his songs, he is a good dad, clean cut man,

Toby Keith is Awesome!

17Scotty McCreery

Oh yes he is hotter than all the rest on this list by 101%

18Tracy Poling

His teeth are rotten as hell but man can he sing. I bet he could kill an audience with his bad breath

He looks like a big swamp rat but his eyes are gorgeous

I want to screw his brains out

19Tracy Byrd
20Charles Kelley

He is funny as hell and looks so damn good!

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