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July 29, 2015 - The game is not the only reason we watch soccer players are so hot! Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

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Cristiano Ronaldo
This is probably the hottest man that's ever lived! Great face, great body! On a scale of 1-10 he's a 9,378,566,425,318,660! I think I'm in love!
He is a finest piece of man out there every girl would like a slice of that ass
The guy is so hot I wish he was all mine. His body is so hot just like him. Love him
[Newest]ϘðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜ðŸ˜love him he's the best

2Fernando Torres
Fernando Torres is the sexiest football player in the whole planet hands down
FERNANDO TORRES is the cutest, sexiest, hottest and the most beautiful footballer alive. I love his eyes(*DROOL*), lips, hair and of course, he is a great footballer. Torres forever
Why is this even a question? This is pathetic. Fernando Torres is the Hottest man I have ever seen in my entire life. He is also a very good footballer and has a great personality- not up himself at all and really really shy. Enough said. And he isn't greasy or as used up like the dude up there&
[Newest]Fernando is the most beautiful man alive
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3David Beckham
Is that even a question?
Everybody fails before David... He is the best and the HOTTEST.
I just love him... The way he plays ^^ his looks too!
he is very very hot okay?
and he's married with posh! that makes him a lot hotter
He is the father of hotness... He's the guy who set it up for upcoming players..
[Newest]My daughter thinks he's hot.

HOW IS HE NOT #1 ON THIS LIST?! Maka maka maka maka maka... kaka kaka kaka kaka... his face... his face is perfection... then David Beckham? No! He's just old and has too many tattoos.. decent when he was younger, but only when he was photo shopped... his rep. is just to big... kaka will rise. And then Ronaldo- nah just nah- then Fernando Torres- what? Why is he so up on the list? He's just an average bloke, not ugly, but not Kaka and his hair is just no. Kaka all the way!
He is out of d world... his innocent face and sharp feature makes him too hot to be hold! He is a REAL MADRID!
Have you not seen him?
He's got that perfect boy face, not to mention mad soccer skills. He's not an innocent face by the way, which means he's in it for the game not the money.
Every time you watch him you know that to him it's not about winning but playing good.
Plus he's a cutie

5Olivier Giroud
This man is simply STUNNING.

6Iker Casillas
I love everything about him. The way he plays, walks, smiles, cries, wins. He's so intelligent and just look at him. He's the hottest!

BTW Maybe you know what messi do on this list?
Iker is absolutely gorgeous! Tall dark and handsome! His accent is so lovely, too
Iker Casillas is gorgeous. That facial hair. That cute smile. That sculpted face. Definitely should be in the top 3.

7Lionel Messi
He is the best... His dimples are so damn cute... He is irresistible! Love him like anything! The best player alive on his planet is lionel messi and number 1 else! He is better than any player! He is the god of football
Messi is the best and most handsome player in world. He is so CUTE! C. Ronaldo is much uglier than Messi. MESSI, KEEP ON ROCKING THE WORLD!
Messi is so cute. I love his smile and dimples. Messi is the most handsome and hot man on earth. What is Ronaldo doing on first. Messi desrves to be on first. I love you Messi as the best player ever lived
[Newest]Damn, no. He is the ugliest.

8Mats Hummels
He looks like a Greek sculpture. Perfection
So good looking! His face and body are just so good. Go Germany
He is so unbelievably hot. He has to be number 1.

9Cesc Fabregas
Cesc should be the number 1 hottest male football player! You know why?! Because he really sexy with his tattoo and his amazing hair! I love it! His got perfect face from God! And his sexy smile, make girls can't stop lovin' him!
His face is so cute. It's like perfect features. I love his hair. He really needs to be a the top of the list.
Cesc is beautiful but Fernando is number 1 (think it's the Spanish thing)

10Mauro Rosales

The Contenders

11Xabi Alonso
Why is he 28. My man should always be number one. He has the sexiest accent. His kind eyes and many manly features such as his beard makes him look so seductive. Ah. I wish man... When he gives me that look that's when the panties come off.

12Edinson Cavani

13Aaron Ramsey

14Michael Ballack
he is soo frekin hot!!!!!
super handsome <3
he should be number 1, seriously.
but we all have different opinions.
so for now he'll remain number 7
He's the most sexiest. I'm drooling

15David Villa
Oh Ma Gawd! This man is the only reason for my life. He is like AIR to me <3 Go DAVID! He is MINE so BACK OFF! His neck muscles are simply stunning and make me squeal! The way he spits after he runs makes me drool a bit <3 ILY DAVID!
David Villa. There is absolutely nothing about this man that isn't gorgeous. Whether it's because of his stellar looks, or his splendid football talent, Villa most certainly deserves a higher place on this list. Massive respect for this guy after seeing him on the field... And massive crush on him as well. #1 for me.
The hottest Spaniard. aww yeah! El guaje. He is not only good looking, he can play football really well too. damn!

16Fabio Cannavaro
He is life. How he is #7 sure beats me. But this man can get it!
He's just so hottt

Neymar is the hottest, sexiest and sweetest footballer in the world he is my favorite I like his hairstyle body smile and face and everything he has he should stand at 1 or 2. Love you Neymar...
Neymar is so sexy! God I just want to go to Brazil and meet him. To me Neymar should be number 1 on this list. He is such an amazing soccer player.
Neymar should be there!
[Newest]Thanks to all of you for telling me how hot I am.

18Francesco Totti

19Fredrik Ljungberg
I guess girls don't know what a good looking man really looks like any more.
. He is swedish, duh? Do I even have to say anything more?

20Andrea Orlandi

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