Hottest Men in the Philippines


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The Top Ten

Vhong Navarro
Vote nyo si vhong because he is handsome and heartthrob boy in showbiz
I like vhong navarro because he is a handsome and hot man
He should be the one! Because even though that he isn't that handsome, he can be a great idol, friend, ninong, tito and the most of all a GREAt FATHER OF ALL TIME! That is why you need to vote for him... And as a fan! I LOVE HIM JUST THE WAY HE IS!
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2Piolo Pascual
I love piolo so much his the hottest man ever for me. His really perfect, he is very lovable man and so charming and gentleman
lets admit it: if ask kung sino ang pinaka sexy na actor sa philippines - piolo pascual would be the only answer. he has e-thing, the face, the body, talent, etc. I'm not so much fan of mr. pascual pero he is the top actor in the industry today. mr. trillo is just second best.
Your my number 1 Celebrity Idol, Good luck to your Carrier and stay Fit and Healthy! Always pray to God, and do your best as an Actor!
The perfect creation of god very talented
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3Dennis Trillo
He is forever charming and great smile
I love this guy. He is very appealing to me. Be good Dennis.
Young looking guy! Always feeling fresh! He is a good guy
I like dennis her personality so much
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4Aljur Abrenica
he has this good look and his body is hotter than others, so for me, aljur should top the list
He's a Good Looking, Handsome, Good Boy, & the body is Masculine.
He's so cute. I have seen My Kontrabida Girl in Thailand and bacame his big fan ever since. Also his voice is so adorable. He's so talented. Star Quality!
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5Enrique Gil
I really love enrique gil and he deserve to be the hottest men in the phillipines. I'm also a Solid Enriquelicious so that I'm supporting my ever pretty boy enrique gil.. I wish you all the best. I love you.. :-)
Enrique is really the most handsome man indeed
Enrique is the best hottest men in the Phil.!
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6Coco Martin
Your so cute and hot and yummy...
Please vote for him, he is very deserving to the top
He is a versatille actor, he is so nice..
Your so handsome kuya
Am voting for COCO MARTIN. you look so great with Julia Montes, yo such a perfect couple,. pliz keep that relationship. yo so happy together.
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7Daniel Padilla
And gwapo nia oohyaa! Super
Si dj and hottest sa lahat...
I hope maging number one ka..
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8Vice Ganda
Vice is so pogi
He is really hot guy...
But kasama si vice?
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9Marc Nelson
Marc Nelson is indeed the hottest man in the Philippines, hotter than Piolo Pascual because he is really good-looking and down-to-earth individual model.


I think Marc nelson is perfect... He has everything, good body and good looks... ^^ unlike AA, I don't think if this guy is Handsome... Without the gym and cosmetics...
not just handsome, but he is also an amazing person. super kind and very accomodating, friendly and he simply smells good...
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10Sam Milby
Sam is, for me, the hottest man in the Philippines today since he is super handsome. Not just that, he is also good and very talented. He acts, sings and even dances. I love this guy.
he's so cute and handsome
He is very charming, so sexy, handsome, intelligent, vey talented, humble, kind and loving... Has that pureness in his heart... Love you Sam! Keep up the good work and more power! Pray for your success...
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The Contenders

11Enchong Dee
We love you enchong dee. we always here 4 U.
he have a good looks and outstanding actor on this genaration so he deserves the the number one spot
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12Jericho Rosales
I think, he is very handsome, but there is more handsome to him and that is Mario Maurer...
I love you Echo! You're the best... You are so multi-talented & versatile actor...
U"re the most handsome and dashing phlipines actor ever existed
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13Paulo Avelino
Keep it up dude your new body I like it
Just continue it. Hoping that I will meet you soon
He should be in the top ten. Gorgeous young man. He is great.


You were the best for me
Love this man so much
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14Jake Cuenca
Look gentle but hot.. I like the way he act.. the man of my dream...
He is simple person but so hot and good looking person.
He is has this kind of sex appeal that makes you want to stare at him endlessly.. He is one of my super duper crush!
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15Jon Avila
he is really hot guy
and is accessible to all the people... so cool
I love him <3 :D
jon has so very hot man in our country.. cool, hundsome and nice man..
loving all your moves baby!


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16Luis Manzano
Is you the sexiest men of the world

17Alfred Vargas
Ever since I saw Alfred, I got a crush on him. He's the type of man and kind inside and out. His physical looks grabe, masculine and masculine. Sya and real handsome of all.
I love his eyes... He is so sexy to me... My perfect guy.. I love to see him on television..
Sexy, handsome, hot, yummy.
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18Rafael Rossel
He really is the hottest man alive. He is just so stunning in person. When he walks and grove, my panties comin off.


Your so cute... And gorgeous men in other.. I like your dimple and also your abs
Rafael rosell proud to be kandayan-on..
From the municipality of daanbantayan, cebu
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19Dingdong Dantes
he is the top 25 of E sexiest men of the WORLD
I really like him since he was an new actor! He's really macho and pogi kaya for me he was the most sexy men in the Philippines
He is handsome but that is not the important thing I like about him. I like his attitude and the way he perform in the movie,so loving and tender. He is a nice guy.. A guy that believes in love..
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20Gerald Anderson
Hot and sincere looking guy, the type a woman can fall for at first sight. I crave for him... Hope he finds true happiness with kim they are made for each other
A total cutie and one of the most sought actors of our generation...
From the start a man with a heart of gold.
Handsome and Hot, I think he got all what girls need.
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21Richard Yap
Even his 45, he's still good looking..

22Alden Richards
And ganda ng abs

23Xian Lim
He is so handsome I wish he could visit The Province of Abra, specially in Boliney, Abra... Hope to see you in person.
I Love xian lim.. , and he is very handsome
I like him because his so handsome!
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24Khalil Ramos
Humble and super cute... Love his dimples!

25John Prats
got HOT dance moves on the dancefloor!


A total EYE CANDY...
Versatile and multi-talented...


love john prats' SPONTANEOUS hotness and cuteness


Gwapo c john prats then cute.,
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26Janvier Daily

27Richard Guttierez
Because, I believe that chard has a pure beauty.. And I think that he is more deserving in this position..
For me ritchard is the number one hotest pinoy male because he is perfect body good looking and more love you chard..
richard is so handsome and intelligent guy,.
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28Erwan Heussaff

29Zanjoe Marudo

30Matteo Guidicelli

31Billy Crawford

32Neil Coleta

33John Lloyd Cruz
Wala lang cute lang

34Daniel Matsunaga

35Chris Tiu
My all time crush...

36Will DeVaughn
Tall dark and handsome. He is hot. He could be in Hollywood and still can compete with other hunks. I will choose him over George Clooney and Brad Pitt. Nice face, nice body, nice guy. Try Hollywood Will! I know. I live in USA. I will be your biggest fan.

37Ejay Falcon

38Borgy Manotoc

39Neil Etheridge

40Hayden Kho

41Victor Basa

42Polo Ravales

43Raymund Cruz
HOT as the ass of the stove..


44Jason Francisco

45Carlo Guevarra
He has the body of a Greek God.


Love you.. Super cute face plus very hot body!

46Alec Dungo

47Andrew Wolff
Andrew wolff is the 1st runner up of the wr. World 2012 so he is the sexiest man of all time
Hot and cute that's what Andrew Wolff is, please. VOTE FOR HIM

48Mang Kanor
Super sexy sa lahat! Hahak

49Carlos Agassi

50Raymond Abracosa
Napaka gwapo, talented, matalino at and cute ng tawa nya kakainlove <3 iloveraymondabracosa!
Galing pa mag rap :") baby face haha

51Joshua Dionisio

52Jerico Redrico

53Kiefer Ravena

54Nico Salva

55Sam Concepcion
Very talented young singer and actor. Very Cute...

56Tom Rodriguez

57JP Ramos

58Gilbert Repunte

59Rene Requiestas

60Jayson Abalos
Super cute at pogi din

61Enzo Pineda

62Derrick Monasterio

63Donovan Prince

64Markki Stroem

65Richard Pangilinan

66Elmo Magalona

67Rodjun Cruz

68Joseph Marco

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