Top Ten Hottest Naruto Characters

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The Top Ten

Kiba Inuzuka
He has a nice smile, a laid back personality. He also brings comic relief in serious parts. He's really cool. He also has abs.
Kiba has cute hair and is caring and is fun to be around. When he takes off his coat hat he is definitely the hottest character
Come on you guys you know kiba is powerful, funny, cool, and god damn awesome! He should be at number 1.
[Newest]Recent episodes have kiba bashing in them -__- Damn these fillers. Episode 403...

2Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke and Naruto are perfect rival... Sasuke has cold attitude, secretive, super serious, most of the time he's sad while Naruto has warm attitude, he speak his mind, sometimes a joker, and cheerful... But despite their opposite attitude their powers are somewhat perfect when combined... Whenever I watch Naruto I'm a little comfortable whenever I see Naruto maybe because Naruto's attitude is very friendly and positive, but whenever I see sasuke I'm a lil' bit uneasy because I don't know who he will kill, but sometimes I think he's not that bad because he still protect some people and manage to be calm... Well I understand hiim why he's like that... But his attitude is kinda unique... I've watched a lot of anime and almost all anime has a character with cold attitude but sasuke's cold attitude is kinda unique...
Common, he even have fangirls. He is easily number one on the most hottest and best drawn naruto character. Hey, he is number one in everything. Most intelligent, powerful, strongest, and fastest character ever.
Sasuke is so hot! He's smart, cold, and very sexy! He can be secretive too!
[Newest]Everything about him from head to toe is amazing!

3Kakashi Hatake
He is so fine. At first I wasn't to sure but when you see him fighting against enemies, his intelligence and strength takes him to a whole new level of hotness. The one-eye sharingan is oddly attractive and his silver hair is the best hair out of all the characters. Now underneath mask we know it's a beautiful face due to the episode where the ramen owners see kakashi take it off (unfortunately the audience doesn't) and they are both stunned. Even with the mask on he is still the hottest character because who doesn't find a mysterious guy sexy?
I don't know what it is about Kakashi that makes me like him so much... He's both smart and extremely good-looking. I think the fact that he has this mysterious mask covering half of his face makes us girls more interested in him. And apparently according to the anime he is very handsome, as proven by the ramen shopkeepers' reaction to seeing his face
Kakashi he's simply the best naruto character in all aspects other then power every time I see him I can't help but be happy he just makes everything better. Oh he's just flawless
[Newest]He is the best

4Naruto Uzumaki
Such a positive person who always bring such positive environment.
Naruto is the Best.. A ninja who never looses hope and is always fighting in any situation even if the enemy is the strongest.I love his way NINJA. I learnt of never giving up even in the worst scenario from NARUTO.I appreciate how much he believes in hardwork... He put his life in danger to prove himself great and to be hokage one day. Just love him...
Naruto thi is amazing charcter your perfect skill ninjutsu
[Newest]Despite difficulties he still can manage to smile and work hard and selfless... I wish I have a friend like Naruto... His skills are cool...

5Gaara Of the Sand

Gaara is not only the hottest male character in Naruto Shippuden but also the best role model to think that in ONLY two and a half years he changed to be a evil killer machine that wanted two kill all human on the planet two become such a great man sweet intelligence hot calm cute and badass he has always been badaas but I just ented to mention it just because of the few words that Naruto spoke doing the chunin exam Not that the words wasn't touching because they were so touching I was literally crying at that scene But is just so awesome that a jinjurijki kan feel how another jinjuriki feels! And how Naruto can change people's destiny! And after Gaara was respected in his own village and became kazekage He has Allahs locked up to his friend Naruto Gaara would give his life a hundred times over for his dear precious first and closets friend! Becours it was Naruto that saved him from the dark hole he was in it was Naruto that felt the same pain as him and it was Naruto that guided him into a new and lighter destiny! And it's that's why Gaara would die a hounded times over for Naruto! Gaara truly hold a dear and warm place for Naruto in his warm and loving heart! I think that Gaara should be in the top ranks! And haters please step back! There are also touching Gaara episodes in the fourth great ninja war where In 2 episodes Gaara speaks of Naruto in a touching and loving way they are called 1 FOR MY FRIEND Here Gaara speaks of Naruto two all the shinobi in the five great nations of how Naruto saved him from the darkness..,... 2 MY FIRST FRIEND where Gaara tells some of the taild beasts about that Naruto was the first one two understand his felling a and more and the third one is were Gaara meets his farther and his farther tells him that his mother loved him and that he was living in a big lie the episode is called A FARTHER'S HOPE, A MOTHERS LOVE! and that was some of my top ranked Naruto Shippuden Episodes! So yeah Gaara is truly my hero!
I think gaara is the hottest of them, I mean he has the bad guy thing working for him. Especially since his technique are killing.
I think I have not to say why he is the hottest... Just look at him! AWW
[Newest]Gaara has panda eyes. That's why

6Minato Namikaze
This man is sexy and I am not ashamed to admit it. His blonde hair, and his blue blue eyes... While you may argue that Naruto has boned hair and blue eyes, it's not the same. Plus where do you think Naruto got his looks from? Come on guys.
He is the hottest, kind and caring hokage and he is strong too
The one of best characters ever
[Newest]The way he found his true love! Got to have him

7Itachi Uchiha
Itachi is the most badass character in the whole series!
I mean, come on- the first time you see him he does the most epic hair flip you have ever seen!
Uchiha Itachi is the real hero!
That's way I like him
[Newest]Itachi is the hottest Naruto character in my opinion. He is a really nice person inside and I think he really deserves the first place. Well if you disagree that he is hot, then I got to agree that he is super sexy!

I just have to say that his battle with Sakura and Chiyo was completely unfair due to Sakura's main character status. Also, when he strips, my eyes were just like "whoa! " So Sasori is definitely super hot. And there's a reason why SasoDei is the most popular Akatsuki pairing.
He's the best looking character in Naruto in my opinion. Plus, he seems very calm and mysterious which I really like in a guy. Deidara is a close second.
Sasori is downright adorable. And he's by far the greatest puppet master in the world, not to mention clever. He's awesome!

9Neji Hyuuga
Neji is amazing! He is strong and smart and hot! His eyes make girls hearts melt!
Neji is the coolest guy in naruto movies...
He is cool and sTrong
[Newest]When neji died I missed his presence in Naruto especially his fighting skills...

10Shikamaru Nara
The ability to control shadows, a genius mind, a laid-back personality, amazingly hot looks (come on, who doesn't love the ponytail), the smartest strategies ever... He's the laziest guy ever and I love him so much! Isn't it troublesome that he's not real... What a drag...
He has an IQ over 200! Heck, isn't that worth something? Plus, he is way sexy partly cause he is so lazy. You have got to agree!
Even though he is lazy, he is smart and hot.
[Newest]Super cute love him so much

The Contenders

11Hashirama Senju
Honestly sure he his old-ish but who cares! He is a totally BA person and is super powerful.

When I first read about him I felt so bad for him because he lost both of his arms when he was young. I know that loosing a limb is hard... Because when I was young I got a bad infection in my leg and it had to be cut of so now I have a fake right leg. And I think that he is just funny
Deidara is the hottest of them all. I mean, he might not be from the strongest of Akatsuki, but survived a battle with Kakashi and after that Gai without his arms. Oh, and that golden locks, and the eyes... Dei-Dei, why you die? :(((
Deidara may have mouths on his hands but he has a true passion about art (Like me), Deidara is an amazing man and don't forget his looks ^__^
[Newest]He's so damn hot he should be number 1

Tendo Pein is awesome.
Pein is awesome 110% perfect

She's not just sexy, but she's powerful too
We're talking about hotness.. Hotness defined.
Dudes she's got the biggest tits.
[Newest]Tsunade has the best boobs in all of Naruto and a pretty hot face too.. Not to mention she is a blonde by looks not by behaviour

15Hinata Hyuuga
Naruto girlfriend now in Naruto the last! Clearly she's the hottest but what is she doing all the way at the bottom? She deserves much better
She is the hottest female chara in Naruto
All of ya forgot this hot girl

Come on why don't you vote kabuto he is awesome
Kabuto Yakushi... I like his mysterious personality, and also he is pretty cute.
I love him but his gray hair bothers me. Oh well you can't see it in the dark

17Shino Aburame
I bet you under all that shirt collar and those sunglasses, he's the sexiest boy alive.

Sai is the cutest and funniest guy in Naruto Shippuden. I <3 how he has absolutely no emotion! It's ADORABLE! I wanna show him emotion! I LOVE HIM!
I love sai. <3 His personality is so cute, and I love the way his skin is colored! ^^ His design is great. It's one of my favorites.

19Ino Yamanaka
She is like the hottest girl in the village..
She looks even prettier in Naruto the last!
Her outfit in Shippuden was so hot.. ! We want more of her exposed

20Suigetsu Hozuki
Suigetsu is sometimes funny and bubbly... It's kinda cute...

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