Hottest Tekken Girls

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1Christine Montoro

She's my favourite character from Tekken 4,5 and 6! Because she's too sexy with these sexy clothes and fighting style same as Nina Williams and Julia Chang! - AlexandraMoonDust

She Is The Hottest Girl On The Tekken Video.You Will See Her Boobs Very Hot.

2Lili de Rochefort

Lili Is From The Rich Family And From The Hot Family...Maybe

Is really really beautiful

3Nina Williams

I Wonder If I Can Get This Girl. SHE IS VERY HOT!

4Anna Williams

This Girl Is Hot And Sexy. WHO WANT THIS GIRL?


Zafina Is Still Hot However From Unknown Places

6Julia Chang

This Girl Is An Explorer Of The Flora And Fauna.SHE IS HOT!

7Jun Kazama V1 Comment
8Asuka Kazama

This Girl Look Hot Maybe...I'll Give Her 43%

9Alisa Bosconovitch

Lars Alexandersson Is A Lucky Boy Because Can Get This Hot And Sexy Girl.

10Miharu Hirano

The Contenders

11Michelle Chang
12Ling Xiaoyu

Ling Hot Girl From China With Sexy Shirts

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