Top 10 Hottest Vocaloids

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21Teto KasaneV2 Comments
22Haku Yowane

Even though she isn't technically a vocaloid, her appearence is sharp but not classy and her voice is to die for

23MafumafuV1 Comment

My personal favorite.
She deserves some love.
Her voice is a hot robot and human mix.
Her face and hair and costume design also add up to it.

Green hair, green eyes good mix of human and robotic voice.
Whats not to like about Sonika?

25Big Al

Ha, he is not my favorite but that dude deserves a chance.

No one gonna consider big al? - animelove2

27Zhiyu Moke

He's not hot, but he's cute. He is smart than me. His little cute little face, his awesome cloth and other...

I like him!

28Luo Tianyi

She's just 14 but is the best looking! - MorgianaMagi

V2 Comments
29V4 FlowerV1 Comment
30Akita Neru

I don't understand why Neru is ranked so low! I mean, hello, blonde adorable tsundere! She's tied for first place with Miki in my favorites!

V1 Comment

I love his voice. It's low-pitched and deep while still having a high-pitched edge to it. His design is also amazing!

34VY2 MizkiV1 Comment

Just look at that figure! Akikoloid-chan needs more love, sure shes pirvate, but her demos are amazing!

37Sweet Ann

I know people think she's just some weird sassy person, but seriously. Her outfit is so cute, and she's kind of like Meiko...

V1 Comment

Merli has a certain magic about her. She just looks so surreal! Plus, she's the only dark-skinned vocaloid, and the only one with indigo hair.

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