Hottest Women in the World

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101Emmanuelle Chriqui
She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in a movie. Are you kidding? She has everything. I first saw her in a movie about a guy that kissed a girl inside an elevator during a blackout. A she looked absoluty breath taking.
So not right that she couldn't crack the top 100


102Demi Lovato
She is a very good singer and beautiful girl. I love her so much!
[Newest]Demi is so pretty much prettier than Selena and Katy Perry

103Katja Kassin
Katja Kassin rules, she is the hottest girl, she is hand to hand with Flower Tucci, Coco, Keyra Agustina, Vida Guerra, Buffie the body, Scarlett Johansson and Sabrina Sabrok... If you don't know any of those check them out, you won't regret! Trust me
Katja is the prettiest woman of the world. She is wonderful.

104Mylene Farmer
Mylene is incredibly beautiful. Take my breath away! I love her! She is perfect! Best wishes from Hungary!
She's Goddess. Simple as that. One truly beautiful, talented and kind person. It was such an marvellous experience to see and hear Mylene in real life, in person. No photo or video can convey her stunning beauty.
Mylene... In her 50 - she's the HOTEST woman with really beautiful legs and her eyes - they are very incredible
[Newest]Elle est si belle!

105Ashley Tisdale
It's one of my favorite actresses in the world! And it is really sexy. I can't believe how few votes received.

106Amanda Seyfried
Her eyes may be a tad large/don't seem to proportion well with her face but this blonde is pretty hot. Certainly she should be at least in the top 100?

107Lee Soonkyu
The cutest being that my eyes ever laid off...

who says that little cute persons can't be hot..?
Sunny is very very very very very very cute!
She is so cute. I like she's aegyo. She's so kind with all member of snsd. She's cute in all video clip. She's so beautiful. She's so kindly. I love she so much. I hope she always kind, cute, and beautiful in her life.

108Kim Chiu
Though she dubbed as The Primetime Drama Princess / Endorsment Princess and now the new Box Office Queen more than that I find her super hot because by how she dress up herself (never pretending to be mature ), how she carry herself with poise not to mention her 1 M Legs, Super Model Figure & that innocent face that can capture the hearts of millions of people

109Bea Alonzo
She is the hottest actress of today with her charm and doubt the biggest stars of these generation
She is indeed beautoful inside and out. SHe don't need to reveal too much skin to be sexy and hot. She's hot on her own way. She's one of the best actress in Philippines
Bea...being hot its not all about sexy body..being hot is your appeal to other people and she had it...she's extremely beautiful, she's amazing creation, shes very mysterious, shes very smart, shes's very humble and approachable and many more and for me that's very hot as woman who have it all.

Hot even in her 40's, stunning for an older person put some to women in the list to shame, would love to spen s a night with her in the pink leotard
She isn't bad now, but in the 90's she was hot as anything. Her pink leotard did not look good though.
Come on madonna oozes sex appeal even in her older age, so elegant and just hope she doesn't do surgery and all that bull, best word to describe her are either milf or cougar
She was extremely beautiful and hot. Even now she is not bad at all. Good looking!

111Irina Sheik


100 WHY! She is beautiful and hot HOTTEST GIRL in this list
To sexy. Turn the limit to I love her

112Kim Hyoyeon
She is the dancing queen! Korea's number 1 dancer! Both sexy and beautiful.Also very funny.She takes care of her members like a mother.Girls' Generation wouldn't be the same without her.
She is forever a goddess in my eyes. She is one of the most beautiful kpop idols I know. I love her so much! She deserves this!
Hyoyeon the best dancers in the girls generation
It's really amazing and beautiful
Dancing queen her title
[Newest]SNSD's sexiest member, hyoyeon.

She is the most beautiful member in SNSD
Beside she has a beautiful face, a perfect body (like a model), a sexy way of dancing... She also has a great personality... She is very very kind and generous
She has outside beauty and inside beauty
A classic beauty with the haunting good looks of a modern day Audery Hepburn and the grace, demeanor and humor that is uniquely her own! No top beauty list is complete without her on it! The real heart of SNSD.. Check her out!
She is so damn hot! Go Go SooYoung!
She has a model like body and a charming face
[Newest]Star of My Spring Days and SNSD, miss Choi Sooyoung the tallest member in SNSD

114Elizabeth Gillies
She's hot and she's the girl who played Jade on Victorious. Seriously though she should be higher ranked.

115Sarah Michelle Gellar
As Buffy, she captivated me. As herself, she has everything... Talent, intelligence, and beauty. , she even has pretty feet.
She's my idol, absolutley stunning i want to look just like her i can't believe shes not in the top ten
Pretty good Actress with High Potential Watch her film CRUEL INTENTIONS
[Newest]Super sexy. in my top ten


116Bar Refaeli
Can't believe she's not on here! She was voted 2012 sexiest woman alive people! Her face is perfect and she has a perfect body, not to mention her eyes are beautiful. Number one by far.


You people obviously never heard of bar. If you have you would know that she is for sure 1, 2nd to no one. She is perfect.
She has everything that a woman can possibly dream for.
The hair, the eyes, the perfect face, the nose, he boobs, the butt, the curves, the legs. Just everything is perfect!


Just look her up and you'll see she is easily one of the most beautiful girls you will ever see in your lifetime. Drop dead gorgeous, no one above her
[Newest]She is so beautiful!


117Georgina Wilson

118Milla Jovovich
How do you have anyone else on this list without her! I mean really what the flip are you people even thinking you must be nuts not to realize true beauty and the plain simple fact sometimes it can kick ass too!
Fifth Element, Dazed and Confused, and all the Resident Evil movies, come on people.


She is simply beautiful, how can this lady not be so much higher up on this list?
[Newest]With 20,000 DNA pairs she is the BEST

119Stacy Keibler
She is the hottest and sexiest her ass and her legs are super hot when I want to get a kiss from her and more
You can't ignore her legs. But the package is super Hot
the girl next door... yummy


120Katherine Heigl

121Katrina Halili
Maybe her name is not familiar or very famous like the others but guys you better watch and look at her MESMERIZING eyes and get hypnotized! She's the no. 1 sexiest woman in the Philippines!
She's very beautiful, HOT and sexy.. She deserve in top 10..
She has a glamorous beauty

122Melanie Iglesias
She's literally the perfect girl. She has an incredible bangin body to go along with a beautiful face. It's impossible to describe how amazing she is. Not to mention she's got a great personality and she's hilarious on both GuyCode and Twitter. She's #1 in my book.


Seriously? The sexiest woman isn't on this list? Quit your asian fetish and come back to reality
It's asking for hottest women as in the body. Have you seen melanie? Damn.

123Lindsay Ellingson

124Michelle Keegan
The most beautiful woman in the world. Every oher woman on this list looks like a dead dog compared to her.

125Leona Lewis
Best young singer in the world. Also a beautiful woman in every way

--youngest member, lead vocalist and lead dancer of the South Korean girl group, Girls' Generation
1) She is smart! Being the first person winning MVP on ’100 Million Quiz Show’ (getting a car and 100million from the show)
2) She is kind! Not only the beauty outside, but also inside. She was appointed as one of the UNICEF envoys and spread her love to everyone through her goodwill.
3) She works hard and has a natural pretty face.
She's beautiful. She sings well and also in dance. She is charming, polite. Many people likes her.
She is the most beautiful, talented and tenderhearted girl

127Helen Mirren
Holy crap! She's old and still has one of the most hottest bodies ever! AND NO PLASTIC SURGERY!
She is very sexy and beautiful.


She is very sexy with 63.


128Katrina Kaif
Kat is amazing. She has been holding the crown of beauty in India for many yrs and she is the most sexiest women I have ever seen. I am so surprised that why her name is not in the top 10. She is the best actress and the best dancer in the world.
The name Katrina suits her because she is really katrina. According 2 me she is the most beautiful and sexiest women alive.
Katrina is the most sexiest and beautiful woman in the world. Her beauty is an unique one.
[Newest]One of the most beautiful woman in the world

129Kelly Kelly
Please vote for her.
She is the hottest and sexiest in the wwe.
And she has perfect face and perfect body.
Kelly Kelly so sexy


130Yvonne Strahovski
Shes amazing I mean come on you guys she is perfect!

131Maria Sharapova
Maria Sharapova is the hottest girl in the world. Her long, tan, fit legs are the best things I've ever seen, the rest of her body is phenomenal, and I absolutely love her face. Not too mention her competitive spirit, work ethic and drive. She is Number 1 in my book.
You have got to be me... How can she be no. 60 on this list... She's much hotter than amy lee... But again, beauty's relative.. It depends on the way we see it.. Everyone's beautiful I guess..
Have you seen the new nike commercial
[Newest]One of the most beautiful woman

132Ana Ivanovic
What a complete joke that she is not number 1. But then again, most of these lists are turning out to be ridiculous anyway! She is the best looking celebrity in the world, bar none.
Maria Sharapova better than Ana Ivanovic?... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
Greater Beauty has never been born

133Taylor Momsen

134AJ Lee
I'm serious you get tunnel-vision when you see this woman she's stunning!

135Bella Thorne
Come on not even top 50. She is my hottest in the world and only 17 too. Half the woman in the top 100 shouldn't be on here!


136Kirsten Dunst
Not generically pretty like the top ten, someone who would catch my eye in the street.

137Gabrielle Union

138Ashley Greene
This woman should be in the top five, if not the top ten. She is sexy beyond measure and actually has an incredibly beautiful voice when it comes to singing. PEOPLE, HELP HER GET TO THE TOP!
I just fell in love with her seeing in twilight..
She's really perect... Every time I saw her was the best part of my existance...

139Karlie Kloss

140Leighton Meester
Should be TOP TEN, she's so hot
Should be top 15. Love her

141Malin Akerman

142Amber Heard
hasn't anyone watched never back down?! she was freaking hot man. y isn't she on this list?


126? She is the hottest girl, I've ever seen! Go watch Never Back Down, Drive Angry, or Paranoia if you don't believe me.


She does a lot of really rood movies

143Evangeline Lilly
Completely agree with the above statement. Sheer beauty. Even with no make-up. WOW
She plays Tauriel in the Hobbit. Super hot

144Paris Hilton
He's amazing women
Make a porno
Paris Hilton is the most hottest woman. She's a real white girl that's down for anything. Paris Hilton never bites her tongue about anything. She a rich bitch and she rules plus she's just like me
she is the hottest women in the world..! I love U paris..! Will you marry me? hahahaha :-D LOL

145April Bowlby
Did anyone watch Two and a half men?
She was a bomb shell in that bikini
Kandi is so hot from two and a half men


146Gemma Arterton

147Maja Salvador

148Megan Young

149Bianca Kajlich

150Lauren Cohan
Are you kidding me? I don't see her anywhere, so I had to add her to the list.

151Kristen Kreuk
An amazing asian canadian actress known as Lana Lang. Simply beautiful...
Beauty personified in all aspects. Simply Incomparable. Possesses the qualities everyone should have.
She is just perfect. Very nice smile. Takes your breath away.

152Park Kahi
Nice body... Really slim... Even in her 30's... How does she keep her body slim?... Really interested.. On her... Can't wait for her solo... She should be in the top 10... Cool...

153Kate Winslet
i cant beliebe shes not higher than this. shes absolutly stunning. a real beauty
My all-time favourite actress. I wish she'd stayed as a redhead like she was in Titanic.

Red hair = hot
She is what you would call a real woman. That voluptuous body is too hard to resist.


[Newest]I like role in movie titanic

154Meagan Good
absolutly true. She is number one, always. I cannot wait to see her in another women. She has my blood rushing not only in my brain.
Finest girl in history. This black goddess. She blows anybody out of the water. Her body is amazing.

I can't believe she's not in the top five!!!
Sexiest of them all

155Park Bom

156Zoe Saldana

157Lyndsy Fonseca

158Bela Padilla

159Bridgit Mendler

160Zendaya Coleman

161Keyshia Cole

162Malin Svensson
The brunette in "The Sunshine Girls".

163Priyanka Chopra
A former Miss World... She has got more sex appeal than anyone else in this planet... She can seduce any guy in this world in a matter of seconds
She is the hottest, the most beautiful, the most stunning women in the entire world. One look at her and anyone will fall in love with her.

164Kelly Brook
Absolutely sexy with great face and wonderful melons. Really hope her career takes off.
Stunning body need I say more.

165Erich Gonzales
I will always support you my idol

166Krystal Jung
Jessica's sister and member of the best girl group ever, f(x)! Amazing body and the most gorgeous, naturally pretty face ever! You should see her skin are CFs, she is wow. AND she is f(x)'s lead singer and a fabulous dancer. What more can you want? I love you, Krystal!
I add her cause I know she is beautiful, talented and adorable.. She is a member of a K-POP star named "f(x)", and she is the youngest sister of Jessica Jung(a member of Girls' Generation. So vote her!
The jung sisters are really sexy and charming. Krystal has a perfect figure that any girl could wish for. She should be in top 10 with her sister Jessica Jung.

Awesome Singer with good stamina and also fantastic composing skills! She can look cute or sexy depending on the way shrink dress, but her personality will always be that little 5 year old child. The best thing about her is that she will never forget the effort from her fans and always giver awesome gifts to her fanswer such as a self composed song!
Go Go IU~! Love You~ your song's the most inspired of all the songs I've heard in my life... You're cute in natural and you can be sexy in a very cute ways as well, your laugh and smile electrified me all the time... IU Hwaiting!
IU's has always caught my attention. She is cute and lovely. She never ignores her fans and always thank them for their support! She will always be the best!
[Newest]Her natural beauty and joyful laughter all wrapped up in honest humbleness makes her a top ten beauty on any poll. IU FIGHTING!

168Janet Jackson
So beautiful, so talented

169Eliza Dushku
So So hot, beats all the botox bunnies out there. Stand up and take notice beautiful wanna-be's this is what you need to work towards
Eliza Dushku. A girl that makes cargo pants look better than hot shorts. smokin baby
There has never been a time when this women has not been beautiful. Her eyes, her smile, her face is just like peeping into heaven

170Audrey Hepburn
She was awesome and very beautiful and I loved her in the movie breakfast at tiffany's awesome. even though she died she will always be remembered. P.S she was pretty cool in that GAP commercial
Watch a few of her movies. She will redefine your idea of hot forever.
The girl from the galaxy advert! Enough said

171Cobie Smulders
Beautiful of all time with shiny hair and cute eyes anybody fall in love with her

172Sara Bareilles

173Dallas Flexhaug
Dallas Flexhaug is one of the most beautiful women ever. I love the way she looks at me every night when I watch her on my T.V.. One day she will ask me to marry her.
There's something about that sexy mouth... Bet it does more than just talk well.
Shes up there with all of them. Hotest women in Calgary. She is newscasts best. Top brains, looks, body and charisma.
[Newest]I agree, she is a built, beautiful sexy woman.

174Doutzen Kroes
Maybe people just don't know her but how is it possible she's not on the list? She is one of the hottest woman at this moment and I think she should definitely be in the top20.
How is it possible that Victoria Secrets topmodel is not in the top ten of this list? Or even worse, not in the top 800?

175Lisa Raye

176Ann Wilson
During the 70's Ann Wilson was the best looking woman alive and at 57, she is still fine.
During the 70's she was queen of rock & roll and the most sexy woman in the world.
You don't get the nickname Dreamboat for nothing.

177Kourtney Kardashian

178Shay Mitchell

179Arianny Celeste
The UFC is made perfect by this woman. She literally reduces my uncles vocabulary to just one word. 'Tits'.

180Rani Mukherjee
Fantasic legs a great body but most of all a very cute smile. A great actress and a face to die for when she
Smiles it makes your heart melt.

181Kaya Scodelario
So Hot, So Beautiful... SO AMAZING! I am In Love With Her From The Moment I Saw Her. She Is My World... She Makes Me Smile. She Is Simply The Best Of The Best...
She is like so perfect
Kaya is too pretty to be true. She's got this natural beauty that not many others pocess.

182Nina Dobrev
The most beautiful woman among all these gorgeous women! Gorgeous in whatever angle she's in! Long way to go for her! And she's also very very sexy, I should say.
Nina is by far the most beautiful women I have ever seen. She's gorgeous with or without makeup. She's stunning in whatever she wheres and is breathtaking everywhere
Nina Dobrev is my queen I really love her she is beautiful and she did well in last two years in the vampire diaries I really love her

183Ellen Pompeo

184Naya Rivera
She simply is beautiful

185Greer Grammer

186Tyra Banks
I love her in the Victoria Secret magazines, I love her in America's Next Top Model, and I love her in her Tyra Bank's Show. She totally keeps it all real.
Tyra is absolutely gorgeous and has a sexiness to her! I luv her
she is a strong black woman and she has 2 shows.She's so cool.


[Newest]Because she is a champ and funny I love her so much she is my idol laugh out loud

187Christian Milian

188Liv Tyler
Liv is a true beauty... She's perfect! And so sweet and dear... You gotta love her! AMAZING!
She's the most beautiful creature I've ever seen...


OMG, she's perfect, how can't she be in this list?


[Newest]My God... She Reminds Me of Lana Del rey... Same cute voice and oh so sexy :D

189Natalie Imbruglia
Big eyes and vulnerability, so sweet and attractive. She should be number 1. Her beauty is more permanent than most others' here
Check out the shots of her smoking in a nightdress... unbelievable.


Those eyes! So wide and beautiful... And lips too... Mediterranean perfection

190Miley Cyrus
It's a shame. Where the hell is this world's going to? Miley is #1 and also where is sharon stone?
What! 57th position. No way!
Should be on No. 1.
Has steaming hot eyes, perfect structure and hair. No female can beat this hot girl.
Wow! I wonder why doesn't act in a lot of movies.
Always love Miley!
When she worked for Disney she was super now she is ugly

191Miranda Cosgrove

192Minette Linderoth
The blonde girl in "The Sunshine Girls".

193Kajol Devgan
She is the best, she and Shahrukh make great movie watch some of them, you will love it just me.

194Natalia Oreiro

195Alexis Texas

196Emily DiDonato

197Lacey Sturm
All these women are obviously beautiful, but for me Lacey Sturm and Taylor Momsen are definitely top.
Watch the music video for All Around Me by Flyleaf. Not only is Lacey's voice in it the most beautiful voice ever, but also she herself is the most beautiful woman ever. The first time I listened to All Around Me was actually also the first time I watched the music video for it, and I loved her before she even started singing in it. And then when she did start singing... Wow I completely fell in love with her.

All Around Me <3


Lacey is gorgeous! Inside and out! She's a beautiful person. Extremely generous, kind, and bubbly. Also her voice is amazing and her face is very pretty.

198Clemence Poésy
The only one absolutely perfect 10/10 woman in this universe.

199Nina Agdal

200Sara Jean Underwood
Perfect body... And basically just perfect everything, and all around just really sexy. I don't know why she's not in the top 10

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