Top Ten Hottest Women Alive

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The Top Ten

Jessica Alba
She can kill anyone with her smile her body is so sexy
She has sexy smile, boobs, body
I feel like I'm addicted to her and want to lick her awesome body and sleep with her for ever and ever and touch her for it would feel like the best thing in the world
Diva to the core... My darling
[Newest]Her farts smell so good

2Angel Locsin
When you say beautiful, she's the total package
She's not only gorgeous physically but more important is her heart of gold that's why people love her more
A talented and skilled actress, ramp & print ad model, product endorser, movie producer, athlete, swimmer and philanthropist who possesses not only a beautiful face and body but a beautiful soul, a real life Angel personified
Beautiful inside and out, not just a beautiful face but beautiful in all aspect.. Kind and very compassionate, God fearing, good provider to her family, a loving person, and very humble that's why everybody loves her!
[Newest]Simply amazing! Her sexiness and hotness is effortless!

3Megan Fox
She's my favorite actress in the world because she's the hottest of the hottests! She has better tattoos, sexy brunette hair, and better eyes! She should be on the top of the list right now!
If you think Megan Fox is the hottest alive on this earth, vote here! If you don't vote for her, you'll be end up with the lamest woman, Kim Kardashian! Thank god Kim isn't on the list! So PLEASE vote for Megan Fox!
SHE IS THE HOTTEST WOMEN ALIVE WITHOUT A DOUBT! There is 3 people I would marry on the spot (for multiple reasons). Megan fox, jennifer anniston and bettey white don't judge
[Newest]People don't like her because of her thumbs, but I think she's beautiful either way! I have the same type of thumbs as her, too. I forgot what they're called, but they aren't uncommon! She's very pretty and I hope she wins!

4Scarlett Johansson
She's hot and she she doesn't look like she starves herself, plus she is a damn good actor and I just wanna have touch her and feel her hot body next to mine.
This woman is the finest specimen that the female sex has to offer. A perfect 10. Absolutely gorgeous. Stunningly beautiful. A goddess!
A wonderful beautiful person
[Newest]Scarlett Johansson is the best. She is so gorgeous. She has a great acting skills.

5Taylor Swift
Great girl, beautiful, kind, talented, just she writes to much about her exes. Harry styles, Taylor lautner, Jonas, I am so sorry for you. NO OFFENSE, love you still!
She is The BEST. I mean is their anyone more beautiful than her. Her voice is also so pure. I am an eternal Swiftie
She is the best and hottest singer ever

This chick has half the Hip-Hop industry fighting over her ass. She's the 21st century's Helen of Troy. plus her bod is a 10.
Taylor swift is nowhere near top ten rihanna is so fine and kinky should be higher up
Rihanna's practically naked dress. Look that up

7Mila Kunis
She is absolutely gorgeous with her perfect bright white smile and body. Although considered a petite if you like boobs Mila isn't the one just find out in friends with benefits
She's absolutely gorgeous! Her face is perfect and I love her eyes and smile.
I want o do her

8K.S. Chithra
She is best of best and hot of hot forever
beautiful of beautiful
great of greatest
top of topest she is always number 1
she is very beautiful and top of the worlds best ladies...
Beautiful, talented, well skilled, fair look, glamourus smile make her top 1
Come on, you have got to be kidding! I highlighted this name and Google search images and was not expecting that... number 8. You guys need to get your eyes checked.

9Jennifer Lawrence
The perfect woman! She tops all of these!
Vote for her she is awesome
She really needs to be in the top 10 at least

10Adriana Lima
I expected her to be already on the list... And charlize theron is on 24? That's a mistake.
She's absolutely gorgeous and stunning.
She's very sexy with any costume

The Contenders

11Selena Gomez
I love her singing
She is sexy! She is the hottest by far she should be 1st place, she also is a good actress and has a wonderful voice. She is extremely hot and very talented. I love her!


Shes so beautiful everyone loves her she just has to get it right with the men
Shes gorgeos although sometimes shes a bit weirdly dressed

12Beyonce Knowles
Definitely cuter than Jessica Alba.

13Ariana Grande
She is the best
Hot as hell too bad she has a boyfriend
Super cute and super talented.

14Kate Upton
Hottest woman alive. Period
How the heck is she not number 1?

Intelligent, sexy, talented, sweet

16Katy Perry
Hottest woman ever in my opinion

17Kwon BoA

18Miley Cyrus
Humbug. I hate naked girls. She deserves to go to jail and to hell. I'm calling 911 right now
She is so hot I want to have sex with her

19Irina Shayk
She makes me very horny just by looking at her

20Angelina Jolie
she is very beautiful and one of the world's best ladies... I like the attitude of her towards children as she adopted few children from africa and some european country.. a salute to such womens
She is the best actress and the most pretty woman in the world, Angelina Jolie my IDOL forever!
Scientists did studies on her and her face and named it the most perfect face in creation


21Jennifer Lopez

22Im Yoona
Yoona has a slender body, yet sexy.

23Jessica Jung
She is an ice princess. A member of girl generation. She is one of lead vocal in her group. Has a unique voice. She also a good model. Her look wa so sexy
The perfect girl in the world.

24Emma Watson
She is gorgeous also she is not like other superficial actresses. She is intelligent, sexy and well dressed.
She is a lady, she is humble and still have the feet son the ground.
Thank you for exist Emma.
She should be at least number 3

25Milla Jovovich
She's beautiful. I like the movies she plays in too.
A hot chick who can butcher zombies 2 pieces is a winner in my book
She is so hot and very beautiful. He should be in the first place

26Anne Curtis

27Marian Rivera
Shes just so hot!
her beauty isn't boring..
and she has a good heart..
gosh! Best woman not just in television but in the whole world as well..!
She had a volvolouptous body

28Lucy Liu
Her parents are thieves? Because they stole two stars from heaven and put them in her eyes.

29Jessica Biel
That body is absolutely flawless...


Come on man
She has got to be a top ten woman!

30Paula Patton

31Kwon Yuri

32Olivia Holt

33Charlize Theron
Baby face with very exciting sexy woman
She is the most beautiful girl next door
Classy, elegant and beautiful.
She is a women that can mix easily in all levels of society. She is so beatiful.

34Eva Mendes

35Arika Sato
Very hot much as a redhead

36Mariah Carey

37Zooey Deschanel
Beautiful, I Love Her!

38Hayden Panettiere

39Nicki Minaj

40Amber Heard
Yes please, switch hitter!

41Bella Thorne

42Gwen Stefani

43Gabrielle Union

44Trish Stratus

45Demi Lovato
I don't care if you idiots dislike this comment DEMI IS BEAUTIFUL!


46Kelly Brook
Technically that's true because Kelly is just a fame hungry tart.
There hase never been an will never be a close women to her

47Lucy Hale

48Meagan Good

49Lucy Torres
Desrable, so luscious and hot
A milf from her looks and body.
Her luscious legs are so hot

50Jennylyn Mercado

51Brenda Song
You guys need to vote for her

52Lindsay Lohan

53Ashley Benson

54Kim Kardashian
Should be like top 5 at least!
50 she is batter than god
Love you you are amazing

55Gigi Gorgeous

56Alison Brie

57Amy Lee
Hate the people for putting her for #52
Amy Lee is the HOTTEST Woman alive!
Shes so beautiful and multitalented.
And she also is kind, lovely, funny, and cute.
Amy deserves to be the #1. She is amazing.
Truly a goddess of imaginary light.
Amy Lee is the best.
By far the hottest woman ever!
She is so down to earth. So cute, and funny.
Amy is really a speacial woman.
Very very hot. Number 1!

58Emily Osment

59Lady Gaga
She's smoking and a good musician no matter what anyone says. I would love to do filthy things with her x
She's hot as hell
She is so beautiful, and talented, and there's no one out there like gaga!

60Emily Ratajkowski

61Britney Spears
Bald head and fat stomach defines the word hot
She's hot! You know?

62Olivia Wilde
Absolutely the Hottest woman alive. Look at her eyes, and everything else about her! She is the whole package I tell you!

63Victoria Justice
She puts the beauty in beautiful

64Mia Wasikowska
Mia Wasikowska is a genuine hottie unlike the 24 bimbos ahead of her. The best thing about Mia is that she isn't arrogant. She's just a down to earth genuine hottie.
Mia Wasikowska is the complete definition of under-rated hottie. It's a shame she isn't recognised for her subtle sexiness.
The young Australian actress with more sex appeal than meets the eye.

65Lauren London

Let's go out to night CL for you are the most Hottest, caring and elegant women ever

67Miranda Kerr
She is just gorgeous... Der r no perfect words to describe her beauty except the MOST BEAUTIFUL
I can't believe she is at rank 58... I mean talk abt being ungrateful... She should be at the top of the list not all those skanks no offense 2 MEGAN FOX

68Avril Lavigne
Most talented pop/punk singer ever
And really beautiful! She deserves more love!
A treasure really

69Paris Hilton

70Nina Dobrev
She has great style and such a lovely face. Love that girl! I think she is very pretty

71Torrie Wilson

72Melanie Iglesias

73Natalia Oreiro
The most beautiful woman in the entire universe. An excellent human being and professional. I like "Solamente Vos. " God bless you. Naty😘

74Marisa Miller

75Monica Bellucci
She is hot, sexy and beautiful. She should be on number 1.

76Lucy Pinder

77Cameron Diaz
She definitely could've been number 1! Great skin, great legs, great underwear, great hair. Very nice lady also. And damn she has gas.


78Rashida Jones
The most gorgeous woman alive.

79Teri Hatcher

80Natalie Imbruglia

81Alicia Silverstone

82Anne Hathaway
The most hottest actress. #unbeatable.

83AJ Michalka

84Jenna Dewan

85Kate Beckinsale

86Nadege Dabrowski

87Big D
I saw her and Buckethead on YouTube live and oh my god that belly! I've always wanted to meat her! D


88Eva Green
She's hot enough to perfectly represent Venus De Milo.

89Carmen Electra

90Sarah Michelle Gellar

91Christina Aguilera
I think she would be on the 30 th hotest women

92Hayley Williams
I don't know what it is about her but I love this girl I have dreams about her and she's just so beautiful words can't even describe her.
What kind of dreams
I think we've gone overboard on the looks of this girl. Don't get me wrong she's pretty but I have never had dreams about her though.

93Sandra Bullock

94Halle Berry

95Cher Lloyd
Incredibly gorgeous and flawless!

96Jennifer Love Hewitt

97Lena Katina
12 years on the 100 most beautiful faces list. As of 2012's list, that's every year since she was 16.
Yeah, 12 years in a row on that 100 most beautiful faces list... makes me think TC Candler may just love Lena Katina as much as I do.

98Dayana Mendoza

99Mairead Nesbitt

100AJ Lee

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