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1Jessica Alba

She can kill anyone with her smile her body is so sexy
She has sexy smile, boobs, body

I feel like I'm addicted to her and want to lick her awesome body and sleep with her for ever and ever and touch her for it would feel like the best thing in the world

Diva to the core... My darling

Oh Hell yes, her smile is perfection!

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2Megan Fox

If you think Megan Fox is the hottest alive on this earth, vote here! If you don't vote for her, you'll be end up with the lamest woman, Kim Kardashian! Thank god Kim isn't on the list! So PLEASE vote for Megan Fox!

She's my favorite actress in the world because she's the hottest of the hottests! She has better tattoos, sexy brunette hair, and better eyes! She should be on the top of the list right now!

People don't like her because of her thumbs, but I think she's beautiful either way! I have the same type of thumbs as her, too. I forgot what they're called, but they aren't uncommon! She's very pretty and I hope she wins!

She is the hottest

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3Angel Locsin

When you say beautiful, she's the total package
She's not only gorgeous physically but more important is her heart of gold that's why people love her more

She looks average to me. Shes no Beyonce which should absolutely be in the top 5 at least.

A talented and skilled actress, ramp & print ad model, product endorser, movie producer, athlete, swimmer and philanthropist who possesses not only a beautiful face and body but a beautiful soul, a real life Angel personified

Beautiful inside and out, not just a beautiful face but beautiful in all aspect.. Kind and very compassionate, God fearing, good provider to her family, a loving person, and very humble that's why everybody loves her!

She is sexy and beautiful.

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4Scarlett Johansson

She's hot and she she doesn't look like she starves herself, plus she is a damn good actor and I just wanna have touch her and feel her hot body next to mine.

This woman is the finest specimen that the female sex has to offer. A perfect 10. Absolutely gorgeous. Stunningly beautiful. A goddess!

A wonderful beautiful person

My god, second hottest women I've ever. Only second to Audrey Hepburn

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5Taylor Swift

Great girl, beautiful, kind, talented, just she writes to much about her exes. Harry styles, Taylor lautner, Jonas, I am so sorry for you. NO OFFENSE, love you still!

She is the best and hottest singer ever

She is The BEST. I mean is their anyone more beautiful than her. Her voice is also so pure. I am an eternal Swiftie

She is pretty, but hot would not describe her.

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Intelligent, sexy, talented, sweet


This chick has half the Hip-Hop industry fighting over her ass. She's the 21st century's Helen of Troy. plus her bod is a 10.

Taylor swift is nowhere near top ten rihanna is so fine and kinky should be higher up

Rihanna's practically naked dress. Look that up

Love all of her mmm

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8Mila Kunis

She is absolutely gorgeous with her perfect bright white smile and body. Although considered a petite if you like boobs Mila isn't the one just find out in friends with benefits

She's absolutely gorgeous! Her face is perfect and I love her eyes and smile.

9Jennifer Lawrence

The perfect woman! She tops all of these!

Vote for her she is awesome

How is she not #1 seriously people's come on

She is very beautiful

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10Selena Gomez

I love her singing

I love selena she deserves to be 1

I liked having sex with her

I love selena gomez

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?Zoe Kravitz
?Dai Lany

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11Kate Upton

Number 11? Really, she is the hottest person in the universe. Well we didn't explore the rest of the universe. But still, she is way hotter then Megan Fox. And probably a better person too. I mean come on! What the hell man.

Hottest woman alive. Period

She has the biggest boobs I have ever seen, her face makes my eyes catch fire because she's so hot, and I really wish that I were Justin Verlander right now - ChickenKing

She should be like 8

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12Ariana Grande

She looks like a damn 9 year old, how do to find her hot?

Really? Number 40 is hotter to be honest

So pretty I wish I was her

She is a sexy one

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13Adriana Lima

I expected her to be already on the list... And charlize theron is on 24? That's a mistake.

She's absolutely gorgeous and stunning.

She's very sexy with any costume

14Kwon BoA
15K.S. Chithra

She is best of best and hot of hot forever
beautiful of beautiful
great of greatest
top of topest she is always number 1
she is very beautiful and top of the worlds best ladies...

Beautiful, talented, well skilled, fair look, glamourus smile make her top 1

Come on, you have got to be kidding! I highlighted this name and Google search images and was not expecting that... number 8. You guys need to get your eyes checked.

This girl is fugly, Google her and see - anthonybecerra

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16Angelina Jolie

she is very beautiful and one of the world's best ladies... I like the attitude of her towards children as she adopted few children from africa and some european country.. a salute to such womens

Scientists did studies on her and her face and named it the most perfect face in creation - suli300

She is the best actress and the most pretty woman in the world, Angelina Jolie my IDOL forever!

For me she's the best... All in one package beauty and talent. I she's my favorite.

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17Beyonce Knowles

Shes just naturally blend. I think I love her

18Jessica Biel

What is she doing so low on the list she's at least 4 or 5 I'll lick her ass clean she wouldn't need toilet paper

That body is absolutely flawless... - chacha0657

19Im Yoona

Yoona has a slender body, yet sexy.

20Jessica Jung

She is an ice princess. A member of girl generation. She is one of lead vocal in her group. Has a unique voice. She also a good model. Her look wa so sexy

The perfect girl in the world.

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