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Angel Locsin


The finest actress in Philippine movie and television industry. She is very down to earth and decent person

Angel is simply beautiful. With smile that captures your heart and a very nice personality. Just the perfect ANGEL.
Definitely of the sexiest woman in the world. A body to die for, an exotic and contemporary beauty adding to her golden heart makes her a stand out. Not pretentious always humble and simple. God Bless you more Ms. Angel Locsin
Beautiful face, sexy body, talented actress with a goen heart!
With/without make up still very sexy and pretty... Beautiful skin and perfect face without any plastic surgery done into her. What you see is what you get!
She's hot, beautiful and sexy even without make-up. She's almost perfect but there's a saying that nobody is perfect.. She looks like enchanted lady from fairy tale and angel is a good actress whatever rule she'd play..
Shes just the most beautiful girl in the world, hot and sexy...
Very talented not just pretty face...
Hardworking and loves to help other...
She's beautiful and a very talented actress. Her body is almost perfect and her eyes when looks as if she's inviting you...
I just love her, shes one of the most sexiest lady I've seen, she seems to be goddess but has a very down to earth attitude... Go angel...
Simply perfect. With a body that takes your breath away and a smile that makes your heart flutter. Possessed with a true Filipina traits. You just can't love her.
Gorgeous body, gorgeous personality.. Great body, great personality...
hot body, hot personality.. Love this woman with substance.
For me Angel Locsin was be the most Beautiful woman has lived... Her Beauty is from inside and out. Super talented and gorgeous. She's the most versatile actress in the Philippines. :) I love her...
Beautiful inside and out, sexiest woman in the Philippines, very down to earth, so simple in every way, funny, God fearing and very sweet.
She's one of the most sweetest and most down to earth artist I've ever met. She's sexy and beautiful inside out. She's one of the best actresses of the Philippines.
Totally awesome as well as easily replacing most of those Top Tens that have aged past their expiration in the minds of zombie voters. ;^P
The beauty that cuts your senses like a stabbed wound to your heart. You'll feel no pain but glory under her sex appeal spell.
Shes sexy from inside and out...
hot... Beautiful inside and out... Pretty and brain.. A good actress... She loves her funs a lot...
True beauty inside and out. Wherever angle she may be you can see the beauty. One of the best face and body as well as attitude and professionalism.
She's really very pretty and sexy.. I can't help but stare at her pictures.. I really like her so much. I even wanted to see her in person because I know that she is more stunning, and kind in person. She's probably the best actress in her generation. She is versatile and very talented. She does her own stunts in her movies and T.V. series and doesn't mind getting dirty or bruised at the shooting. I really admire her for that, she's a true Filipina, strong and definitely competent, not afraid to face any challenge... Please vote for angel.. Because I believe that these are characteristics that a sexy woman should have...
I chose angel locsin simply because she's extremely beautiful! Her face was really not ordinary I can say angelina, megan or even jessica alba was pretty too but angel is different and they are nothing compared to angel.. They're face was usual and a normal beauties when you define a beautiful woman.. But angel had that uniqueness and effortless charisma! Sexy body indeed!, shes really famous here in the Philippines, most searched and most loved filipina actress, she has the best acting skills that you can't get off your eyes watching her, every man, woman or even defined on the third sex was mesmerized by an angel. And above the popularity, the pretty face, the sexy body she has the heart of an angel! She has a good personality of a woman and an unbelievable human being because of her humbleness.. TRY TO SEARCHED HER IN GOOGLE AND you WILL FIND WHY There's AN ANGEL NAME ON THE LIST
Everything she does she leaves an imprint. Credible! Sexy is a term not only to mean sensual. Far stretching that whoever will bag the title is most recognized. Her name or things about her can edify her contribution to society. Her sexiness means beauty (boundless inner and physical attributes. ) Angel complements that steep qualification! She brightens 2012 and that's no mean feat taking more recognition in her name. Records speak for itself. And come to think even in simple occasions-her face seen in disaster mission or watching a game or candid comedy, her radiance is given.
One of the most glamorous star of her generation! Proven to have superb acting skills in different genre. You'll surely be captivated with how she carries herself and you'll be even more mesmerized the moment she gives you that jaw-dropping smile! :) She's oozing with sex appeal perfectly suited in her well-curved body. With or without those extra pounds, she's still undeniably one of the goddesses! That's why nobody can just topple her down because she has it all! And yes, she's a woman with a big heart and hand who's willing to share of what she has especially to the needy. Truly an ANGEL!
Angel Locsin? A woman that has it all, A Beauty, A talent and and a Sexiness of a woman that all the boys want. She is every boys dream. She is hot as Ray of a sun.. A best Word to describe Angel's HOTNESS is a Ray of a sun. Imagine her Hottness, She is the only Hot as a Ray of a Sun in the world. REMEMBER HER NAME the one the the Only ANGEL LOCSIN.! LOve her always. Love.. Love.. Love.. Vote.. Vote.. Vote.. Oops try to Google her and see what a true beauty she has... ANGEL LOCSIN A FILIPINA! MABUHAY!
Angel has the perfect hottest body figure! I really envy her sexiness and her pretty face! Not just about her physical beauty but also her inner personality! She's really kind! Angel lives up her name! She's one of my inspirations!
Very gorgeous, alluring Angel in the Philippines... Exceptional talent and beauty bring her to this position... And I strongly agree to that... Angel from heaven who comes down to Earth to show the Real Hotness and Beauty...

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