Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel what I would say is the State of perfection. If you sum up Great health, sex-appeal, and beauty you will produce Jessica Biel. Other women all look weak. Blade trinity!

She has an amazing build and she is so focused and she can be so perfect and down to earth. she has great skill and deserves to be better than the 10th spot.

Jessica beil is a total Sex pot.
She has acting chops
she can handle a good horror
n has a SICK ASS body!

Even other people thibk she should be my wife. She is classic, beatiful and is only refining with age. MM

Body, beauty, brains. The whole package right here all in one wonderful girl. - cnauta70

changing out of wet clothes in "Chuck and Larry"! Even my wife made a comment!

So much natural beauty! Great model and actress. Jessica will always be my favorite!

She can climb into my bed any day or night. She is all woman, with looks and a killer body...

you are the hottest actor on the big screen. I LOVE you JESS

Come on guys this women is simply gorgeous and should b way up there like top three... I love me some Jessica biel... Her and Kate in total recall probably top two hottest women in a movie ever together

On this list she's #1 witout a doubt. Jessica Alba is a close second - challey

Dammit guys! Everything about her is hot!

It's simply hard to beat natural beauty. - ignoble

Blade Trinity, that is one fine babe

Gross! She looks like an ugly man, built like one too. - Cassixonfire

She is hot too bad getting married though. - tanker58

The athletic look is the bees knees

How can she not be in the Top 10? - RdrTech

r u crazy she needs to be up at #1

Eyes check
Teeth check
Lips check
Chest check
Legs check
Ass check check check