Top Ten Hottest WWE Divas

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The Top Ten

Kelly Kelly
She's very exciting in fighting but a 100 times better in her looks... Man she's so good looking and hot and cute looking... I just love to see her...

I like her body, she's face is very cute and pretty, skin color is blonde, crowd reaction good, and her attitude is very kind
She is so sexy and hot I Think kelly kelly she is Good Looking wwe Diva when I see her on friday Night Smack down she have Sexy Boby I know that already for Me Kelly kelly she is always sexy Smile I love her Smile
[Newest]Want to taste her ass...

2Maryse Ouellet
I like your style,

You are the sexiest diva of the most sexy,

I like you hair,

I love your mischievous nature

Maryse outllet is the hottest wwe diva champion forever

You are so sexy, hot, perfect, smart and naughty
Go and See her Playboy Pics and You will know what kinda stuff is this French-Canadain girl. Her uber sex appeal drives everybody crazy.
The sexiest, coolest, the prettiest and the HOTTEST Diva ever, her style is the best and has the best character Ever.
[Newest]Matter is also good for sex to me I love her

3Trish Stratus
For real guys?! Since when is Kelly Kelly hotter than Trish!?!? Trish is amazing! Sorry Kelly but you're not even second place... Most people voted Kelly because she started out as a stripper and in every dance contest she was in she would strip.
The dominating diva has won many hearts with her sexiness. She gave WWE a new look, with her sex appeal. How do I forget her kisses, asses, boobies, and most of all her style. Love you TRISH
Trish should be higher than this, she is beautiful and she has a body better than perfect... Trish you're the hottest and the best, love ya
[Newest]Trish and Lita 1 and 2 they are both beautiful, hot, sexy, and good in the ring, end of story

4Maria Kanellis
Because for me she is the hottest diva in the wwe should be on the front, I like his personality clumsy and distracted, I love your physique and at the entrance song is very pegadisa, but Kelly Kelly and Maryse also have its own, but I like more is Maria Kanellis is beautiful
She's a pretty hot diva, I want her back in the wwe so bad right now...
Sexiest diva ever! Eve for 2nd.
[Newest]You are my favourite diva!

The reason why I love A.J. is that she's nerdy and has great personality including her insane actions! I hope she continues as general manager as long as Vickie Guerrero shoves her pig nose in her business!
A.J. , you are a girl and burger is a food. YES. If you combine girls with food, there will be fat girls. This is what you are!... Just kidding... You are just PERFECT!
A.J. is doing great as Raw general manager! But she got to watch out though, because I heard she got warned by WWE board of directors and CM Punk and Paul Heyman has something up their sleeves! I hope she doesn't get fired by these two including Vickie Guerrero, who slapped A.J. twice! I really hate Piggie Guerrero!
[Newest]She is sexy I like her

She is gorgeous and can wrestle like a superstar! Agreeing with the comment below unlike all the pretty-faced divas today who are only that.. Pretty faces
Lita beautiful in her own way and she has gorgeous red hair and that awesome tatoo! She is definitely my favourite and she was a fantastic wrestler!
The real diva, she's hot an can wrestle unlike the crap we see nowadays
[Newest]Lita rocks! No other diva can be like her. She is different from anyone else. She will always be my favorite diva

7Mickie James
She has too good body... And for sure has so lovely face
Unbelievable. 9th? Are you kidding? She's way hotter than Kelly.
My favorite female wrestler of all time. She's beautiful, talented, and I loved her gimmicks

8Eve Torres
A new diva she to is a new hot diva
Eve is a very hot and sexy and beautiful diva. She is good in and out of the ring. I like each and every thing in her. I accept to kiss her ass and allow her to kick me in the groin.
Eve should be number 1 really.
[Newest]Eve Torres one of my favourite to have sex with her

She is very sexy good looking and hot I like
Her body fitness
Ver beautiful and a very capable diva
She is one of the most beautiful divas ever and is very busty. I think she deserves her Divas Championship back. Nevermind AJ, she doesn't deserve that title. Talk about crazy...
[Newest]Sight not sexiest you mean the one who is most men built

10Stephanie McMahon
Stinks where's Nikki and Brie
She's As Hot As Hell! I'm Jealous Of Triple H
I want nikki and brie I wanna see u divas please it always been my dreams but it will never come true I am a fan of u divas but I am ten I have no money to come to WWE

The Contenders

11Torrie Wilson Gruner
I'm sorry but how her and Trish Status aren't in the top 3 never mind the top 10 I don't know. I used to love WWE when it was good, Torrie Wilson was and is stunning.
Torrie NEEDS to be number she is just SO HOT! It's disappointing she was never Women's Champion
Torrie is just amazing no question definitely top 10 material.

12Candice Michelle
candice michelle has to be no. 1 besides My old friend made out with her once. He made out with all the wwe divas. not even gonna lie. He touched all of their arms to see how hot they are and he realized that Candice was the hottest.
she is hot diva to bad she is injured
My top two would be candice and maryse it's a toss up.

13Melina Perez
She has good style, she know's what she is doing. I would pick Maryse but I thought LONG about it and it came to me that Malina is the best diva. She has class, style, flexible, good and fit to be a champion. She would be the perfect champion for both Woman's(which she has held) and the Diva's Champion.
Melina has that sexy tan and everything else a good looking girl needs. Plus she can do the splits and a lot of other good positions.
She is the most smartest and coolest diva of all time. Her entrance leaves me speechless

14Ashely Massaro
she should be no 1.
she is hot and sexy
she has nice figure
she has good boobs
she has good ass
Just look at her playing cover... And her at no way out that same year

15Nikki Bella
Hottest figure ever... I love you nikki
Super sexy she should be in top 5
I love the bellas so much can't get enough of the bellas
[Newest]She has a really sexy ass

16Beth Phoenix
Since when is beth phoenix hotter than brie bella
She has the same face as niki bella

17Brie Bella
Hot... Sexy ass... Hot boobs
Awesome looks sexy better than anyone even better than nikki
Brie is awesome the best diva ever seen
[Newest]She is also great in WWE

18Michelle McCool
she is the hottest wwe womens champion ever
Come on! AJ above michelle, that's unfair. Vote sensibly! Maybe she wasn't the most popular, but she did her job perfectly. She is super beautiful and was very strong but above all she is a champion. MICHELLE ROCKS!

She looks like the perfect diva for me
The hottest there is, there was, there will ever be
Nattie you're the best


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