Most Iconic Songs by Female Singers/Bands

Females are really superior in business and that includes music, For over 1000 years of female music, let's just say 30 years of pop female music, okay?

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1Wannabe - Spice Girls

Before the breakup of Spice Girls, this was their iconic hit and still known by many people who were born in the 80's, 90's and 00's. This also is one of their greatest hits alongside with the Mother's Day anthem "Mama". - ArigatoKawaii

2Crazy for You - Madonna

Yes, guys. Crazy for You is iconic. Before the songs such as Vogue and 4 Minutes, this was her big hit and alongside became the theme song for the movie "Vision Quest". One of their greatest songs by Madonna alongside with Vogue,Frozen,Like a Virgin and Like A Prayer. - ArigatoKawaii

3Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) - Beyoncé Knowles

One of the most iconic songs in the 00'. The music video's of the song won the Best Music Video in the MTV Awards. Now Kanye, let's say I'mma let you finish but Beyonce won Music Video of the Year, happy Kanye? - ArigatoKawaii

4Mama - Spice Girls

Well, same with the comment on Wannabe. - ArigatoKawaii

5True Colors - Cyndi Lauper

One of the most iconic yet forgotten songs of all time. Let's say this made Mrs. Cyndi hit the big time. - ArigatoKawaii

Just barely makes the 30-year limitation on this list.

6Born This Way - Lady Gaga

One of the Mother Monster's hit. This expresses that we are different but still the same. This also shows respect on the LGBT community. - ArigatoKawaii

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7Rolling In the Deep - Adele

While being tied as one of the biggest hits on 2011, this was the most-talked and popular song on 2011 (if not only that, then it's also most talked song by Adele before Skyfall and Hello. (If not Hello, then it's When We Were Young.) - ArigatoKawaii

8When You Believe - Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston

The Soul Sultress and the Queen of Soul-Pop combined. Ahhh! Melodic memories. - ArigatoKawaii

9I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston

In the past 30 years, this one is by far more iconic than all the rest on this list combined.

10Hero - Mariah Carey

Her signature song is melodic, It also gives a great meaning that there is a brave,bold spirit in you. - ArigatoKawaii

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11Stupid Hoe - Nicki MinajV1 Comment
12The Tide is High - Atomic Kitten
13Emotions - Mariah Carey

Well, her big hit but yet it's her popular anthem showing her deepest emotions. - ArigatoKawaii

14Apocalypse - Jackie Evancho
15Whole Again - Atomic Kitten
16Con Te Partiro - Sarah Brightman
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1. Wannabe - Spice Girls
2. Crazy for You - Madonna
3. Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) - Beyoncé Knowles



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