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1Total Drama: Outside The Heat

This would be a movie about what Total Drama is like when nobody's competing. - Turkeyasylum

2The Tragedy Of Trent And Gwen

This would be a parody of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, with a few modern translations, and I promise it would be much better than the 1996 movie. - Turkeyasylum

3Total Drama's Conquest

It would be about some of the Total Drama cast trying to become icons in the celebrity world! - Turkeyasylum

4Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Doc

It would be an animated movie about how Total Drama was produced (by the camera crew's point of view). - Turkeyasylum

5The Dawn Movie

It's a movie about Dawn's life, but a problem arises: the forest next to her house is going to be built to create a waste water facility! - Turkeyasylum

6Heather vs. LeShawna: Ultimate Sports War

Heather and LeShawna make sports teams, who will win? - Turkeyasylum

7Life In The Bowen House

Amy and Sammy Bowen have been fighting for years. Let's see what the life is like in their house. Also, a third sister (the middle sister) named Penny is featured. She doesn't care about Amy and Sammy's arguments. - Turkeyasylum

8Shopping Spree!

Heather, Lindsay, LeShawna, Beth, Anne Maria, Amy, Sammy, And Dakota go on a shopping contest! - Turkeyasylum

9Blaineley Vs. Chris: The Hosting Job

Both Chris and Blaineley want to host Total Drama, so theu are pitted against each other in a series of challenges from all the seasons! Spoiler: Both are gonna SUCK at the challenges. - Turkeyasylum

10Jacques gets kidnappedV1 Comment

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11Total Drama: Locked In A House

It's where all the cast is locked in a house with lots of food (enough for 2 weeks), but they eventually argue and begin to panic! - Turkeyasylum

12The Princess and the Punk
13Drama Queen: Action Paradise
14Cody and the Chocolate Factory
15Duncan and Courtney: StrandedV1 Comment
16Total Drama Wedding
17Total Drama Mutant Academy
18Total Drama Zombie Island
19Total Drama Killer Island
20Total Drama The Musical
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