Top Ten Most Important Items In Minecraft

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1Crafting Table

Its absolutely the most important thing. Without it. I can't even imagine what would happen. Make sure you always carry this with you everywhere. You never know when you need it during mining

We always need you Crafting Table!


Pickaxes are pretty important because you use them every Minecraft day for mining

3Wood Planks

Almost every Minecrafter makes their house out of wood planks at some point of their life especially newbies


Diamonds are very important to most pro players since they can kill dangerous mobs with Diamond tools


Many Minecrafters think water and oceans/rivers are an obstacle and are useless. I think water isn't useless. it is pretty useful when you want to get down Ravines safely and water bucket can be useful for trapping mobs


These are important for the night and to prevent mobs from attacking your house/base


Great for keeping endless dirt and cobblestone that you find and useful for important items too


Needed for cooking delicious food.


Most newbies will mine it all up. Most pros will trade with villagers. Anything can happen in the village. Its pretty useful to find them anyway


Now you might be wondering why I put wood out of the top ten. Yes. Wood is really really important for making stuff which is so true which is why it is important. But then again the fact that Wood is so common that it can get annoying by filling up your chests

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Important for going to the Nether


Come on give this a chance! - Danguy10


Signs are currently the best way in Minecraft to prevent losing your way from your house

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