Most Impressive McPe Pvpers of 2015


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21Killpro45V1 Comment
22Itz_RandyV6 Comments

He is a very accurate tapper, and his YouTube channel's videos prove how great of a player he is. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

This kid shouldn't be anywhere near here


Nah, not really. I've dueled with him, (with split) and won all 3 times. True story

He's A Good Strafers he can combo with split and he's also using Non split this guy knows whos low on a match and he can strafe any sides and he's good at bowing he mastered sword

He's not that good at straving, tapping, and bowing. I'm doubtful of why he's in this list

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25NozicV2 Comments
26GetWrqckedV1 Comment

I'm better. I beat him on crazed, and he called me a hacker.

Jake it's Haleem I'm Basically The Same With U How Am I Not On This List

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Truly a master of Rush PvP, he impresses others by showing his beast reaction rates against all sorts of PvPers in KitPvP. He knows how to fight in many situations brought by different circumstances and obstacles. - ShohebHamzahNoodle

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29SaltyFrenchFryV1 Comment

This kid can strafe mad sometimes get powerful combos on ya

31BestHqcksV2 Comments
33K1llerProV1 Comment

Most underrated player in PvP, I (Sody) seem him beat many people considered gods, he jusy does YT and Redstone mainly but we shouldn't ignore this kid

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35ChaoticSynergyV1 Comment

He is a one of his kind, his strafes are so elegant and then to finish it off with a 7 hit combo. He was the end of all pvpers who came to challenge him. So I had to put Neat in here!

He is truly the best, I quit MCPE because he ruined my career with a 10 hit combo from the start. The best in his time before he got his calf injury,
Love - Starfare

37xDogsifyyV4 Comments

Tries his Best But cares More about friendship than PVP This is what makes a good Pvper should be top then I'm my opinion

Pretty good Pvper but wouldn't want him To get his combos on you

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He will try and beat every best pvper and he should be lower than top 20

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He invented a strafe that no one will know except for him, he mkght lose in some occasions because of his tab is too crappy and the internet sucks for him! He gets really unkillable when his internet is strong and HE might not be the best but he is just doing what he can do. He is extreme with the bow on local worlds but in servers he is just practicing getting used to it!

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