Top 10 Incarnations of Link

Link. The Hero of Time! The Legendary Hero! The Hero of Winds! Hero Chosen by the Gods! Throughout the history of Hyrule, and times, before it, there has been a hero clad in green to protect the land. But which one is the best?

The Top Ten

1 Ocarina of Time/Majora's Mask/SSBM Link

Oot and MM link/ hero of time is the best because: He fought Ganondorf, Ganon and Majora, He relived the same damned three days for at least 10 times, he went through some pretty dark games that I am not even sure why they kept there e for everyone rating and he was not recognized as a hero for his original adventure in the timeline he went back to. Plus he never knew his mom or his dad. He also had the most annoying fairy Cough Cough Navi and the most rude fairy Cough Cough Tatl.

OOT Link is the best Link in the entire series. He went through way more crap than the any other Link so far.

He also trains Twilight Princess Link

2 Twilight Princess/SSBB Link

To me, this is the ultimate hero. And the one that I grew up with (For many others it would be the OoT Link or Wind Waker. But this Link, to me, completely embodies the Hero of Time. - higgsboson2142

Do people not get that this is all one link?

He's not fhe hero of time, that's OoT link. This is the hero of twilight.

3 Skyward Sword Link

I thought SS's cell-shaded style vividly brought this Link to life. - higgsboson2142

4 Wind Waker Link/Toon Link

This character always has that courageous look about him, ready to do anything. - higgsboson2142

5 A Link to the Past Link
6 The Legend of Zelda Link
7 Oracle of Ages/Seasons Link
8 TV Series Link V 1 Comment
9 Hyrule Warriors Link

Not canon, so I'm not sure if it counts, and that's why it's back here (Initially #8) - higgsboson2142

10 CD-i Link

I'm just putting this here because I couldn't think of any more Links! Do NOT, vote for this thing! - higgsboson2142

Oh boy, I can't wait to bomb some Dodongos!
I'm so hungry, I could eat an oktorok!

The Contenders

11 Fierce Deity / ONI Link
12 Deku Link
13 Breath of the Wild Link
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