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21Hum Aapke Hain Koun..!

It is the best movie acted by salman khan

This is the best movie of salman khan

One of the greatest produce by Bollywood till now it should be in top of the list. Salman & madhuri iconic performance and every scene of the is so grace so dedicate and afcourse minblowing songs. Till today people r enjoying this movie I have watched more than 100 times this movie. This is the first Hindi language movie which earn more than one 1million. I still love this movie.

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22Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar
23SairatV1 Comment
24Zindagi Na Milege Dobara

Amazing, fabulous, fantastic movie.. Superb acting by farhan.. I love him in this movie.. Watch it.. Have fun..

Awesome movie. I can watch it everyday. It surely desrves to be in top 10

Amazing Movie! With loads of beautifu scenes in the background! Spain is a God Damn beautiful country and thi Movie has proven it!

This movie should be in top 5...this is class. Best movie I have ever watched in my life all the actor's did a great job...

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The ending of the movie is moving.i cryed for half an hour after watching it.
I wonder how it's not in top 20!
For the 1st time, sonakshi sinha showed her varsatility through this movie.

I Loved this Movie, I can relate this movie to my story obviously in a different way of Lootera.

Awesome movie.. after many years I finally got a masterpiece.

Its artistic no movie will give this much feel

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26Hum Saath Saath Hain

Love this movie... a very nice family movie... if people like watching family drama kind... then this movie is best.

Best family movie of Bollywood.

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The story of a young man who encountes with the ugly truths of beautiful world.
This movie has greatest music of indian cinema with beautiful actress waheeda rehman. - Nadeem777

An awesome movie by an awesome star.3 idiots at top what. think a man never study and then top the exams don't it sounds strange and weird.

Great story plus intelligent direction and suprb performance by dev waheeda.never tbore of watchin it even after so many years

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Best movie Ajay is great better then salman - jaswantsinghinda

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29Don: The Chase Begins Again

It is a remake of 1978 blockbuster Don... Nicely done by SRK and don't forget farhan... Very talented and amazing director - Vaibhavpbh

30Raja Hindustani
31Don 2: The King is Back

EXtreme Suspense, thrill the best in bollywood... And SRK rocked again

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Well :) :) Just please find time to watch the movie and u'll understand us, Shahid Kapoor's supporters and fans all over the world - irinakouzmenko

Love the shahid amrita chemistry the most cutest jodi of Bollywood

The best couples Shamrita! Rajshri with their patented family entertainment! Awesome acting by everyone! And the best part is all the characters are so good in the movie that you feel like watching it again and again! Its tough to find such good people in real world! I personally have seen this movie for more than a 100 times...

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Gurudatt's classic that is a milestone.
A story of a desperete poet. This movie top this list because it is the most perfect movie in etire indian cinema, it has some awesome songs like "Ye duniya agar mil bhi jaye to kya hai", "Jinhe naaz hai jind par wo kahan hain". - Nadeem777

This movie teaches never to see any thrash content movie and learn something with lyrically uff songs and nasheele aankhein of guru dutt

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35Dhoom 3

I don't understand why it is listed here instead of the worst movies list.

Truely the best movie I ever ever watched after 3 idiots and sholay

To me it is the best ever best MOVIE EVER!

Best movie ever.

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John abraham shines... Better than Dhoom-2 - Vaibhavpbh

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37Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Best movie by Rajkumar Hirani. Re-introduced Gandhi and "Gandhigiri" to the new generation. Much better than 3 Idiots. - ankitagoswami

Gandhi and Munna. Never thought that would happen

One of the best Bollywood has ever produced

38Mujhse Shaadi Karogi

One of the best Bollywood has ever produced

Awesome movie its comedy r extraordinary

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39Anand (1971)

An amazing masterpiece which tells a man how to laugh even in your deepest sorrows. How can someone ignore this movie. This movie was way too good then any present films.

This movie is a masterpiece of class acting. Why is it so low on the rating?

Sad that it's so down, most of them didn't watch it. No doubt best movie

It Teaches u the meaning of life

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40BodyguardV2 Comments
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