Top Ten Best Indian Movies of 2013


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Chennai Express
I don't know what the hell is happening in this forum chennai express one of the best movie I have ever seen of srk but in this ranking on 6th the movie which breaks all records is on 6th


I like Shahrukh Khan since 1998 until now, I always watch his movie. And I think Chennai Express is the best movie in my opinion. I find it interesting and a lot of funny scene.
I like this movie very much because it king khan movie, I always things Shaharuk Khan is the best actor of bollywood film.
[Newest]Shahrukh Khan is the best actor.

2Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
It's a very good film. This film is all about a legendary sportsman, who fight with his life from childhood. In his life he had many sadness, but at the end he become a legendary person in the sports world. I think this film is totally good. Every Indian should be watch it.
Awesome movie hats off to farhan. Realistic, superb and just awesome
Best film I have ever seen
[Newest]Awesome movie, very inspiring

3Dhoom 3
Haven't released yet... But a sureshot BLOCKBUSTER
I hope dhoom3 better than all movie in bollywood history
Oh Come on dude... This must be at the top, it simply better than Chennai Express

Full of Drama, emotions, action; a perfect film
[Newest]Dhoom 3 is a best movie

4Krrish 3
Rubbish man not even released and so big thoughts no no krishh 3
It was way better than chennai express... At least someone had the vision of making a hardcore superhero movie in India... !
This movie sucked! It was rubbish
[Newest]Let me watch it first

Best songs, best story, best shooting and best actor! Really, touched my heart. this classic like movie is an timeless love story, rather than a meaningless love story we have seen all these years
In a CLASS of it's own.
This movie is very very very bad

6Aashiqui 2
Music with love.. <3
No words to say! One of the best movie in 2013
Yeah! The best heart touching musical movie of 2013! It should be among top three.Why is it after Raanjhaana?
Music is the best... the movie really sucked! Boring as hell, irritating and torture to watch. Only the songs were worth watching
[Newest]This should be top in the list.

7Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani
Nice took ranbir kapoor to a higher level.
It is amazing!, love it cute story
Ranbir and Deepika did such a good job


[Newest]Nice movie. loved the storyline and good acting.


8Special 26
This movie should be rank in number 1 movie for this the year 2013. It's very good movie and all the character act very well.
I don't know what to classify this movie as- a thriller? Suspense? Mystery? Perhaps all of them together... Simply brilliant!
Very good movie well act by akshay kumar

Very emotional and interesting story
Dhanush join with nice opening in bollywood...
It's a very interesting story and the music gives a box office hit
[Newest]Best movie of 2013

Its a very good film of vijay and he is a good actor and this film is worth of an oscar award
Best commercial movie in Tamil


Vijay is Hollywood king he is a super star. With huge fans on world across.
[Newest]Good family watchable entertainer movie

The Contenders

It's So Good A Movie That It Must Be number 1. Although I Know The Plot Is That Of Romeo And Juliet But One Must Consider The Awesome Performance Of Deepika.

12Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai Dobara

13Jatts In Golmaal

A well knit thriller, which can keep you on the edge of your seats for most of the time. Easily one of the best films to have released in Malayalam this year. Very rarely you will get to see a thriller of such sheer brilliance. A must watch!
One of the best thrillers in Indian cinema
Top 1 should be given must watch
[Newest]Very bad list. Drishyam should be number 1. Not that irritating Chennai express

15Madras Cafe
What. Movies like Chennai express are on n1. I don't believe that you guys stupid. Nonsense.

16Naughty Jatts

17Go Goa Gone
Racy and peppy one...



20Raja Rani
Best movie... I ever saw with so much feelings in the story face... !

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