Top Ten Indian Rappers of 2014


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21Akash King Rapper

The Very Best Punjabi Rap Star...
His Famous On Facebook, YouTube & Google

V2 Comments
22Rd Dedha Rapstar

The Very Very Best RapStar
His Famous On Facebook, YouTube & Google And Other WebSites

V2 Comments
24Rishabh Rishi Kumar

I am voting you because my name is also rishabh

The RapStar Not Famous

25Ncube Aka Neykhil Naik

A much better contender than Honey Singh.

27Raahi The Rapper

He is a lyrical monster and he is even better than most ! Check him out and you will come to know

28Mr. Davesto

I know he is not best, but I know him personally, he is managing his study and rap simultaneously and all by himself. I am sure in just another 2-3 years he will be familiar to everyone.

V1 Comment

Nice flow in speed even Yo Yo can't catch him

Raxstar is deserve to be in top rappers list of world...

31Chandan ShettyV2 Comments
32Gaurav Lodhee

I love his rapping

33Raqib Rock

One of the most talented and rising rap star from India, I just saw the lyrics and listen only rough cut of his song dilli but truely he is fantastic and his slangs :), basically he is from allahabad but now working from delhi and Mumbai.

He is basically from allahabd but now working from delhi and Mumbai, I just saw his very 1st rap for his debut sond dilli but I can say that A.P. is one of the most talented and 1 of the most rising rap star of India.

35YC Gujjar

His Famous On Facebook, YouTube & Google

YC Gujjar your songs are best


Is a best rap when required

37Royal Pathan
38Ankkit Akka

Upcoming star with new style and awesome lyrics

Search me on YouTube by MAD D - MADD

40Young SamV1 Comment
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