Top Ten Indian Singers of 2014


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1Arijit Singh

Great singer he should be number one

His songs make me and I think every person who listens his wonderful voice go crazy. His wavy voice makes me attached with his song. This singer gives more sweetness to song as sugar does. He is no. 1 always in my heart.

The best singer is one who is second to none. Singing all kinds of songs. According to my opinion he is all rounder in singing who can sing all kinds of songs, creating an emotional feeling in it.

Arijit singh the best singer

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2Shreya Goshal

Her voice is just awesome no words just awesome love her...

She has the best voice in the whole world... Very versatile... Heavenly voice... Better than best... No comparison

She is very beautiful and her voice is just like a magic She is a next Lata Mangeshkar

She is marvellous no words to describe her singing quality

She is also a good singer

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3Atif Aslam

Attractive and heart touching voice

Extraordinary Heights of Fame, Incredible Success, Millions of Fans Across the Globe, 3 Chart Topping Albums Setting Records With Their Historic Sales, Multitude of National & International Awards, Pakistan's 4th Highest Civilian Accolade, Collaboration with Legendary International Musicians, Ever-Increasing Popularity & Stardom, and WHAT NOT! All in just less than 10 years! - zara12

Your voice is really amazing. The feelings which you just put in your songs are really wonderful. And dis is called d real artist. So atif keep on singing

Atif aslam deserve number 1 position

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4Honey Singh

He is one of the best rapper, singer and music director very very excellent talent he got

He is the best singer in India... I can't leave without listening to his songs... He is superb..

Yo yo honey sing best singer in India

Yes this number 1

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5Sonu Nigam

He is multi-talented. Great voice, Great singer.

When I listen sonu sir's voice its completely relax my mind

I feel happy when I listen to his music.

Sonu Nigam is one of the best singer in the world.

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6HariharanHariharan is an Indian playback singer who has sung for Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Bhojpuri, Punjabi, Gujarati and Rajasthani films, an established and foremost ghazal singer and composer, and one of the pioneers of Indian fusion music . In 2004, he was honoured with the Padma more.

One of the most versatile singer...
Magical magnetic voice...
Voice variations (Silky, Softest, Bassed)

King of Ghazal & Melody...
Technical singing ability...
successful singer of singing the best compositions...

He is the best singer ever and the undisputed King...

He has got the capability to bring even a normal song to extraordinary level

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7Mohit Chauhan

His voice is the best amongst every singer...
Hope he will be rated 1 this year

You r the real rockstar sir
The songs are given to u have no meaning,but u made it rocking after performing

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8Ankit Tiwary

I think he should be no. 2 on this list. As we are discussing singers of 2014

He is one of the leading singer in 2014. Some of Chart busters such as "Teri Galiyan" is one of best song of this year.

Ankit Tiwary should be on 2nd position in this list.

I think he should be no.2 on the list

I agree that ankit should be number 2.

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9Rahat Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Rahat is best of all time wonderful singer heart touching voice

Touching voice wonderful singer rahat ali khan

Number 1 singer rahat fateh ali khan

I like his everyone song and his moment

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10Sunidhi Chauhan

Sunidhi is the best singer without a doubt.. The emotion she gives off in her songs is amazing. She has a strong voice, has an amazingly Sexy voice, she brings the essence of her songs to life. Sunidhi sings with so much of passion, she proves her versatile she is, she doesn't focus on one genre, she dominates many genres. Damn, Sunidhi is simply the greatest! I love this woman!

Beyond amazing! Sunidhi Chauhan has an incredibly beautiful voice. She puts in so much of emotion, passion, fire into her songs. I love listening to Sunidhi's songs, it always puts me in a good mood.

She should be number 1 as she is the best.

I love sunidhi song

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11Mustafa Zahid

You have nice voice which makes feelings live

Mustafa Zahid should be in top 5. His zaroorat in the movie ek villain is among the best this year and one of the most underrated song of the year. - Devil321

Mustafa Zahid should be in top 5. His zaroorat in the movie ek villain is among the best this year and one of the most underrated song of the year. - Devil321

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12Hriday Tulsiani

Amazing is not the word

I love your voice

13Krishnakumar Kunnath

Best singer ever. He should be number 1!

There can't be a better singer... Excepting arijit

Best singer of this present era...

Best of me truly rockstar

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14Gajendra Verma

I love emptiness boy voice, and feel very sry for his badluck... Because he was the singer of emptiness but can't get the fame

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15Asha Bhosle

Ever green... The only vocalists who can modify her voice for every song... Hats off to you

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16Himesh Reshammiya

Great versatile singer.. He doesn't sing a single toned songs...

I like all songs of him love himesh songs

He deserves the 1st position. He is the best singer and music director that India has ever produced.HR ROCKS!

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17Tulsi Kumar

Your voice is heart touching. You are a great singer.

18Monali Thakur

She voice so cute & looking very beautiful

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19Palak Muchhal

The upcoming singer with a sweet voice

You are just sensational. I love your voice.

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20Zubeen Garg

He is not just a brilliant singer but also a brilliant music composer and an actor. he is a total artiste

He ia one of the best.. Heartthrob of NorthEast and also create history with Ya ali.. & Dil tu hi bata..

He is best singer and he is the best actor...

I love zubeen Garg voice

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