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21Helicopter - Bloc Party

This is the best indie rock song ever made. Period. It is just so awesome. Cannot understand why this is not on number 1!. How many things I have to write before I can post this?

22Machu Picchu - The Strokes
23All My Friends - LCD Soundsystem
24Electric Feel - MGMT
25Still Take You Home - Arctic Monkeys
26Last Nite - The Strokes
27Skinny Love - Bon Iver
28The Suburbs - Arcade Fire

Whats with the people on this sites obsession with arctic monkeys? :( Arcade fire has so much more emotion, originality, and meaning in their music! I'm sad I haven't seen wake up or neighborhood #1 yet on this list though the suburbs is suburb!

I love Arctic Monkeys, but Win Butler is the king of indie music.

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29Naive - The Kooks
30Diplomat's Son - Vampire Weekend
31Hate to Say I Told You So - The Hives
32Float On - Modest Mouse

Probably the greatest Indie Song Ever, coming from Indie Legends. You people are way too hung up on the Killers. and "Somebody Told Me"? Come on. That song is like a joke..

The only band to stay indie when they got big.

331996 - The Wombats

Such an amazingly nostalgic song, yet still remains upbeat and positive! Amazing song, amazing band, amazing genre!

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34You're a Wolf - Sea Wolf

Randomly heard this song on Pandora and have been a Sea Wolf fan ever since

Reminds of the Nightshade series

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35Maps - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
36Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

How is this indie rock? Please... Whoever added this is either very deluded or very stupid.

37The View From the Afternoon - Arctic Monkeys
38Killer - The Hoosiers
39Midnight City - M83

This song has such a great vibe, and it makes me feel like I'm in a different world.

This song has to be number ONE come ooon, it's magnificent it makes you feel so many things at the same time. It's just awesome, perfect.. - Amyfalahee

40VCR - The xx

Amazing! Their voices are so sexy, this song should be higher on the list. Also "infinity" and all their songs! They are the best!

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