Best Indonesian Soccer Clubs of 2013

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1Persib Bandung

Persib are a team pride and soul of people who support it. And Persib has become the second religion of supporters. And one of the strongest teams in Indonesia.. No doubt if persib be the pride of all people in Indonesia

Am from italy, I always looking persib on internet if them still played, and persib very feasible if play with juventus, go persib

Persib Isn't only football club for me, but persib is my blood and my soul. Bravo Persib. We always stay behind you persib!

Anytime, anywhere, and whatever the obstacles, we will always support PERSIB

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2Arema FC

Amazing team in Indonesia!


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3Persija Jakarta

Most succes football club on indonesia with 10 national Champions titel

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4Semen Padang

Semen Padang Number one in Indonesia

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5Persipura Jayapura

This is a good club in Indonesia

6Sriwijaya FC
7Persebaya Surabaya
8Barito Putera
9Mitra Kukar Kartanegara
10PSM Makassar

PSM Makassar is the best football club in Indonesia..
There is absolutely no doubt of it..
PSM Makassar always produces talented football player for Indonesia such as Ramang, Ronny Pattinasarani, Syamsul Chaeruddin, and many more..

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11PSMS Medan

PSMS Medan have a long history in Indonesian football
PSMS Medan adalah klub kebanggaan warga Sumatera Utara

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12Persisam Samarinda
13Persid Jember
14Persis Solo
15Gresik United FC

Gresik United is the best

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