Most Influential People of All Time

The person who has had the largest impact on culture, society and history. Whether positive or negative.

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1Jesus Christ

2,000 years and we're still talking about him - Vooduon

Its good to be talked and listen about someone great. No doubt he was "one" of the greatest "man" in the history. I would suggest you to learn more about him & had a good influence of him instead of hating wrong or false influence. THANK YOU

Jesus was definitely the most influential people of all time, as he is also one of the, if not the most controversial figures in history! He was the reason behind the season!

Billions claim him as Lord and Savior! - LadyLioness

He is a just prophet & messenger in Islam, whom was given the book of bible by Allah (god) to guide the children of Israel (disbelievers) and convey same message as all the prophets who came before him like (Noah, Abraham, Moses and many others may Allah's (God' s) peace be upon them all) that non ha the right to be worshiped except Allah because he is the Lord of the heavens & the world and all that is between them, The Almighty The creator of everything The Most Merciful The Most Generous The Forgiver The Most PowerfulAllah the Almighty is the one & the only God & to him all human mankind will return at the end (i. E resurrection).

Jesus, even the calendar of history revolves around him! He is coming back. Repent of your sins and believe!

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He was the man of true justice. He was with peace those who deserve peace and respected peace. He was there for law and order and not some silly baba or pandit who just say few words of peace and doesn't not actually guide or show the direction to attain peace in this world and hear after. My fellow Christians don't know that the founder of Christianity is not Jesus it's St. Paul. No matter how much I love Jesus the son of mary peace be upon him, he can't be the most influential person because he doesn't not meet the requirement.

Instead of proving the essence of peace and Islam, You just disregarded Yogis/Christians. There are good reason as to why most of the world detest Muhammad and many do violence (ISIS) against other religion, against women (Saudi/Iraqi law), against animals (public display of animal sacrifice) in the name of Islam.

Before understanding other faiths fully, especially the higher intellectual traditions of Hindus and China, avoid posting misleading comment.

He was the best justice provider in the world he was the best and history has no personality equal to him he also promoted the respect for women that was not present in arab and the whole world before him he was greatest man ever narrated by historians

Peace Be Upon Him. The prophet who preached the teachings of Allah, the one and only God and presented us with the Holy Quran, the book to guide us through out our lives.

The remarkable person in the universe.

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Siddhartha left all of his possessions, his pampered life, his food, and even his family to gain the true knowledge of suffering and to find enlightenment. I am an Anthropologist that specializes in religion. The Buddha has influenced so many people in China, Tibet, India, Japan etc. This once rich, famous prince gave up everything he had, becoming a man of the land and became divine. His followers confronted and meditated with Jesus himself.

Lord Buddha was one of the first men to realise the true nature of life and spread it to the rest of the world. His teachings have bought so much good into this world and have helped many people to lead a happy and peaceful life. definitely the most positively influential person to have ever lived.


Not as important as jesus though...

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4Mahatma Gandhi

Yes! He promoted non-violence during World War II during HARSH times. AMAZING PERSON

I think he is great as nelson mandela. He had lot of patience which taught, how to be patience and wait for fruitful at the end. - subhash

Political and spiritual leader during India's struggle with Great Britain for home rule an advocate of civil disobidience

He is the light which is at par with the Sun. Even sun has some negatives but essential to human life.. Gandhi is that light for a more Democratic, Modern and Peaceful world. Certainly the GREATEST MAN EVER WALKED ON THIS EARTH.

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5Paul the Apostle

I am not sure how Martin Luther is above the Apostle Paul, as it was the Book of Romans and the book Galatians that fuelled Luther to the Reformation. If it was not for Paul then Luther have never been known... As well as Paul had a great influence on the other Apostles and Peter, making Paul's influence felt higher than Peter's despite Pope claims. And don't forget that Paul was in a scene was Luke's mentor, making Paul the most influential person under Jesus. Because in the end the Apostles and Christians, Pope's and all live for the Glory of Jesus Christ.

Other than Jesus Christ, Paul is my favorite person in the Bible. He went though so much, yet didn't complain at all. He pointed to Christ in every situation. He was (in my opinion) the most influential apostle. The books in the Bible that he wrote are not only a comfort for many, but strength for those who are crumbling under struggles and pressure. Martin Luther looked to the Apostle Paul as one of his inspirations, so how did Martin Luther go above Apostle Paul? Even though they all lived for the Glory of Jesus Christ, I know for a fact that the Apostle Paul is more influential than Martin Luther. If Martin Luther was alive... he'd agree too.

We would never know about Jesus if not for Paul. Paul is #1

He kind of found Christianity and had it spread throughout the known empire of Rome

He did not found Christianity. Jesus found Christianity. Please go buy a king James Version Bible and read it. Get your facts straight.

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6Albert Einstein

Physicist born in Germany who formulated the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity Einstein also proposed that light consists of discrete quantized bundles of energy (later called photons)

German theoretical physicist, who gave the general- and special relativity. More specifically mass-energy equivalence, expressed by the equation E = mc2. - 09ShamsulBahriel

Albert Einstein could not speak until he was 4 years old and his parent were told he would not amount to much. Such an inspirational man.

The greatest person of all time, with no other great enough to compete with him

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The original monotheist, whose theological foundation has spread to the entire world through Christianity and Islam. He should be much higher up.

He does not deserve this position because he was really a great man and he is known in Islam as the father of all prophet

If so, then why isn't he on the top? He founded ALL 3 religions mentioned above?

It's because of him Jesus and Mohammed even did anything - maverick88

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8Martin Luther

Is this about Martin Luther, or Martin Luther King Jr? Martin Luther is the Christian reformationist, and Martin Luther King Jr is the campaigner for black rights in the USA. Considering the lack of 'King' after the name, it seems most people are ignorant of the original Martin Luther. The original Martin Luther is probably the reason Martin Luther King Jr's parents named him Martin Luther, and probably also the reason his father was named Martin Luther as well (Martin Luther King Sr).

In kiching off the protestant reformation, Martin Luthur triggered a whole sequence of events that have led direclty tot he society we know and enjoy today.

The founder of the Protestant church, what more is there to be said?

He helped everyone with equality and should be remembered as a hero and rightly so.

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9Sir Isaac Newton

He's well-known for physics, but he also invented differential and integral calculus, came up with color theory, studied the speed of sound, he was an astronomer who built the first reflecting telescope... He was arguably the single most important thinker in human history. He contributed to everything.

Why is Isaac Newton not higher? Pretty sad that anyone would think a video game designer is more influential then Isaac Newton. Ranking Einstein ahead of Isaac Newton is like saying Sidney Crosby is a better hockey player then Wayne Gretzky, this list is retarded

Newton likes to study religion more than science. Even he hides his real religion before he dead, why Michael Hart put him above Jesus in the ranking of Most influential people. If he's a Christian, he should be placed under Jesus... That't why I could say that he hides his real religion before he dead.

Even Einstein learns more from Newton. - 09ShamsulBahriel

Einstein is a Jew, he is not

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10Constantine I

Without Constantine, there may be no discussion about the merits of Jesus Christ. Constantine helped lay the foundation for what is the modern Catholic church and was instrumental in organizing its members to determine a uniform Christian doctrine (First Council of Nicaea) without which the church would fractured and most likely never would have gained the success it did. Whether good or bad, Constantine paved the way for converting the greatest nation the world had ever seen into the center for the Holy Roman Church.

Although I don't agree with eveyting he did, he did make christianity last througout the dark ages dispite the deaths of all the leaders of the church that christ organized and I think that's pretty good. Not to mention extremely influential. - queen11

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?Vladimir Putin

Putin is the person who can change the UN, if he wanted to.

?Daisuke Amaya
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11Martin Luther King Jr.

Promoted equality between all people and things. With out him we may still be stuck with the clouded ideas of "justice" and "fairness" we once had.

This man should be right behind jesus

I love Martin Luther King Jr. He should have lived and been president. But God knows best and God has the perfect plan.


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Founded the Jewish nation, another move without which we wouldn't have Christianity or Islam (through Judaism) and whose laws also influenced all of the modern world. Should be much higher up.

I think he should be in a more higher rank because he was more influential than jesus

The Ten commandments and the Levitical laws put forth by him are still the backbone of every free nation that supports natural law.

I'm just seeing some history I never had about before right now!

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A massive contributor to every field of human knowledge. He started on nearly nothing and ended up as the near-sole basis of all science for almost two thousand years. Possibly the only person in human history to have known everything there is to know in his time, a true polymath. His metaphysics still hold clear merit in the modern world, and much of how we see and separate the sciences is derived from him.

14Charles Darwin

Darwin came up with the theory of evolution, and I greatly admire him for it, considering he was a Christian.. If it weren't for him I might be a Christian, when I am strongly atheist. And the pressure he was under he was in a creationist world, his book the Origin of Species was ridiculed, yet he didn't keep his theory hidden for fear of this happening- he showed it to the world and changed the subject of science forever.

Darwin changed the way the scientific view views humans in the universe. He gave us the tools to truly trace humanity's origins through verifiable means, and made it possible to answer how we got here in the first place. - Robobrain

EVERY person in the advanced world knows who he is, what he did & either has come to understand about our existence thanks to him or holds strong opposing beliefs. Either way... He changed "life" for EVERYONE.

May the wrath of god be upon him because he has mislead a lot of people by his theory

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The Chinese philosopher who is known as the founder of Confucianism. - 09ShamsulBahriel

He is awesome and even his ideas are too!

There are not many people who thought like him.

16Joseph Lister
17Adolf Hitler

Ok, somehow hard to write here. I don't think Jesus isn't that big anymore. Maybe in the US but elsewhere? I don't know.

Hitler as a leader wasn't worse than Stalin or Mao Zedong (I mean the tough side they all were bad persons who killed millions). But he had more influence on people and still has, than both of them.

So what I mean is:

He is responsible for USA and USSR to gain the state of superpowers. Without him, the atomic bomb, either wouldn't have been invented, or would have been later invented.

Also Germany wouldn't have lost it's state as a science centre of the whole world, which is still discussable by asking was it good or bad?! (They had scientists none reached till today).

First man on moon, as ridiculous it sounds, wouldn't have been without him that fast. It was the competition between Soviets and Americans, which was a result of WW2 and the engaging of German scientists after the war (What wouldn't have happened, if WW2 hasn't been).

There are some more minor things in which he changed the world, but I got one more major one.
Germany how it is today wouldn't exist. It depends on how you want to think of it...

I think the Germany we know today is the most evolved country on the planet. Like every country, it also has it's dark sides, but compared to mostly all other countries that big and with such a strong economy and social system, the world can learn from their policy.

I doubt they will ever be a threat like they have been before, but they will be and are a threat in economy, but the question is are they?

So how bad has Hitlers influences been?

P.S. : I and hopefully you to will never forget, that there was an industrial murdering of people in the WW2. In the end it doesn't matter which country did it. What matters is, that it happened by one of the advanced countries that time and no person on earth ever should forget that. Still there are happening a lot of crimes today and still mostly they are caused by the richer states and I am mentioning the USA here, because there has never been a state which really was glory. I just want to say, that fighting didn't end with Nazi - Germany.

Convinced an entire nation to believe what he believed! He's very intelligent and cunning.

Without him the USSR probably would not had expanded as a world power causing the cold war, the British empire may not had collapsed and the disgust the world held for what the Nazis did led to a shift of human rights ideals. Its not impossible that japan never had the courage to attack the U.S. as well, leaving the U.S. still in isolation policies. The current world would be very different indeed. Even as evil as he is his impact on the world changed the 20th century.

In modern history Hitler for sure. Which dead person is still so much in the media than him? He does not deserve it, but he is maybe the most influential person in history.

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I am sorry, but God cannot be considered a person. He should be considered, well, God. God created everything including very single person above him on this list. The very least he should be ranked at is infinite.

God is everything peaceful, merciful, forgiving, loving and tranquil. And has been the biggest influence in my life ever since I can remember. As A Christian, The Bible is my way of life as I believe it to be the word of God. The Bible has impact on my thoughts, my actions, how I treat people, How I see things, Everything in my life. God is love.

Are you kidding, God should be up at the Top of the list because without him we wouldn't be in existence as a specious. And if you research properly, you'll find out that God has a name and that's Jehovah so maybe you should use it, because God wouldn't tell us his name if he didn't want us to use it.

Blah blah blah. Good think he's not real

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19George Washington

He was general of the us army and unanimously elected president? How is that not important and influential

20Elvis Presley

He flipped the world and everything changed. The old repressive ways were replaced with a new freedom... Entertainers today can say, do, and be what they wish because of the social revolution that began with Elvis Presley.

The most influential person in music industry - Alexandr

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