Most Influential People of All Time

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The Top Ten

Jesus Christ
2,000 years and we're still talking about him


Its good to be talked and listen about someone great. No doubt he was "one" of the greatest "man" in the history. I would suggest you to learn more about him & had a good influence of him instead of hating wrong or false influence. THANK YOU
Jesus was definitely the most influential people of all time, as he is also one of the, if not the most controversial figures in history! He was the reason behind the season!
Billions claim him as Lord and Savior!


He is a just prophet & messenger in Islam, whom was given the book of bible by Allah (god) to guide the children of Israel (disbelievers) and convey same message as all the prophets who came before him like (Noah, Abraham, Moses and many others may Allah's (God' s) peace be upon them all) that non ha the right to be worshiped except Allah because he is the Lord of the heavens & the world and all that is between them, The Almighty; The creator of everything; The Most Merciful; The Most Generous; The Forgiver; The Most Powerful;Allah the Almighty is the one & the only God & to him all human mankind will return at the end (i. E; resurrection).
[Newest]One man with no resources no address no family, or social media, born in a stable and died on a cross, who succeeded just in 33 years to have 12 disciples and over 2 billions followers with over 2000 years still existing organization. He must be such a great and unique visionary inspirational master of all time in transformational leadership and sustainable development.
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He was the man of true justice. He was with peace those who deserve peace and respected peace. He was there for law and order and not some silly baba or pandit who just say few words of peace and doesn't not actually guide or show the direction to attain peace in this world and hear after. My fellow Christians don't know that the founder of Christianity is not Jesus it's St. Paul. No matter how much I love Jesus the son of mary peace be upon him, he can't be the most influential person because he doesn't not meet the requirement.
Instead of proving the essence of peace and Islam, You just disregarded Yogis/Christians. There are good reason as to why most of the world detest Muhammad and many do violence (ISIS) against other religion, against women (Saudi/Iraqi law), against animals (public display of animal sacrifice) in the name of Islam.

Before understanding other faiths fully, especially the higher intellectual traditions of Hindus and China, avoid posting misleading comment.
Peace Be Upon Him. The prophet who preached the teachings of Allah, the one and only God and presented us with the Holy Quran, the book to guide us through out our lives.
He was the best justice provider in the world he was the best and history has no personality equal to him he also promoted the respect for women that was not present in arab and the whole world before him he was greatest man ever narrated by historians
[Newest]Prophet Muhammad is an individual we need in the twenty-first century. The morals and values that he instilled within Arabia 1400 years is still relevant to us today.
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3Mahatma Gandhi
Yes! He promoted non-violence during World War II during HARSH times. AMAZING PERSON
I think he is great as nelson mandela. He had lot of patience which taught, how to be patience and wait for fruitful at the end.


Political and spiritual leader during India's struggle with Great Britain for home rule; an advocate of civil disobidience
[Newest]Least we know this guy is actually real, unlike some contenders above

Siddhartha left all of his possessions, his pampered life, his food, and even his family to gain the true knowledge of suffering and to find enlightenment. I am an Anthropologist that specializes in religion. The Buddha has influenced so many people in China, Tibet, India, Japan etc. This once rich, famous prince gave up everything he had, becoming a man of the land and became divine. His followers confronted and meditated with Jesus himself.
Lord Buddha was one of the first men to realise the true nature of life and spread it to the rest of the world. His teachings have bought so much good into this world and have helped many people to lead a happy and peaceful life. definitely the most positively influential person to have ever lived.
[Newest]He taught us and showed us the path to enlightenment, the only way to end sufferings.

5Albert Einstein
Physicist born in Germany who formulated the special theory of relativity and the general theory of relativity; Einstein also proposed that light consists of discrete quantized bundles of energy (later called photons)
German theoretical physicist, who gave the general- and special relativity. More specifically mass-energy equivalence, expressed by the equation E = mc2.


Albert Einstein could not speak until he was 4 years old and his parent were told he would not amount to much. Such an inspirational man.
[Newest]This site makes no sense without Einstein in the 1st place. People are so mad.

6Paul the Apostle
I am not sure how Martin Luther is above the Apostle Paul, as it was the Book of Romans and the book Galatians that fuelled Luther to the Reformation. If it was not for Paul then Luther have never been known... As well as Paul had a great influence on the other Apostles and Peter, making Paul's influence felt higher than Peter's despite Pope claims. And don't forget that Paul was in a scene was Luke's mentor, making Paul the most influential person under Jesus. Because in the end the Apostles and Christians, Pope's and all live for the Glory of Jesus Christ.
Other than Jesus Christ, Paul is my favorite person in the Bible. He went though so much, yet didn't complain at all. He pointed to Christ in every situation. He was (in my opinion) the most influential apostle. The books in the Bible that he wrote are not only a comfort for many, but strength for those who are crumbling under struggles and pressure. Martin Luther looked to the Apostle Paul as one of his inspirations, so how did Martin Luther go above Apostle Paul? Even though they all lived for the Glory of Jesus Christ, I know for a fact that the Apostle Paul is more influential than Martin Luther. If Martin Luther was alive... he'd agree too.
We would never know about Jesus if not for Paul. Paul is #1
[Newest]He kind of found Christianity and had it spread throughout the known empire of Rome

He did not found Christianity. Jesus found Christianity. Please go buy a king James Version Bible and read it. Get your facts straight.

7Sir Isaac Newton
He's well-known for physics, but he also invented differential and integral calculus, came up with color theory, studied the speed of sound, he was an astronomer who built the first reflecting telescope... He was arguably the single most important thinker in human history. He contributed to everything.
Why is Isaac Newton not higher? Pretty sad that anyone would think a video game designer is more influential then Isaac Newton. Ranking Einstein ahead of Isaac Newton is like saying Sidney Crosby is a better hockey player then Wayne Gretzky, this list is retarded
Newton likes to study religion more than science. Even he hides his real religion before he dead, why Michael Hart put him above Jesus in the ranking of Most influential people. If he's a Christian, he should be placed under Jesus... That't why I could say that he hides his real religion before he dead.

Even Einstein learns more from Newton.


[Newest]Einstein is a Jew, he is not

8Martin Luther King Jr.
Promoted equality between all people and things. With out him we may still be stuck with the clouded ideas of "justice" and "fairness" we once had.
This man should be right behind jesus
I love Martin Luther King Jr. He should have lived and been president. But God knows best and God has the perfect plan.

The original monotheist, whose theological foundation has spread to the entire world through Christianity and Islam. He should be much higher up.
He does not deserve this position because he was really a great man and he is known in Islam as the father of all prophet
If so, then why isn't he on the top? He founded ALL 3 religions mentioned above?
[Newest]It's because of him Jesus and Mohammed even did anything


10Martin Luther
Is this about Martin Luther, or Martin Luther King Jr? Martin Luther is the Christian reformationist, and Martin Luther King Jr is the campaigner for black rights in the USA. Considering the lack of 'King' after the name, it seems most people are ignorant of the original Martin Luther. The original Martin Luther is probably the reason Martin Luther King Jr's parents named him Martin Luther, and probably also the reason his father was named Martin Luther as well (Martin Luther King Sr).
In kiching off the protestant reformation, Martin Luthur triggered a whole sequence of events that have led direclty tot he society we know and enjoy today.
The founder of the Protestant church, what more is there to be said?

The Contenders

Founded the Jewish nation, another move without which we wouldn't have Christianity or Islam (through Judaism) and whose laws also influenced all of the modern world. Should be much higher up.
I think he should be in a more higher rank because he was more influential than jesus
The Ten commandments and the Levitical laws put forth by him are still the backbone of every free nation that supports natural law.

12Constantine I
Without Constantine, there may be no discussion about the merits of Jesus Christ. Constantine helped lay the foundation for what is the modern Catholic church and was instrumental in organizing its members to determine a uniform Christian doctrine (First Council of Nicaea) without which the church would fractured and most likely never would have gained the success it did. Whether good or bad, Constantine paved the way for converting the greatest nation the world had ever seen into the center for the Holy Roman Church.
Although I don't agree with eveyting he did, he did make christianity last througout the dark ages dispite the deaths of all the leaders of the church that christ organized and I think that's pretty good. Not to mention extremely influential.


13Nelson Mandela
He stopped racism in south Africa. How more influential can you be? He probably changed more than ten people put together could.
Nelson Mandela is amazing! My family is african and we had to leave africa because of apatite and just as we left he got out of prison. I'm so proud of my country now because of what he has done and even today he brings great happiness to my family.
Jesus was just influential to Christians. But seriously Adolf Hitler 51th place I would put him second and Mandela first but the reason I choose Mandela is that he influenced the world in a good way and Hitler in a horrible way
[Newest]He was a good man

God is everything peaceful, merciful, forgiving, loving and tranquil. And has been the biggest influence in my life ever since I can remember. As A Christian, The Bible is my way of life as I believe it to be the word of God. The Bible has impact on my thoughts, my actions, how I treat people, How I see things, Everything in my life. God is love.
I am sorry, but God cannot be considered a person. He should be considered, well, God. God created everything including very single person above him on this list. The very least he should be ranked at is infinite.
He should be higher on the list, but he is VERY influential, he also created us.
[Newest]God should be higher.

A massive contributor to every field of human knowledge. He started on nearly nothing and ended up as the near-sole basis of all science for almost two thousand years. Possibly the only person in human history to have known everything there is to know in his time, a true polymath. His metaphysics still hold clear merit in the modern world, and much of how we see and separate the sciences is derived from him.

16Charles Darwin
Darwin came up with the theory of evolution, and I greatly admire him for it, considering he was a Christian.. If it weren't for him I might be a Christian, when I am strongly atheist. And the pressure he was under; he was in a creationist world, his book the Origin of Species was ridiculed, yet he didn't keep his theory hidden for fear of this happening- he showed it to the world and changed the subject of science forever.
Darwin changed the way the scientific view views humans in the universe. He gave us the tools to truly trace humanity's origins through verifiable means, and made it possible to answer how we got here in the first place.


EVERY person in the advanced world knows who he is, what he did & either has come to understand about our existence thanks to him or holds strong opposing beliefs. Either way... He changed "life" for EVERYONE.
[Newest]May the wrath of god be upon him because he has mislead a lot of people by his theory

17K.S. Chithra

18Joseph Lister

19Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo had thought of things that were way beyond his own time! He made many amazing works, although some met an unfortunate fate. Leonardo was truly deserving of the "Renaissance Man" title.
I voted for Jesus Christ but this guy should still be in the top 10 he is a genius


He was an artist, an inventor, a scientist and an architect. So many conflicting roles, yet he pulled them all off effortlessly ~
[Newest]Read the the Vinci code and you will be obliged to vote for him.

The Chinese philosopher who is known as the founder of Confucianism.


He is awesome and even his ideas are too!
There are not many people who thought like him.

21George Washington
He was general of the us army and unanimously elected president? How is that not important and influential

22Alexander the Great
Conquered the known world in a couple years... spread hellenistic thought throughout the East. Even centuries later when Rome was at its height and the capital of the world, Greek was still the lingua franca of the aristocracy.
He should be #1 without alex nothing of the above happens jesus doesn't happen hitler the pope darwin none alexander took a barbaric world and made it civil. Bar none Alexander is the most influential of all time
this is the best 1 do I have to explain the pure greatness?


[Newest]How is Alexander not in the top 5? I could see Jesus and Mohammed and possibly Constantine and Augustus ahead of him but that's it! Tupac? I'm a Pac fan too but that's ridiculous

"An unexamined life is not worth living". That's all you need to know in life.

24Adolf Hitler
Ok, somehow hard to write here. I don't think Jesus isn't that big anymore. Maybe in the US but elsewhere? I don't know.

Hitler as a leader wasn't worse than Stalin or Mao Zedong (I mean the tough side; they all were bad persons who killed millions). But he had more influence on people and still has, than both of them.

So what I mean is:

He is responsible for USA and USSR to gain the state of superpowers. Without him, the atomic bomb, either wouldn't have been invented, or would have been later invented.

Also Germany wouldn't have lost it's state as a science centre of the whole world, which is still discussable by asking was it good or bad?! (They had scientists none reached till today).

First man on moon, as ridiculous it sounds, wouldn't have been without him that fast. It was the competition between Soviets and Americans, which was a result of WW2 and the engaging of German scientists after the war (What wouldn't have happened, if WW2 hasn't been).

There are some more minor things in which he changed the world, but I got one more major one.
Germany how it is today wouldn't exist. It depends on how you want to think of it...

I think the Germany we know today is the most evolved country on the planet. Like every country, it also has it's dark sides, but compared to mostly all other countries that big and with such a strong economy and social system, the world can learn from their policy.

I doubt they will ever be a threat like they have been before, but they will be and are a threat in economy, but the question is; are they?

So how bad has Hitlers influences been?

P.S. : I and hopefully you to will never forget, that there was an industrial murdering of people in the WW2. In the end it doesn't matter which country did it. What matters is, that it happened by one of the advanced countries that time and no person on earth ever should forget that. Still there are happening a lot of crimes today and still mostly they are caused by the richer states and I am mentioning the USA here, because there has never been a state which really was glory. I just want to say, that fighting didn't end with Nazi - Germany.
Convinced an entire nation to believe what he believed! He's very intelligent and cunning.
Without him the USSR probably would not had expanded as a world power causing the cold war, the British empire may not had collapsed and the disgust the world held for what the Nazis did led to a shift of human rights ideals. Its not impossible that japan never had the courage to attack the U.S. as well, leaving the U.S. still in isolation policies. The current world would be very different indeed. Even as evil as he is his impact on the world changed the 20th century.
[Newest]In modern history Hitler for sure. Which dead person is still so much in the media than him? He does not deserve it, but he is maybe the most influential person in history.
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25Stephen Hawking
He is a genius and the fact that he is also disabled makes him a great role model for disabled people.
Hawking is one of the most influential people of all time. He inspired me to get into cosmology.
Smartest man on planet earth today.

26Justinian I

27Benjamin Franklin
Ben belongs in the top 10, easy.
No doubt.. read of him

28Abraham Lincoln
"that government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish on this earth"
"trusting on Him who can go with me and remain with you, I confidently hope that all will yet be well."
"i am a firm believer in the people, if given accurate information they can be relied upon to meet any national crisis"
Arguably the greatest president ever who led his country through the toughest of times.
71 are you @&$ serious? As a white Australian I still rate him as the no1. The one man who brought equality to every man at no consideration to himsel! We shall be so lucky that we ever have a leader half his worth in this world again. Look at the list above, haha a list written by people with no vision or respect!
[Newest]Lincoln was a nice person

29Barack Obama
Oh Obama you don't have to be hated by your country anymore come join the Canadian government.
Worst president in American History...

30Napoleon Bonaparte
French statesman, king of France, the most brilliant general of his time, he won series of splendid victories against England, Russia and Austria in 1805. He was defeated in the Battle of Waterloo in June 1815 and exiled to St Helena, where he died in 1821.
He was a political reformer and brought glory to France. He did not kill his own people like Stalin, he was well educated and he seeked peace when he became an emperor but his enemies regarded him as a traitor and that is why he fought against them.
Napoleonic code, pushed the unification of Italy and Germany, sold the united states the massive Louisiana territory thus allowing America to become the declining superpower that it is today.

31Tupac Shakur
"So complicated to escape fate
And you can never understand till we trade places
Tell the world I been guilty to being anxious
Ain't no way in hell, that I could ever be a rapist
It's time to face this, cold world on a good day
When will they let the little kids in the hood play?
I got shot 5 times but I'm still breathing
Living proof there's a God if you need a reason"

This man stood up for what he believed and never let go of what he thought he was a legend I'm only 13 but he still inspires me I wish he didn't die but all good things come to an end
He inspires so many people even after his death. He also influenced a lot of rappers that appeared after him such as Nas, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar.

Without him literacy rates would still be really low. The printing press made books easily available for everyone
Printing press; ushered in the age of information.

To discuss his cave concept

34Mother Teresa
A Lovable and Adoring person who sacrificed life for orphanage
She is my real mother. She was in kolkata where I am living. Really honour to me.
Humble, selfless, loving and caring. Your legacy will live on forever on Mother Teresa
[Newest]She is the mother of world

35Nikola Tesla
This man help give us the modern age, a genius without a doubt who was robbed by Edision as well as other power brokers of the day. I admire him not only for his incredible mind but for a character that was so dedicated to the idea and to the greater progression of man that though he knew later that he had been dubbed he made very little of it and went on inventing, writing and creating till the end. I cannot say enough about this amazing individual.
This guy was so incredible, his ideas were ROBBED by Thomas Edison!
Nikola Tesla is the greatest geek who ever lived. I read two books about him and I think he is the most awesome person ever
[Newest]Without him, you would not be reading this.

36Pope Peter I

37Malcolm X
"We declare our right on this earth... To be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be given the rights of a human being in this society, on this earth, in this day, which we intend to bring into existence by any means necessary. "

Asoka probably created first welfare state and declared the first forerunner of Human right declaration act and made that his state policy. He said" All citizens/humans irrespective of any distinction of caste/creed/sex are his children". He was the first one to establish the empire of spirit.
The first person who provided the golden age in history and showed how to win over the world in a perfect way.
Great king who serve only all type people

39Kurt Cobain
His ability to talk and connect with the masses of all who listened to his music made him larger than life. Sure he was a miserable human being. But most great artists have tortured souls. Think about that. Kurt Cobain just had a massive talent for creating music in a way of communicating his inner most demons through his lyrics, music, voice and vision. It is true he lacked the musical talent that others like Lennon possessed, but he made up for it by his bearing his pain filled soul. You could hear his pain in his voice, it would rattle my own demons against the inner walls of myself and so many others like me. That's what made him a such a iconic speaker of the masses for a entire generation. If you look on sites like Tumblr nowadays and see these young people talk about Cobain and his music... you realize they weren't even alive when he was, but yet they can relate to what he was saying in his music. A visionary gone to soon. An icon that was unable to live a life without the pain of addiction or his physical aliments. He has inspired so many artists, musicians, screwed up teenagers like myself at the time. He brought so much comfort and to so many people he would never meet. And yet, in the end, he could not do it for himself.
He gave the world a good kick in the ass through his music with Nirvana. He proved that anyone from any background no matter how deprived can go onto be a huge influence in the world. There are better musicians who are 'technically' more skilled than he was. But he did what any good artist does. Play and create music with his heart and soul. It saddens me he was depressed for the majority of his short life, but his impact in the world will never be forgotten.
"It's better to burn out than fade away" - Kurt Cobain.
He changed the world in many ways with nothing more than Words, a Guitar & an attitude unknown at the time. He has influenced everything from Music, to Fashion, Attitude, Equality & became the spokesperson of a Generation seemingly overnight. His influences are still felt today, not only in his music, but in most fields of Art even though he hasn't been alive since 1994 (Committed suicide).

40William Shakespeare
If you cannot understand my argument, and declare "It's Greek to me'', you are quoting Shakespeare; if you claim to be more sinned against than sinning, you are quoting Shakespeare; if you recall your salad days, you are quoting Shakespeare; if you act more in sorrow than in anger; if your wish is farther to the thought; if your lost property has vanished into thin air, you are quoting Shakespeare; if you have ever refused to budge an inch or suffered from green-eyed jealousy, if you have played fast and loose, if you have been tongue-tied, a tower of strength, hoodwinked or in a pickle, if you have knitted your brows, made a virtue of necessity, insisted on fair play, slept not one wink, stood on ceremony, danced attendance (on your lord and master), laughed yourself into stitches, had short shrift, cold comfort or too much of a good thing, if you have seen better days or lived in a fool's paradise -why, be that as it may, the more fool you, for it is a foregone conclusion that you are (as good luck would have it) quoting Shakespeare; if you think it is early days and clear out bag and baggage, if you think it is high time and that that is the long and short of it, if you believe that the game is up and that truth will out even if it involves your own flesh and blood, if you lie low till the crack of doom because you suspect foul play, if you have your teeth set on edge (at one fell swoop) without rhyme or reason, then - to give the devil his due - if the truth were known (for surely you have a tongue in your head) you are quoting Shakespeare; even if you bid me good riddance and send me packing, if you wish I was dead as a door-nail, if you think I am an eyesore, a laughing stock, the devil incarnate, a stony-hearted villain, bloody-minded or a blinking idiot, then - by Jove! O Lord! Tut tut! For goodness' sake! What the dickens! But me no buts! - it is all one to me, for you are quoting Shakespeare.
Countless words attributed to modern day english language.
His plays offered new definitions of western civilization. Next to the bible he is the most quoted author in history.


41Muhammad Ali Jinnah
The one who changed the would three time with out blood shed...
Nice man in history... He was a revolution leader,

42Walt Disney
Because its shapes a child imagination from a young age the characters are perfect
The evolution of the American imagination

43Winston Churchill
The dude stood up to Hitler. How much more influential can it get?
One of the greatest leaders England and the world has ever seen. He saved his country in the face of fear showing great courage and bravery. He stood strong when nobody else did.
Winston churchill is another famous person he is cool and loved for his braveness
[Newest]Intelligent, Confident and Hilarious. He commanded the respect and attention of the entire world. He should be rated much higher!

44Elvis Presley
He flipped the world and everything changed. The old repressive ways were replaced with a new freedom... Entertainers today can say, do, and be what they wish because of the social revolution that began with Elvis Presley.
The most influential person in music industry


45Muhammad Ali
Champion in the ring, a champion to his religion, a champion to his race and a champion to man kind
Has to be the Greatest. Not because of boxing even though he was.
Stood up for what he believed in, no matter what.
Spoke with his charismatic mind with wise words.
Changed the world from race to religeon through reciting inspirational poems, humour and most of all courage and belief.
There is nothing left to say, that he hasnt said himself.

46Swami Vivekananda
The most influential person to youth. He describes the duties of youth in such away that, the youth have the power to change the fate of an economy of a country and the entire world. My suggestion to any one is that please read his books then we can influence ourselves and we are the one going to rock the world!
Read his quotes then you will get all the power or energy to take up all the challenges and responsibilities. A great man who practiced what he preached
All in one man It is swami Vivekananda. Just in 10 years what he has given the world is truely unimaginable. Read vivekananda if you want to see god near to you.
[Newest]I have A Great Mentor and who Influences my Real time Soul Stuff...

47Bill Wilson
It is great that he is on here and ranked fairly high up.

48Thomas Jefferson
This man invented the deceleration of independence people he was a big hit the U.S. wouldn't this way with out him.
He b killin it
This man practicaly created our govt today

49Freddie Mercury
I cannot believe he wasn't in the top ten, let alone the whole list! By now, you must know me, the crazed Freddie Mercury fan. I am just very upset that I had to ADD him! He deserves to be number 2 or 1! (Jesus is #one). All you have to do is listen to "The Show Must Go On". He influenced me in many ways. He told me to be creative, to love, and of course that you should never give up. As I say, "Don't stop till you drop! "
And this quote was like how Freddie was. He never gave up until he succumbed to HIV/AIDS in 1991. Long live.
Justin Bieber *Status* HAS A COLD/MINOR SICKNESS - Cancels entire concert

Freddie Mercury *Status* VERY VERY SICK, ALMOST DYING - Still sings like no other man can
If it weren't for him and Queen there wouldn't probably be a Lady Gaga! He influenced her! What a great man!
[Newest]Even today, this man still influences many people in all different ways. He taught people to never give up! Very influential man.

50Cai Lun
The invention of paper by Cai Lun was the most important ever, together with the Transistor and the Condom
He created paper. We use it every day.

51Richie Sambora

52Jimi Hendrix
In the short space of a few years the bushy haired guitar god went from the muddy banks of desolation to world wide stardom. With the guitar as his key to distinguished stardom he showed the world the power of music. There was more to Jimi Hendrix that met the eye, died far too young but don't all the greats. Jimi Hendrix - The Guitar God.
The greatest musician of all time. Or at least in the past 200 years

53Umar Al-Khattab
I would like him to be in top 3 he established good empires such as the ottoman empire
I am surprised why is he out of top 10
I'm wondering why he isn't listed in top 3! He was nearly a perfect person and a role model for the kings.
He defeated the two super powers of his time I.E. Persians and romans. He established and maintained a very powerful and just government that the world has never witnessed and probably will never witness in future.

54Thomas Edison
One of the great scientists of the world.
He is the man who lit up your house.

55Abubakir As-Siddique
I'm surprised why he is out of top 10 he was good leader and he was a good examplery leader to all our leaders

56Steve Irwin

57Johannes Gutenberg
54 is to low could produce and disseminate information at lightning speed compared to calligraphy. Revolutionized learning in Europe
German printer who invented the mechanical printing press.



Eminem is amazing wit h talent and one of the best story's of all time. Not to mention he's white and is just behind tupac In my opinion
He's so AMAZING! Should be first though...
Awesome rapper.. Raps abt all the serious stuff in life.. Really cool too..
[Newest]He inspired million till date.


61Genghis Khan
Largest empire in the world, had a influence on most of Asia therefore without him, world history would be drastically different.. Although not above people like hitler and Muhammad, he definitely deserves top 10
He created the second biggest empire of all time, allowing for the spread of silk, gun powder, paper, printing, musical instruments, all are aspects of the renaissance. Also the first postal system, culture of meritocracy, and tolerance toward other customs and cultures.
Mongolian emperor whose empire stretched from the Black Sea to the Pacific Ocean

62Bill Gates
He technically made the internet so.

63Bhagat Singh
One of the greatest revolutionary, world ever produced..
One of the greatest freedom fighters
It's a great man

64Michael Jordan
Considered as the greatest player to ever set foot on the basketball court. Love by many around the world and Nike is still making a lot of money selling Jordan brand. Not only influential in the basketball court but also influenced many athletes around the world such as soccer David Beckham and the current dominate player in the NBA Lebron James.
The greatest sportsman of all time! Owns a billion dollar brand! I don't know why Ali gets all the hype, he is widely regarded to NOT be the greatest boxer of all time!

65Pope John Paul II
He changed a way of thinking in catolic church. He also take apart in comunism in comunism repart from Poland.

66Caesar Augustus
First Emperor of Rome, ruled for about half a century. If he had not won the civil war the empire might have split into two far earlier, lost its influence, or completely fallen apart. The name Caesar or Emperor became the name for half the rulers of Europe.
Augustus name echoed in history centuries before of almost all everyone mentioned in this list and he will be remembered many centuries after they are forgotten.
One of the best roman emperors he's AWESOME

67Dr. Jose Rizal
Showed the world on how to end a war using a pen. He mastered 22 languages this includes Arabic, Catalan, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Malayan, Portugese, Russian, Sanskrit, Spanish, Tagalog, and other native dialects. He is alson an Physician, Poet, Novelist, Artist, Writer.
a many sided genius who proved that pen is really mightier than sword


Gifted revolutionary. The biggest pride of the nation (of the Philippones, which should be renamed).

68Christopher Columbus
Italian navigator, colonizer and explorer who introduced the lands of America to the Europeans.


69Adam Smith
"Universal poverty equals universal equality'

70J.K. Rowling
From being nothing to being everything that she could. Truly inpirational

71Bruce Lee
I think he's the one who should be admired very much. He lived in the time that racism was widely spread. He had somehow changed the way how the White people used to look to the Black people and the Asians. He's the first Asian superstar in the Hollywood, overcame the racism. He died too soon - just in the age of 32. If he had been able to live longer, he would've astonished the world even in the greater way... And there're more a bout his life, we should know clearly to see how admirable he is.
I think his philosophy will end up being his biggest mark on society. He had a HUGE cultural impact that continues to grow today.
The greatest martial artist of all time!

Do I need to describe the master!?
[Newest]He should be higher then most of the above

72Nicholas Copernicus
Without this man's vision and intellect, in the face of staunch threat from church, earth might still be center of the universe. A man who showed us what responsibility lies on our shoulders and fits Sukruto's "life not examined is not worth lived" moto...
He was the first to come up with the theory that the sun was at the center of the universe
Polish stronomer known for his discovery of the hevenly bodies and his theory that they move round the sun and that the sun is the centre of the universe.


74Galileo Galilei
proved Coperinicus' theory, and did other stuff

75Isaac Newton
English mathematician and physicist, famous for his discovery of the law of Gravitation and three Laws of Motion.
Greatest scientist of all time
Uh, he's already on the list

76Leo Tolstoy
Leo Tolstoy was AMAZING! One of the best writers ever!
The greatest novelist of the world who wrote War and peace and Anna karanina

77Steve Jobs
My idol Steve Jobs who with his ultimate creative way of thinking and ability to see the world differently, did certainly change the lives of millions and millions of people today and billions and billions of people tomorrow. He was a man who excelled in exploiting the core business and in parallel exploring different opportunities bringing them back to the core smoothly. Steve kept on reinventing himself and reinventing the industry. He is the KIng of innovation. My first computer was Apple in 1993, remained Apple ever since and will always remain Apple. Thank you for changing the world, and big thank you to the team at Apple for making the world a better place. Maher Ezzeddine, CEO, Creativemode (
Even if you use a windows PC and carry an android smart phone and hate all things Apple. It can't be denied that both developers rose as competitors who were built off of Ideas established by Steve Jobs. I think at least in todays world Steve should be placed among the top 10. Go ahead, rid yourself of all things in your life that you use every single day that exist because of the influenced Steve had on the world an see if you can feel the influence.
He was the best innovator in the world. He deserved to get this word.
[Newest]Next to god steve jobs is for me

78Dr. B.R Amedkar
Jurist, political leader, philosopher, anthropologist, historian, orator, economist, teacher, editor, prolific writer, revolutionary and a revivalist for Buddhism
He was great reformer in India and architect of Indian constitution as well as modern India. He wanted the India society should follow the constition instead of hunger strike and other black-mail activities to achieve the the things in the democratic nation.
The greatest Indian ever... As wel as oxford university selected him most great people in the world as number 1...

79Maumar Gaddafi

80Oprah Winfrey
She b killin it up in here up in here

81Notorious B.I.G.

82Abdul Kalam
Scientist, poet, activist, politician,

83Felix Manalo
Felix Y. Manalo is the founder of the Most Indigenous Religious Organization in the World
He's so very influential, very popular and very respectable person...


Felix Ysagun Manalo (born Félix Manalo ý Ysagun May 10, 1886 - April 12, 1963), also known as Ka Félix, was the first Executive Minister (Tagalog: Tagapamahalang Pangkalahatan) of the Philippines'-based religious organization Iglesia ni Cristo, and incorporated it with the Philippine Government on July 27, 1914. He is the father of Eraño G. Manalo, who succeeded him as Executive Minister of the Iglesia ni Cristo, and the grandfather of Eduardo V. Manalo, the current Executive Minister.
Because there were no precursors to the registered church, external sources and critics of the Iglesia ni Cristo refer to him as the founder of the Iglesia ni Cristo and describe him as such but the official INC doctrines claim otherwise.
The official doctrine of the Iglesia ni Cristo is that Felix Y. Manalo is the last messenger of God, sent to reestablish the first church founded by Jesus Christ, which the INC claims to have fallen into apostasy following the death of the Apostles.

84Sarah Geronimo
I don't say anything about her. She's just unbelievable. She is the god of music. No one can beat her.
I like her because she is genius in terms of music

85John Dalton

86Jim Morrison
The doors!
Jim Morrison is a legend

87Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
As great as a man can get...
If you don't know him, Just read things he has done,
Atatürk Centennial is declared in 1981 by United Nations and UNESCO. Atatürk is the only person to receive such recognition by UNESCO.

88Marilyn Monroe
In 20, 50, 100, 500 years girls/women will still copy and imitate her


A timeless character. Her mystery and persona will forever intrigue generations to come.

89Susan B. Anthony
That's my elementary schools name!

90Bob Dylan
Someone missed the boat here. I have read a ton of absurd comments on other famous people and their impact on society whereas one of the most important and influential people of the last century and this one is notably absent: Bob Dylan. He changed the music world. Before him, there were very few artists who ever wrote about anything other than love songs. Bob Dylan changed lyric writing forever by writing about everything including topical songs from the early 60's protest movement. Bob Dylan did more for society than John Lennon ever did and Bob did it first. Bob was writing songs in support of the civil rights movement. Without his contributions, Rosa Parks would possibly never had decided to take that seat. He stuck up for the underdogs in society and he gave and continues to give to charity. John Lennon wrote Imagine, but that's it. Lennon was mostly a hypocrite who was not even a good father to his son Julian. Dylan however was a good father. Bob Dylan had an enormous influence on John Lennon. Before Bob came around, John was writing only love songs. It was John's infatuation with Dylan which changed his songwriting. On the cover of Dylan's first album, he is wearing a black cap. Look at some pictures of John from around 1963 or 1964. John started wearing the cap because Dylan was like a hero to him in a songwriting sense. Dylan is a good human being. He understands his responsibility as a public figure. There are so many things in our culture that we take for granted that are so common place now, that people forget how it started and a lot of things started as a result of the writing of Bob Dylan. The country rock movement started with him. The classic song House Of The Rising Sun was copied by the Animals who turned it into a hit because they heard Dylan. Dylan started folk rock. He's the most influential songwriter going and there isn't a songwriter around who isn't influenced by him, whether they know it or not. Bruce Springsteen said, "Elvis freed our bodies and Bob freed our minds. " He was also the first singer to have his own style not based on traditional singing styles. He popularized the idea of a singer writing their own songs and directly led to the demise of Tin Pan Alley in New York where songwriters wrote material for other artists in a 9 to 5 setting. He was the first guy to popularize playing harmonica on a rack while also playing the guitar at the same time besides Woody Guthrie. Bob Dylan made academia cool. The world was never the same after Bob Dylan made his mark. He is way more influential than most of the people on this list. It's a travesty that he is not on here yet.

91Will Smith

92Anne Frank
This young girl was like anywhere young girl. She liked music, had crushes. But she was treated as inhuman. All because she was Jewish. Her family and another family and a dentist had to go into hiding. Luckily this kind woman Miep Gies gave them the attic and the back of the house. Unfortunately she was discovered in 1945 August. Nobody knows the person who betrayed her. But she and the others were sent to westerbrok camp and the aushtwitz where Edith frank died and then Bergen Belsen Anne and marmot were the only members of the family still together. Otto frank was the only one to survive
She was an inspirational person.

93Imran Khan
Great person Great Leader great human...

94Hillary Clinton

95Pierre De Coubertin
Founder of the Olympic movement, the longest serving president of the IOC, he inspired people to take up sport and brought the world closer together.


Sport wouldn't be anything like it is today without him.

96Saddam Hussein
SoDarnInsane hahahhahh do you get it like if so


98Harvey Milk

99Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar easily stands as one of the most influential people in history. As one of the greatest military geniuses of Rome, and history, his conquests alone have ramifications felt to this day. His political actions added to this became the turning point for the Roman Republic becoming the Roman Empire. His ability as a politician was so great that the people, even before his conquests of Gaul and Britannia, loved, praised, and even obeyed him, to a degree. He was the first man in Roman history to be defied, and upon his a death a temple to honor him was constructed.
Roman general and statesman who invaded Britain and returned to Rome as a popular hero. He fell in love with Cleopatra the Egyptian queen who followed him to Rome. He was given a mandate by the people to rule as Caesar and was worshiped as a god in his lifetime. However, he was murdered by a group of trusted friends led by Brutus.

100George W. Bush
I didn't say that he was influential in a good way, did i?

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