Most Influential Trance Tracks

Psy- goa and progressive trance tracks that made a difference...

The Top TenXW

1Alienoid - Der Dritte Raum
2People Can Fly - Astral Projection

Never bigger, never more beautiful...

3Meteor - Electric Universe

Europes festivals never seen a larger than life hit before! Boris Blenn did it in 1999, best summer ever

4Time Code - Xerox

Definition of the new "full-on" progressive morning trance, ano 2002-2003. My cup of tea, then, now and always...

5Jimmy the Plate - Atmos

One of the tracks, of many, on the ground breaking album Headcleaner by Atmos. He put the amazing Gothenburg trance scene on the European map, eresing boundaries between psytrance and progressive techno-trance-house, creating the "Swedish prog trance" sound which made way for artists such as Necton, Ticon, Noma and others. I can go on...

6Radio - X-Dream
7Adagio for Strings - Tiesto
8Azymuth - Man With No Name

... Or which ever track on the epic album Concept in trance.

9Gnocchi - Miranda
10The Age of Love - Age of Love

An early ground breaking trance track, before there where too? Many different genres in the world of techno...

The Contenders

11Faxing Berlin - deadmau5
12Orbion - Armin van Buuren
13Not Exactly - deadmau5

I go crazy listening to that beat... - PositronWildhawk

14Shiva's India - 1200 Micrograms

This is the craziest psychedelic trance track I have ever heard. The vocals, beats and the use of Indian instruments is superb! Definitely should be amongst the top ten tracks.

15Spiritual Healing - The Muses Rapt

Best track in the world

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