Top 10 International Dance Schools

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The Top Ten

The Royal Ballet School
Absolutely phenomenal teaching. I excelled more than I had ever hoped whilst studying, attending and learning here. Gives great opportunities for young dancers with high potential to succeed and become world renowned dancers in the future.
The Royal Ballet School is a division of the Royal Ballet Company, based in London. The school provides rigorous classical ballet training, in hopes to place graduates in famed ballet companies worldwide.
I go to the royal ballet school and I also have had a year at the American theatre ballet and I would say that the royal ballet school is the best.
[Newest]It's amazing because I go there

2Canada's National Ballet School
Absolutely exceptional. My daughter is blessed to attend this institution. The buildings are modern and beautiful and the studios are state of the art. The SI is the audition for full time acceptance so it is NOT a "money maker". One only gets in if being considered for full time. Students come from around the world and the school sits on judges panel at top comps (YAGP, Prix, etc), so students are also top prize winners from prestigious comps. Younger grades have performing opportunities with National Ballet of Canada in The Nutcracker. The teachers are exceptional and the academics and social environment excellent. This is one of the very very best.
I have a daughter attending NBS and it has been a life-changing event for her. Not only is the technical dance instruction absolutely outstanding, but the school focuses on ensuring the students receive an enriching experience all around - in ballet, academically and socially. By emphasizing some of the softer skills such as empathy and compassion, the school ensures its students are healthy in body, mind and spirit.
I have seen many top talent dancers go to this school for summer intensive training with the intent of getting into the residence year round program. They have all been turned away. They may have 10 open slots for a grade level and only fill 2 slots. This is a very good dance school but if you try to get in their school in the later grades you are wasting your money. Personally I think there summer intensive dance program is mainly a money maker not just for NBS but for other schools as well.
[Newest]It's exceptional and I go there and I'm in grade 7

3Joffrey Academy of Dance
The Joffrey Academy of Dance is a New York City- and Chicago-based contemporary ballet school that continues to push the standard of excellence in dance education and performance.
I want to join your academy.
Our family has loved the experience of our daughters attending Joffrey Academy of Dance, Chicago, Summer Intensives! Thank you, Joffrey, for the excellent training and overall positive experience!
[Newest]The Joffrey Academy of Dance Chicago has an excellent training program. My daughter has really excelled in her dance and we have been very happy with the professional way the school is run.

4Bolshoi Ballet Academy
I think the academy is amazing. Russians are the real experts in ballet, look at the history. and the school has amazing teachers. I ve heard many Americans transfer there and prefer it rather then American academies
The Bolshoi is amazing... More like fantastic!
Bolshoi ballet Academy is the best academy.

5American Ballet Theatre
I love American Ballet Theater. I think this should be near the top. It is definitely one of the best ballet schools at least in America. I am performing with them and doing a Summer Program. Personally, I think ABT is one of the best ones in America because it doesn't just like one certain body type. They welcome in all different types of bodies.
In New York City, the American Ballet Theatre offers a premier dance technique education program. Known for its Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School's preprofessional programs, this school breeds the best dancers in the world.
I go to American ballet theater
[Newest]Usa is the winner

6The Juilliard School
The Juilliard School has become a historical benchmark in performing arts. This New York City school produces big-name dancers and performers, including Siena Cherson Sigel and Paul Taylor. The school features precollege and college divisions in dance genres ranging from modern, tap, jazz, contemporary and more.
I hope I can go here I am a amazing dancer I. Am 9 years old I have been dancing for 6 years almost 7

7Paris Opéra Ballet School
Based in Paris, this ballet school is the official ballet company of the Opéra de Paris, or "Palais Garnier. "
I personally think that this school is where ballet started so it has the best and most classical ballet.
The best school. Leaps and boing above the rest!

8Boston Ballet School
The Boston Ballet School is a really great school and an even better company!

9Australian Ballet School
I study at the Australian Ballet School and it has been an amazing experience, we have teachers from all over the world, including ex Mariinsky principals, and a very authentic Australian style. It is relatively new, with its 50th anniversary this year in 2014, but has already made a name for itself and stands quite close to the best European schools.

10Kirov Academy of Ballet
Another American ballet company, the Kirov Academy of Ballet, is a school based in Washington, D.C. that offers part-time and full-time instruction to children from grades 7-12. The Academy is distinctive among professional dance schools in that it has its own in-house academic and residence program, fostering the growth of young ballerinas.
My daughter is attending here soon she is an amazing dancer and this is an amazing school... Should also be in top 3...
I am a student here and 75% of their dancers become principal dancers.

The Contenders

11Teatro alla Scala Academy

12School of American Ballet
The School of American Ballet is finest ballet school in the United States. More top dancers, choreographers, and ballet masters have come out of this school than any other school in the US. This school is one of the finest in the world. I do not understand your ranking.
SAB should be #1! They are much better than any other American school!
Who made this list? The SAB should be right up at the top!

13The English National Ballet
The English National Ballet is a classical ballet company founded by Dame Alicia Markova and Sir Anton Dolin and based at Markova House in South Kensington, London, England. Along with the Royal Ballet, Birmingham Royal Ballet and Scottish Ballet, it is one of the four major ballet companies in Great Britain.

14Royal Winnipeg Ballet School

15Abby Lee Dance Company
They should be #4 because they have amazing dancers like Chloe well use to then Maddie Mackenzie Nia Brooke Paige Kendall so I think they are the best

16Brent Street Schools
Brent Street is an Australian performing arts school based in Sydney. The school started in 1986 and since then has expanded its range of styles to ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap, musical theater, singing, drama and acrobatics. The school now holds modern dance studios, a theater and a recording studio and rehearsal space for their subsidiary program through the Talent Development High School. With more than 1,000 students, this school is the premier dance studio in Australia.

17San Francisco Ballet
Most people in the know consider SFB #3 behind Bolshoi and Royal. Odd it wasn't mentioned on this list.
SFB should be right behind SAB which should be #2 or #3 behind the Royal Ballet School and the Kirov

18Ballet West
I will be attending the summer program of 2015 and am seriously looking forward to it they have a great program.
Ballet west has an amazing summer program! This school deserves to be higher on the list!

Inspiring school, everyone is really hardworking and the teaching and facilities are incredible, as well as a good graduate output into ballet companies, needs to be higher!

20Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
Europe's Leading Music and Dance school, internationally recognised and iconic for its unique and diverse training.

21Salzburg International Ballet Academy
Salzburg International Ballet Academy is based in Salzburg, Austria, and features a range of genres, including classical ballet, contemporary, modern dance, jazz and choreography. This school's mission is to refine the young dancer's personal skills and improving performing experience through producing four galas a year.

22The Ailey School
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater Official School

23Broadway Dance Center
This is Broadway put it higher but not higher than miss abby lee miller's dance academy
Its also one of the world's best dance academies

24Vaganova Ballet Academy
Vaganova ballet academy us definitely among the top 3!
Surprised it's not in the top 5!
Definitely among the top 3!

25School of Alberta Ballet
The second largest company in Canada with a top notch staff.. The students evolve into amazing dancers...

26Riga Choreography School
In this school studied Maris Liepa, well-known Latvian dancer in Russia and Aleksander Godunov. Also, before being accepted to Vaganova Ballet Academy, Mikhail Baryshnikov studied in Riga for 4 years!

27Princess Grace Academy
The Princess Grace Academy is an amazing ballet school in Monte-Carlo. It has world renowned teachers and has a great program for ballet dancers

28Sharon Lawrence Academy of Dance
Great school for all styles of dancing, highly skilled teachers, bringing the best out in the child


30Julie Bromage Dance Academy

31Clytie Adams School of Ballet

32Swansboro Dance Studio

33Children's Ballet Theater, Salt Lake City
Salt Lake City Utah

34Jason Coleman's Ministry of Dance

35Gelsey Kirkland Academy of Classical Ballet

36Ellison Ballet

37The School of Richmond Ballet
The State Ballet of Virginia

38Springfield Ballet
The best ballet school in MO

39Marat Daukayev School of Ballet
Look, I didn't know how to spell his last name..

40Intensity Dancers' Studio

41The Rock School for Dance Education

42Inland Pacific Ballet

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