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I've played many .io games and I like most of them. I created this list to know about your favourites.

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Back in old days when there it's not any skin, not really much lag, and not many teaming, now fullin with worst bot, lag, annoying skin, many bully teaming. So I don't think this deserve to be top games. is the game that started it all. The objective of the game is simple, as a cell, you have to eat other cells to get bigger, and try to not get eaten by bigger cell. You can use W to give away mass, and space to split and throw half your body again, either to scape or to eat another nearby cell. - Aaliyah

This game pisses me off now(I'm just horrible ), but since this is what started it, it deserves credit. - PoopyPants

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This game is very much like the game of snake. More dots you eat the larger you grow. But if you run into another worm you start completely over. Very fun and addicting game - Jonerman is really fun! Except that sometimes the names have bad words in them.

Its ok not as good as agario cause its easy to troll people and the smallest snakes sometimes win - Gunner224

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Allows the most choice. With slither and agar, there was no strategy. The only skill involved was maneuvering correctly.

This game is the worst you start off and just get killed by level 45ers totally overrated. - Ilyas678

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I almost always name my squares after empires like German Empire or Russian Empire.

I really like this game because of the rules of this game makes it cool is a cool game, which combines game mechanics of snake, with an innovative gameplay. You start in a colored block in the middle of a giant map. Your goal is to increase the size of the blocks by enclosing more blocks outside your block, but be careful, if someone crashes into you while you are outside, YOU will die.
My favorite atm - Aaliyah

V7 Comments is a Massive Multiplayer Online game where you play as a cute cell. The are "blobs" on the map you can eat to grow, and you can hold click pressed to use it to create a "path" behind you: Whoever touches it, dies.
It's similar to in that aspect, but the gameplay is completely different. Worth trying! - Aaliyah

Love planes so I founded it on internet I played it and I LOVED it!

V2 Comments is a both cute and original game where you play as a narwhale (if it wasn't obvious) and your goal is to stab other narwhales using your head, cutting them in half. You use the mouse to control your character and the mouse click to speed up.
If you collide with another narwhale's head, both of you will go flying backwards! - Aaliyah

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In, you take control of a round shooting spaceship. Your target is to destroy other spaceships to get bigger.
The movement is handled with WSD keys. Take in consideration that as there is no gravity, the ship will keep moving forward unless you manually fly in the opposite direction. - Aaliyah

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Love playing Driftin! Fast paced and fun is an online racing game characteristics. You start by choosing a name and a car class (Racer, Bully, Flash, Hazard, Buster, Ambulamp), and then you appear in a speedway where you'll need to race against other players. You'll lose health every time you crash with walls and with other players. Here's where the classes matter, each class has different abilities and characteristics. You'll have to try them all to know which one you prefer! - Aaliyah

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This is a great game. You should play it. It's top view shooter. - RollingTenzies

12War.ioV3 Comments is a new io game. You play as an arrow in a big map filled with NPC blocks, food, and enemy arrows. Eat and destroy to get experience and level up, then choose what upgrades you'll like.
You use the left mouse button to speed up and destroy nearby units. Try it! - Aaliyah
18Braains.ioV1 Comment
19Mope.ioV1 Comment
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