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121 Chains of Misery Chains of Misery

85! No way! This is an epic song, and always will be. It may be basic, but its a very catchy tune and you will never get bored of it.

There is a madman in the corner of your eye? Guys give this man a little surprise. At least in 20!

122 Man On the Edge Man On the Edge

This is one of the best iron maiden songs, why is it last?! Blaze Bayley is a very underrated singer in my opinion

What is this song doing way down here? It's one of their best songs! Great riffs and and an amazing solo!

BB is underrated yet the only person in the world who could even try to fill bd's shoes. This song is a masterpiec and should be the tune played when the credits roll for the film "Falling Down".

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123 Public Enema Number One Public Enema Number One

Agreed. This is a great song. This album was made in a dark time for the band. And gets unfair treatment from both the fans and the band. I like it, and this song is the best on the album. Too bad we will never hear any of this live. Maiden is truly the greatest band on the planet. Up the irons

Very underrated. But to be honest, nothing special as well. Melody is not that amazing and runs out of your head pretty quick.

When in the blue hell is this song isn't on this list considering it's their best song

The best part was the laugh at the beginning

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124 Sun and Steel Sun and Steel

112 what this should at least be top 50

This is a underrated song that should be in the top 50

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125 Run Silent Run Deep Run Silent Run Deep
126 Wildest Dreams Wildest Dreams

I don't understand why people don't like this song. In my opinion it's the best of Iron Maiden happy songs.
Very underrated.

This is a lively and happy song "UP THE IRONS"


127 Judgement of Heaven Judgement of Heaven
128 Judgement Day
129 Doctor Doctor
130 Innocent Exile Innocent Exile

This is my favorite song off my favorite Maiden album.

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131 Reach Out

Great song undiscovered by most

Adrian Smith shows he's got a groovin voice. And of course it doesn't hurt to have Bruce backing him up in the chorus. Great single!

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132 From Here to Eternity From Here to Eternity

Whoa, 133? What? Best song after Fear of the Dark in this album!

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133 Twilight Zone Twilight Zone

Anything 80's Maiden should not be over 100

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134 The Great Unknown
135 Death or Glory V 1 Comment
136 More Tea Vicar
137 Women in Uniform
138 Juanita V 1 Comment
139 Take Me Home
140 The Fugitive The Fugitive

Why is this great song not noted more? People should just listen to it...GOOD!

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