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141JuanitaV1 Comment
142Take Me Home
143The Fugitive

Why is this great song not noted more? People should just listen to it...GOOD!

144New Frontier

Not my favorite I'm song but it deserves some recognition.

To me, the best song ever. Amazing riff...

145Kill Me Ce Soir
146Hooks In You
147King of Twilight
148Fates Warning
149When the River Runs Deep

One of their greatest songs/riffs

150Shadows of the Valley

This is actually a great song and deserves to be much higher.. I'm not saying top 20 worth but around 60

151Fear is the Key
152Another Life
154Black Bart Blues
155Justice of the Peace
156I Live My Way
157Gates of Tomorrow
158Nodding Donkey Blues
159Pass the Jam

This song is simply amazing. Best song on the new album and is simply astonishing. One of my favourite songs of all time.

I really don't understand... How can songs like Hooks In You, The Angel And The Gambler or Sun and Steel be better than this one. This song gave me answer to unanswerable question-the best Maiden song. Music is great, and lyrics are probably the best Maiden will ever do.

Why?! Why is this amazing Song UNDER Songs like Bring your daughter and El Dorado?! Why Maiden Universe? I'm disappointed of you all!

Has to be in the top ten surely. A perfect song.

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