Best Japanese Rock Artists

List of the best JRock Artists - you should definitely not miss!

These are my recommendations and personal favorites.

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1Tokyo Jihen

Shiina Ringo is the best Japanese artist. Amazing singer-songwriter, composer, guitarist - brilliant music ranging from Rock, Electronic to Jazz and Enka. Shiina has released recordings in Japanese, English, French and German! Not to be missed! Try one of these songs: "Gips", "Sakuran" or "Kabukichou no Joou".

Tokyo Jihen is Shiina Ringo's band, recently disbanded with 5 released albums - the best of Japanese Jazz-Rock!


With her unusual vocals, ever changing music style and over 20 years of successful music career in Japan, Chara is one of the top singers in noncommercial JRock-Pop. Definitely worth it! Check out "Yasashii Kimochi" or "Duca".


The best of the dark Visual-Key bands: Mucc. I was never one much for Visual Key, but Mucc impressed me. Their style ranging from seriously dark to - well - brighter sounds (though dark lyrics) - don't miss "Saishuu Ressha" or "Ame No Orchestra"!

The more Iisten to each of their songs, the more I like them. Great musicians and Miya is a great song writer.


True girls' J-Indie-Rock you find with "Chatmonchy" - former 3-piece girl band - now duo - great fun to listen to! "Shangri-La" or "Somaru Yo".

5Do As Infinity

Former band, now duo, with singer-songwriter and guitarist - Do As Infinity is known for several anime theme songs (e.G. inuYasha) - really nice JRock tunes - check out "Mera Mera" or "Rakuen"!

6Ego Wrappin'

More jazz then rock actually, but I quite liked a lot of Ego Wrappin' s works. Try "Brand New Day" or "Mother Ship".


More girl-band JRock with really catchy tunes is Stereopony, 3-piece-band. Listen to "Tsukiakari no Michishirube" or "Hitohira no Hanabira".

8Susumu Hirasawa

Ehm - so he doesn't really belong into this list, but I put him in here anyway - because his music is AMAZING! Known for composing the soundtrack to the anime "Paprika" (Listen to it AND watch the anime movie! ), he DOES amaze with his electro-pop sounds and songs!

9One OK Rock

Classic JRock - don't ask. Just listen to E.G. "Deeper Deeper".

10Olivia Lufkin

Bilingual artist - genres ranging from poppy to experimental dark Rock. Try "Sailing Free" or "Trinka Trinka".

The Contenders

11Dir En GreyDIR EN GREY is a Japanese metal band formed in 1997 and currently signed to Firewall Div., a sub-division of Free-Will.

Incredibly unique band maybe even the best bend I've ever heard.

12Sound Horizon

They're the best band in the world.

15Saber Tiger
16Seikima II
18Vow Wow
19Concerto Moon
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