Top Ten Japanese Songs

This the ten best Japanese songs I ever heard. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Please Stay with Me - YUI
YUI, I'm proud to be your fans. I trust you can do the best to us :D we proud to be YUI LOVER. someone ask me to hear this song... when I know the tittle, oh maybe I must listening your song. and since first time till this time, I never bored to hearing your song many times
hope YUI will win.. so cute, pretty much, humble.. you're an angel... Keep it up
My friend recomended this song to me a months ago before she went to Japan, so I always remember her when I hear this song...
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2First Love - Utada Hikaru
Nice song.. Love it so much.. Utada Hikaru the best (y)^^(y)
You were always gonna be my love.. <3. <3
You were always gonna be the one.. <3. <3
Love song.. Yeah..
Must download this song!
You were always gonna be my love, Utada Hikaru...
Love the song so much.. More power to you utada hikaru... ♥♥
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3Nantoka Narusa - News

4Unfinished - Kotoko
Just one of my favorite songs ever

5Your Best Friend - Mai Kuraki
This was the best song ever
All though I live in America I haven't heard your song but I hope you win

6Love So Sweet - Arashi
I seriously love this song! Ever since I watched Hana Yori Dango, I've been in love with this song and Arashi. I liked the cheerful mood of this song very much. I also loved that cute dance that goes well with that song ^_^
Oh my gosh I love this song from hana yori dango
This song shows warmth and love!
I really enjoy listening to "love so sweet"!

7A Little Bit - W-inds

8Renai Circulation - Kana Hanazawa

9Ai No Uta - Koda Kumi

10Aishiteru - Ken Hirai
Beautiful song, beautiful voice, it's the best...
Nice I love the song lyric, I'm from malaysia <3
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The Contenders

11If - Kana Nishino
Love this song a lot.

12Way to Heaven - Aya Ueto

13Laser Beam - Perfume

14Namidairo - Yui Listen to sample

15Be With You - Arashi
Arashi love! I love this song! I have practically memorized! I listen to it all the time and the lyrics are ever so beautiful...

"Because of your voice, your smile, your everything
I can open my eyes and walk
No matter what past, no matter what tomorrow, lets share it
Thats why Im beside you.

Aww... So beautiful!


Love so sweet so good

16Aaa - Deai No Chikara de III

17Umareyuku Monotachi E - Do As Infinity

18Anata - L'Arc~en~Ciel
This song is sound good!
I could feel that Hyde sings this song with all his heart and the band plays well.
Make me Remember him...

19Eternal - Jin Akanishi
One of the best song into the whole word! I love Jin and all his songs! <3 ^^ I'll support him for ever! So : I add Jin Akanishi into the best artist/song ^^
Eternal is Japanese but I love a lot of song of Jin.
This is a beautiful song. His beautiful words, rhythms and goes well with them. I support Akanishi Jin he sings Japanese songs again.
I love this song, absolutely beautiful - perfection is what I would use to describe it. The vocals, the meaning, the music.. PERFECT. Take a listen. It describes many kinds of loves. It's a really good song, believe me.
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20100% Yuuki - NYC

21Twinkle Star (Shine On Me Ver) - Emi Hinouchi (Feat) Makai

22Lotus - Dir en Grey
Dir en Grey's most dynamic song. I love it, its outstanding, beautiful lyrics and amazing instruments. Its a big step for Dir en Grey.


This is the great song... Never bored to listen it... I love dir en grey >. < and all of song
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23Crucify My Love - X Japan
I really love this song, I remember the past.
Not many youngsters will apreciate this wonderful song

24Ikimono Gakari - Sakura
Can't understand why it's not the best song?
Definitely the best and the most meaningful with an awesome melody and voice!
Ikimono Gakari rules!
How come its not in first 10
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25Ai no Katachi - Shunsuke Kiyokiba
I love all his songs they are so amazing

26Heavy Rotation - AKB48
I am totally in love with this song! ♥
Hey this song can cheer you up!

27Shiver - The Gazette
I vote this song
I love this song!
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28Itoshiki Hibi Yo - Ken Hirai

29One - Ai

30A Shared Dream - U-Kiss
The lyric of this song is so beautiful and meaningful.Besides, this song make me cry every time I listen to it because it remind about my childhood and about my dream.
I love their voice especially kevin because he has angel voice.
I hope the other people will litsen to this song,
This song is the best! I love it!
This song is nice to hear,
Good job u-kiss!
Although u-kiss is korean artist but they can sing japanese song very well
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31Wired Life - Meisa Kuroki

32Yasashii Hikari - Exile

33Over - K

34Kazamidori - Kobukuro Listen to sample

35Scandal Baby - Scandal
I love thi song because it's good to my ears and that's because haruna's voice was so goodin this song! She's the best! :D
Listen to sample

36Forever Love - X Japan

37Only Human - K
This song is so sad and Meaning Full~ every time I listen this song it make me cry T__T

38Again - Yui
First Japanese song I ever heard in my life, it literally grabbed me and pulled me in. I wasn't even trying to listen, man, but it was so cool with its epic, driving force, so unique... I was like "What IS this song? " and then I looked it up and learned the Japanese lyrics and was obsessed with it for a very, very long time.

This song introduced me to the world of addictive Japanese music. "Again" will always be my first love!
Best song ever next to rain by sid
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39Sunao - Noriyuki Makihara

40Fantasy - Chara

41Konayuki - Remioromen
Seriously? Nobody ever mentioned this amazing band? The voice, the music is just perfect. You will be most certainly fall in love with this beautiful song.

42Best Friend - Nishino Kana

43Tokyo - Yui
A simple melody and lyrics, but have a deeper mean. Every time I hear this song, I miss my hometown, my friends, and all of my memories!

I also save this song in all of my digital player.


I have 2 word for this song

The one

When I hear this song, nothing else my tear drop on my face
So beautifull... '-'v
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44Makenaide - Zard
I love this song so much! Fully recommended this song!

45Alone In My Room - Hanah
Love this song! It is beautiful and very meaningful..HanaH's voice is very soulful! Not like most Japanese singers voices that sound like 5 year old girls! But this song deserves a GRAMMY!

46Eternal Blaze - Nana Mizuki Listen to sample

47Love Story - Amuro Namie
One of the best Japanese songs I've ever heard

48Ikimono Gakari - Aruite Ikou

49Filth In the Beauty - The Gazette

50Aitai Kimochi - Hanah
This is one of the best Japanese songs ever by HanaH she is truly talented and I love hiw she doesn't sound like a little 5 year old girl like most Japanese singers her voice is so soulful and she can speak English!
! I love this song! It sounds so good beat, her voice, and everything!

51Dim Scene - The Gazette
This is the most amazing song I ever heared~
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52Detox - -Oz-
This band and this song is incredible

5302 - Orange Range
Beaytiful song including good lyrics

54Sobakasu - Judy and Mary

55Reila - The Gazette

56Nogizaka46 - Shakiism

57Sakura No Ame - Halopsy
An extremely touching song about graduating and going seperate ways, but we'll never forget about each other. It's even sung at graduation ceremonies at some schools in Japan. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful melody, beautiful voice, beautifully written, and beautiful song in whole.

58Hero - Super Junior

59Endless Game - Arashi
I love the beat and arashi is just so perfect for me!
Loved it as soon as I heard it on 'Kazoku Game'.

60River - AKB48

61Kimitte - Nishino Kana

62Endless Tears - Maiko Nakamura

63Arashi - Niji

64Secret Base - Scandal
Beautiful song too

65Rolling Star - Yui
One of best songs.
Listen to sample

66Dearest - Ayumi Hamasaki
Always reminds me of InuYasha

67My Friend - Zard

68Moments - Ayumi Hamasaki Listen to sample

69Pledge - The Gazette Listen to sample

70Sunao Na Niji - Surface
Also the 4th ending on naruto shippuden.
This song is very emotional and he sings with such passion.
This should be considered in the top 10 songs.

71Mirai E - Kiroro

72Manatsu No Sounds Good - AKB48

73Tick Tack - U-Kiss
Hey, this song is really cool and addictive
Once you listen, you will never get bored!
I listen to this song not because of the but because of this song! This make you dance! Watch the mv and you will amaze with their dance, so what are you waiting for?
Try to listen to this song

74For You - Mariko Takahashi
That good old school Japanese music!

75Aisaretakute Aishitai Dake - Hanah
Wow I love this song its literally one of the best Japanese songs I've ever heard! Its about someone wanting to be loved and to love someone and it's sounds nice with a soft r&b/pop sound...HanaH is a genius for writing this song because these lyrics are exactly what most people need to hear when wanting to have someone to love :-, )

76Beautiful - Ayaka
This song will make you cry it's so beautiful...ayaka is so talented! This song's title really describes what this song is..Very Beautiful! I strongly recommend!

77Kimi No Koe - Nishino Kana feat. Verbal

78Style - Nishino Kana

79Aitakute Aitakute - Nishino Kana

80Tatoe Donani - Nishino Kana

81Eden - Aqua Timez

82Hyori Ittai - Yuzu
A very very beautiful song. :))
This is a very very beautiful song... 100%


83Yui Horie - Orange
Song is from Toradora! Ending 2.

84Blue Bird - Ikimono Gakari

85Dive to Blue - L'arc~en~ciel
This is very very nice one song.
Listen to sample

86Asu wa Date na no ni, Ima Sugu Koe ga Kikitai - S/mileage

87Mada Ue wo - Arashi

88Lucifer (JP) - SHINee

89Sangatsu Kokonoka - Remioromen
Let's face it. This song is huge. Have you ever watched 1 liter of tears without crying to this song? Ryota's voice is so soothing. Oh god. I can feel winter, fall and spring only by listening to this beautiful song.5 stars.

90∞Loop - Heidi

91Aishiteru - Kourin

92Suki Ni Natte, Yokatta - Izumi Kato
No comments needed, just listen

93Flying Get - AKB48

94Yes Forever - Misia
Beautiful is the best word to describe this song! And even though its in Japanese you'll find yourself in the moment just thinking about the person you love and the beat is on point! And after MISIA says yes forever she hits the cutest note ever! ^_^ great r&b LOVE song!
Listen to sample

95Hajimari No Toki - Ayaka
Wow is the best word to describe this beautiful piece of music!
This is the best song ever in the world! HANDS DOWN!

96Brightdown - Nami Tamaki
Best Rock Song in the world!

97Stand by Me - Anna Tsuchiya
Usually Anna Tsuchiya is heard singing Hard Rock and innapropriate songs but stand by me is one of her more emotional and ballad type songs its simply beautiful!

98To the Beginning - Kalafina Listen to sample

99Dragon Soul - Takayoshi Tanimoto

100Mama E - AI
I love this song and when you listen to it you'll instantly start thinking if your mom and you're relationship with your mother and how much you love her this song is simply beautiful...and be careful you might cry if you listen to it! ^_^

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