Top 10 Jarkko Ahola Vocal Performances

Jarkko Ahola is a young and lesser-known metal singer from Finland but he definitely deserves more attention.

He sings power metal, heavy metal and symphonic metal (and occasionally classical, jazz, hard rock).

His voice is very powerful and expressive. Jarkko Ahola is also a bassist, lyricist and primary songwriter for his bands.

His first band (Teräsbetoni) got its first recording contract thanks to a nation-wide petition, started by fans and sent to several record companies. As a result, Teräsbetoni were signed to Warner Music in 2004. Never heard of anything like that before.

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1Teräksen Taakka - Teräsbetoni

This is a great power ballad in Finnish and Jarkko Ahola nailed it - his voice is so expressive and beautiful yet powerful. His sustain at the end is remarkable (4:35).
I don't care about the lyrics I don't understand because I get the mood and the message from his voice.
Teräksen Taakka = Burden of Steel. - Metal_Treasure

2Don't Bring Me Down - Northern Kings

Awesome start to finish but especially the intro scream, 2:55-3:05 and the end. I have replayed these 3 sections many times.
The song is an ELO metal cover. - Metal_Treasure

3Ave Maria (live) - J. Ahola

I mean the live version from Viiala, Finland, 8.12.2013, last stop of his X-Mas charity tour.
YouTube title: "Ave Maria -- J. Ahola -- 8.12.2013".
It's more impressive after 2:45, especially towards the end. I was surprised to see that his live performance is completely effortless and he sounds like an opera singer. He uses classical singers vocal technique very often in his metal songs. - Metal_Treasure

4Metallisydän - Teräsbetoni

A power ballad, where the voice is clearly heard.
Metallisydän = Metal Heart - Metal_Treasure

5Missä Miehet Ratsastaa - Teräsbetoni

This song was elected to represent Finland at the Eurovision International Song Contest 2008. Jarkko Ahola wrote the music and lyrics. No words needed, just watch the original video clip and this live performance at the Eurovision semi-final:
"ESC08 Semi-final: Teräsbetoni - Missä miehet ratsastaa (HQ)" - Metal_Treasure

6Konstantinopoli - Teräsbetoni

A lengthy power metal song, epic vox. - Metal_Treasure

7Maailma Tarvitsee Sankareita - Teräsbetoni
8Stoneface - Ahola
9Metalliolut - Teräsbetoni

Enjoy his resonant voice - the voice is resonant when the notes ring, which is very pleasant.
I'd also suggest to watch the video clip because it's funny.
Metalliolut = Metal Beer - Metal_Treasure

10Uudestisyntynyt - Teräsbetoni

His voice is so resonant (his notes are ringing). - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11Pyhä Maa - Teräsbetoni

Sustain: 14-15 seconds at the end. - Metal_Treasure

12Paha Sanoo - Teräsbetoni
13My Way - Northern Kings

An impressive Frank Sinatra cover. - Metal_Treasure

14Heaven and Hell - Oulu All Star Big Band & J. Ahola

J. Ahola is a very versatile singer and this Black Sabbath/Dio cover is the most interesting version I know. - Metal_Treasure

15Wings Of Icaros - Dreamtale
16Cold N Lonely - Ahola
17The Moment - Ahola
18Voittamaton - Teräsbetoni
19Hello - Northern Kings
20Saalistaja - Teräsbetoni
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