Top 10 Jennifer Lopez Songs That Should Have Been Released As a Single


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"Brave" (album) wouldn't be flop if this amazing track was released as a single


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2Si Ya Se Acabo
Amazing voice and very touching song


Jennifer's songs are incredible! You just wanna throw away other albums/songs like from Michael Jackson or Whitney Houston. You go JLO!
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3Starting Over
Me and my mom really adore this song and I was sad that Papi (another good song) took its place as a single PLEASE JENNIFER LOPEZ make this fantastic song into a single!
I love many of these songs, but I think "Starting Over" is among her best songs ever. I love both the album version and the more stripped-down version she performed on SNL.
I wish this song had gotten more attention because I really feel like it is special.
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4Stay Together
Catchy sound from J. Lo


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5Until It Beats No More
So beautiful and emotional love it
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6Pleasure Is Mine

7Cherry Pie
One of J. Lo's greatest non-single tracks and definitely the best song on "Rebirth" album


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8Hypnotico Listen to sample

9We Gotta Talk Listen to sample

Very beautiful track - deserved being a single


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The Contenders

11(Can't Believe) This Is Me

12Invading My Mind Listen to sample

13Step Into My World Listen to sample

14Loving You Listen to sample

15The One
J. Lo wanted to make this beautiful track a single but suddenly cancelled it


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16Carino Listen to sample

17On the Floor
This one because this is the only song I know from her!


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