Top Ten Jobs Musicians Had Before They Were Famous

They were not born as giants, they worked regular day jobs like anyone else, and as they say, you can't kill metal, but you often can't pay bills either resulting in prominent musicians who kept their day jobs despite reaching fame.

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1Safety Lecturer for Truck Drivers - Chuck Billy

Worked for 17 years as a lecturer - Ananya

2Jimi Hendrix Roadie - Lemmy Kilmister
3Computer Specialist - Mike Mangini

Worked on a program that studied the links between the human brain and body - Metal_Treasure

4Pilot - Bruce Dickinson
5Drug Dealer - Dave MustaineV2 Comments
6Upholsterer - Jack White

The white stripes frontman was an upholsterer, one man business called third man upholstery - Ananya

7Policeman - Matt Barlow

This guy is awesome as a singer and personality. - Metal_Treasure

8Union Carpenter - Steve Souza
9Assistant Coroner - Jonathan Davis
10Construction Worker - Ozzy Osbourne

But hated his job - Ananya

Hated his job? Even slaughter-house worker? I'd think he'd enjoy that and even incorporate it into his stage act - Billyv

The Contenders

11Janitor - Kurt Cobain

When he was 20, worked as a janitor. - Ananya

12Biomedical Engineer - Gregg Gillis
13Topless DJ - Jill Janus

Does this mean "headless" or "flat-chested"? - Billyv

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1. Safety Lecturer for Truck Drivers - Chuck Billy
2. Jimi Hendrix Roadie - Lemmy Kilmister
3. Upholsterer - Jack White
1. Computer Specialist - Mike Mangini
2. Pilot - Bruce Dickinson
3. Policeman - Matt Barlow



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