Best John Farnham Studio Albums

Not counting live or Greatest Hits, just studio albums.

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1Chain Reaction

Musically its Farnham at he's very best!

2Whispering Jack

Probably the best comeback album of all time. This album is the highest selling album in Australia with a big help from the number one song You're The Voice

3Then Again
4Age of Reason

The follow up to Whispering Jack another number one song Age Of Reason the title track

533 1/3

A Very good Soul Album some originals and some covers

6Romeo's Heart
7Looking Through a Tear

Most of the early Farnham albums are underrated. But Worth a mint if you get one! Great tracks on this album Comic Conversation, One, Raindrops and the ballad Title track

8The Last Time

Sometimes, this song is just Beautiful


Sounds like a Little River Band Album, best song on this is the cover of Help the Beatles song. This is first time this song was record in a ballad form!


Farnham in semi retirement only releases an Studio Album every 5 years. Not bad. Other soulfull album with handful of covers from Farnham's favourite singers. Like Stevie Wonder & Ray Charles. What I think is standout track is 242365.

The Contenders

11I Remember When I Was Young: Songs from the Great Australian Songbook

A fine covers album but on Australian Songwriters. Actually record life within the studio like how they recorded back in the day

12The Net

The First Farnham era with the Little River Band. We Two is the Best track

13Playing to Win

Farnham's 2nd Little River Band Album. Wasn't that sussesful but Farnham found that sound to go on a make Whispering Jack 2 years latter!

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14No Reins

Last LRB album so underrated

16Everybody Oughta Sing a Song
17Hits Magic and Rock N Roll
18J. P Farnham Sings
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