Best Jpop Artists and bands

This is a subjective list to my and maybe even your favoriite jpop band or solo singer

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1Baby Metal

The only Japanese band that reached worldwide mainstream music (at least for the genre) and still nowhere near their peak. Highest respect

They only one on the list I know so Baby Metal gets my vote - FrankP

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I think Perfume got all in jpop : music, voice, dance, video music, live are amazing! And not forget, looks are important in Jpop industry but I rather the music and live.

I have been listening to Perfume since 2013 and they really don't get as much recognition as they should (if that makes sense). Their performances are creative and they make me smile every time I listen to them sing. If you know someone who is interested in electropop, techno, Jpop or pop in general, let them know about Perfume. It might be strange to them at first because they don't understand (I'm learning Japanese) but its worth listening to ^_^

They're my favorite artists ever, they're so awesome and talented, even kind of random, and their choreography is so well done and- NOCCHI YAY

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Scary, yet quite catchy - NerdyPweeps


Her songs are a masterpiece - NerdyPweeps


Her songs are so inspiring - NerdyPweeps


I like their music and all the members are adorable. I especially love Jun and Sho

Arashi are probably one of most successful Japanese boy bands of all time.

Went to see them in Hawaii it was great

I absolutely adore their songs - NerdyPweeps


Her songs actually have a story to them instead of just random words shoved in there for no reason. - NerdyPweeps

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8Ikimono-gakariV3 Comments

They're old, yet still sound good - NerdyPweeps

I love Dream when they are just three members... First Japanese girlgroup that I know, bring so much memory especially in anime InuYasha and Hikaru no Go great high pitch vocal, I actually prefer Dream than Ayumi Hamasaki in avex trax.

Dream all the way :D I still sing there songs bout anywhere I go lol.
Was my first group too go figure.
I remember listening to them so much my brother that hated jpop started learning the songs haha was so funny back then.

10Noa Nowa

I love their songs, - NerdyPweeps

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?Kim Hyun JoongV2 Comments
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11Porno Graffitti

Their songs are so catchy like Melissa for example was a masterpiece. - NerdyPweeps

12Nico Touches the Walls

Best Jpop band ever! Their songs and girls are excellent!

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Electro vibes, but still have a meaning - NerdyPweeps

16Namie Amuro
17Hearts Grow
18Do As Infinity

Make great music!

20Kyary Pamyu PamyuV2 Comments
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1. Ikimono-gakari
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