Best K-Pop Songs of January-June, 2016

It was many hit songs realeased at 2016. And this is the list of 'Best K-Pop Songs of January~June, 2016. And what's your favorite K-Pop song of January~June, 2016?

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1Cheer Up - Twice

Cheer Up Baby, Cheer Up Baby~~ Very good song! And this is mega hit song ever! And now, TWICE is very popular idol group. I like it song very much. And the music video is great! In the music video, The 9 members are parodying characters of movies. Please see the Cheer Up music video. I like it a lot! - gyungmin

2No Matter Where - M.C the Max

Do you know team, 'M.C The Max'? They are Korean rock ballad band. And the band's vocal has very amazing voice! And he singing very much! And their song, 'No Matter Where' was realeased at January 28, 2016. And this song is very beautiful and emotional! But I can't sing this song. Because the song is really hard! But please listening this song. It's so wonderful! What a great powerful rock ballad song! - gyungmin

3Rough - Gfriend

Mega hit song of GFriend! Song is very dramatic! And it's emotional. And GFriend is very popular idol group with Twice. Listening this song and feel the music. It is so dramatic and good! - gyungmin

4Iam You, You are Me - Zico

Beautiful Korean hip-hop musician, ZICO! He has nice rapping and nice flow! But this song is not a rap. It is soft R&B ballad song. And he singing in this song. He has soft voice, too. He is so beautiful! - gyungmin

5You’re the Best - Mamamoo

Mamamoo is very soulful and makes me happy. This song is very soulful. And it's awesome! - gyungmin

6Don’t Forget - Crush

Crush is Korean singer-songwriter and hip-hop musician. His voice is killing me. It's just soft and touching me. And this song is touching me, too. This song is very soft R&B ballad song. I like it! - gyungmin

7This Love - Davichi

Do you know 'Descendants of the sun'? It is Korean drama. And it is mega hitting drama! It's very emotional, wonderful and fun! And 'This Love' is OST of 'Descendants of the sun'. Davichi sing this song. The song is very beautiful and emotional. It's powerful ballad! - gyungmin

8I Don’t Love You – Urban Zakapa

Urban Zakapa is Korean R&B group. They are singer-songwriter and they can producing. And their has soft and amazing voice! And This song is very emotional ballad song! I like it a lot! - gyungmin

9You are My Everything - Gummy

This song is OST of 'Descendants of the sun', too. Gummy is Korean ballad singer. She has unique voice! And this song is very beautiful and emotional! It's touching me. - gyungmin

10Breathe - Lee Hi

Beautiful R&B ballad song! Lee Hi is Korean R&B, ballad singer. Her voice is very clear and touching me. And the song has emotional lyrics, too. So I really like this song. - gyungmin

The Contenders

11Hopefullysky - Jung Eunji

Jung Eunji, the main vocal of Apink. She has very beautiful and soft voice. This song appears on her first solo album, 'Dream'. She compose and producing this song. And this song has very good lyrics! She write the lyrics, too. - gyungmin

12Dream - Suzy x Baekhyun

Wonderful collaboration song! This song is very soft and touching me. And it is jazz song. I like jazz very much! - gyungmin

13What the Spring?? - 10cm

10cm is Korean indie duo. And now they are popular. And this song is soft. But the lyrics are very fun and terrible. But this is good song. Listening this song. - gyungmin

14Rain - Taeyeon

Taeyeon has amazing voice. And she sings very well! And her song, 'Rain' is very soft and emotional. It makes me feel! - gyungmin

Taeyeon has amazing voice. And she sings very well! And her song, 'Rain' is very soft and emotional. It makes me feel! - gyungmin

15D (Half Moon) - Dean

DEAN is Korean R&B singer-songwriter and hip-hop musician. His voice is very soft and smooth! And he has wide musical spectrum. And this song is very smooth and touching me. It makes me feel! - gyungmin

16Monster - Exo

What a powerful dance song! E.X.O is comeback at June! And their song, 'Monster' is so powerful and very nice! They are handsome and they are just a star! I like it! - gyungmin

17Always - Yoon Mirae

Very beautiful ballad song. It appears on drama, 'Descendants of the sun'. The song is very beatiful and emotional! - gyungmin

18I Like That - Sistar

They were comeback at June! Their song, 'I Like That' is very wild dance song. I like its drum beat! So I Like That song! - gyungmin

19So So - Baek a Yeon

Baek A Yeon is Korean singer-songwriter. She has unique voice and her songs are good. She's new song, 'So So' is very soulful! - gyungmin

20Everytime - Chen, Punch

Emotional OST song of 'Descendants of the sun'! Chen and Punch have wonderful harmony! And their voice are clear! And the song is good, too! - gyungmin

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