Best Key and Peele Skits

In your opinion, what is the best skit from this show.

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1East West Bowl

So funny, every single name was funny! This has to be my second favorite, gay wedding advice is just too hilarious - invinciblemario99

Just a staple skit that you know what direction they point to

There's a new one, it came out yesterday, september 13th

2Substitute Teacher

Most quoteable, very funny, hands down the funniest skit

So inappropriate... But hysterical! A-aron

I'm for real! So you better check yourself! - Mr_Awesome

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3Gay Wedding AdviceV1 Comment
4East West Bowl 2
5Black Republicans
6I Said B****

One of Key and Peeles most famous performances. Also invented a new catch phrase too

7Cat PosterV1 Comment
8Pizza Order

This was the skit that first made me interested in the show, has no clear plot but makes hilarious twists

9Interrogation Skit

I wish I remembered the actual name of the skit, but it gave me the best abdominal workout a laugh could possibly give me. Thank you, Key and Peele for that simple and genius performance.

Can't remember the name fully but it was simple and well played out

It is called rap album confessions

10Slap A**V1 Comment

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11Struggling Wizard School
12Mattress Shopping
13Das Negros
14Anger Translator
15Auction Block
16Fronthand Backhand
17Aerobics Meltdown
18Terrorist Meeting
19Power Falcons

Good Power Ranger parody

20Fighting Meegan's Battles

Come on guys, this one is by FAR the most hilarious. And Jordan is a little TOO good at pretending to be a girl. "He doesn't control me because I'm not a remote." Bahahah

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1. Substitute Teacher
2. East West Bowl
3. Auction Block
1. Gay Wedding Advice
2. East West Bowl
3. East West Bowl 2



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