Top Ten Kids Movies You Like That Everyone Else Hates


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Just because "let it go" got annoying and it made a lot of money doesn't make it bad,

Emm... I think this is th only movie on the list hated by a lot of people

2The Boxtrolls

I hate this movie. I liked the humans, the plot, and the ending, but I absolutely hate the boxtrolls themselves. They're so yucky, over dirtied, and rude. I know that's their character and the whole point of the movie, but I absolutely hate them. It was really nasty when the red hat guy exploded (I forgot his name), and when that boy (again, forgot the names) copied everything the boxtrolls did. I was actually kind of sad when the extermination of the boxtrolls failed, but it was really cool seeing the big fight at the end. So, I really liked some parts of the movie, but definitely NOT the boxtrolls. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

3Inside Out

I adored Inside Out! It's one of my favorite animated films now! - MontyPython

How is it possible to hate this movie? - RockFashionista

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4Wreck-It Ralph
5Hotel Transylvania 2
7The Fox and the Hound
8Cars 2
10The Lion King

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11MinionsV1 Comment
12The Book of Life

This movie was pretty good. Plus, I finally found a movie where the girls were more anorexic than the Winx! Take that haters! - BlueTopazIceVanilla

14The Good Dinosaur

Uh, no, "everyone else" adores this movie and won't hear anything about it otherthan how "perfect", "great", "wonderful", or "unique" it is. Those who actually hate or even mildly dislike this film are few and far between.

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16The Lorax

I meant to put The 2012 one. - Discord1

17The Rescuers
18Strange Magic
19The Little Mermaid
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