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The shorter version of exitlude. Still great, although personally I prefer exitlude

42Carry Me Home

Definitely one of the best Killer's songs all time. If you haven't heard it, you need too. You won't regret it!

43Under the Gun

Are you serious? Such great lyricism combined with an awesome tempo. Don't know how this wasn't even mentioned in the top 35.

How is this so low? The beat to this song is so sick. It was through this song I really felt the diversity of songs that the Killers could pull off. Definitely belongs in the top 15 if not top 10

I was actually shocked that this song was so on the list. I was just scrolling throught and waiting for it to show up in the top ten, let alone the top twenty. This song has this energy that really gets to you, its catchy from the start and has an amazing melody. The lyrics are beautiful, and I had this song on repeat for days and never got tired of it. Give it a listen and see how you like it after, because this somg should never be this far down the list!

This and Sweet Talk carried the Sawdust album. You just have to listen to it to know its awesomeness

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44Don't Shoot Me Santa

It's SO catchy, and the music video is hilarious. this one is my favorite because it highlights the band's humor. "Santa's got a whaaat? "

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45Happy Birthday Guadalupe

Beautiful song! Not many people know about it.
Beautiful lyrics Beautiful video!

Great song, I'm sure it has an interesting back story

Fun video too


Such a peaceful songs if you check the video version of this songs then there is nobody out there who wouldn't like it

So happy and beautiful and amusing. Great lyrics, perfect music, and the bells really pull at my heartstrings.

47Why Do I Keep Counting?

SERIOUSLY?! SERIOUSLY?!?! This is hands down at least in the top twenty! "Help me get down! I can't make it help me get down! " The only con is how short the song is! This is an outstanding song! Truly a masterpiece!

It's not the best but should definitely be in the top 1.

Probably the most underrated killers song

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48From Here On Out

This song is incredible and sings about life, it is just so honest. The beat is awesome, too! Why isn't it higher on the list?

49Joy Ride

A perfect song from the wonderfully strange, Day and Age

50All the Pretty Faces

An extremely underrated song by the Killers. Reminds me of For Reasons Unknown because of their similar tempo change. Take a listen, very powerful.

Absolutely an amazing song; catchy driving beat, spooky lyrics, a must for true killers fans.

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51Believe Me Natalie

Give this song another listen...I promise it won't disappoint.

Hey! They stole my name!

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52The Rising Tide

This song has a great beat, catchy meaningless lyrics but should be in the higher up 🌀because of the solo just over half way through

53My List

I must admit that I was very jealous knowing that boyfriend wrote this song for his wife. But hey, it's a really beautiful song and damn she's a very lucky woman!

Deserves more attention. I once listened to this song 400 times in one day.

This song is so beautiful and haunting... It should be much higher!

Hugely underrated song. It's beautiful and has good lyrics

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54Deadlines and Commitments

Amazing song! Definitely under rated, should be higher on the list! I absolutely love it and think more people should know it

This song along with "Be Still" gives such an insight into Brandon Flowers'thoughts, especially where it comes to family. It seems he is big on that, as am I. Regardless of where we are in life, "we should all have that place we all run to"

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55A Crippling Blow

What is A Crippling Blow doing down here? I mean, I know... is a bonus track and it may not be the best song, but is really really good. Give it a try, is definitely one of my favorites.

56The Ballad of Michael Valentine

Um this is the best way to learn the places in america why is this not on top better than the animaniacs song

I never really paid attention to this song but WOW I can't get enough of it now

57Why Don't You Find Out for Yourself
58A Great Big Sled

Their best Christmas song!

59Where the White Boys Dance

The chorus sounds like something falling apart, but in a beautiful sort of way. Plants decomposing.

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60Move Away

Best instrumentals of any of The Killers' songs to date.

Just a really good song, super catchy

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