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61Heart of a GirlV2 Comments
62Peace of Mind

This song is amazing! I LOVE how they add "My List" in here so it relates back to Sam's Town! - MTDiorio19

63Daddy's Eyes

I hope the only reason its at number 69 is because it's the sexiest killers song out there

Very good song off of sawdust. The Guitar Solo is legendary! Great Song.

64Four Winds

Best cover of bright eyes ever made. It's one of my favorite killers songs! Hardly anyone knows about it. (it's a b-side to spaceman)

65Ultra Violet (Light My Way)
66Forget About What I Said
67Who Let You Go?
68A Matter of Time

From Battleborn. This is the second great song I had to add to the list! Are you people kidding! This is one of the best!

Not fair, this song is one of my all time favourites and its ranked below most of the other songs.

69Christmas In L.A.
71Where Is She?

Brandon please give us a studio version of this amazing song (if only you didn't tell the press where you got the inspiration to make this song from... )

72Joel the Lump of Coal

Their newest Christmas song. A sad song about the life of a lump of coal, with Jimmy Kimmel. Need I say more?

73Peace of Mind
74Prize Fighter

This is a great song, it's very motivating, it is a perfect song to dedicate it to my mom, or my girlfriend, or daughter. =)

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75A White Demon Love Song

I love this song! Even though it was used in twilight, it's an amazing song.

Very amazing song! I love the killers and this one is just so great!


Amazing @____@ I'm a huge fan of The Killers and have listened to almost every song, and this is my favourite. I would recommend anyone to listen to this song, at least a few times. It wasn't the best the first time I heard it, but something happened after a few listens, and it was just... Amazing. The lyrics, the melody, the everything. The chorus is beautiful. Listen to it. Listen to it. Listen to it a few times. Seriously. You have not lived until you've heard this song.

77Show You How

So simple, and yet so amazing. The solo matches the chord structure so perfectly, and Brandon's voice is fantastic. One of my favourite songs of all time.

78Everything Will Be Alright

In my opinion the most complete song The Killers have. A psychedelic kick-off, a catchy chorus, a bridge that makes you cry and a perfect ending guitar solo. This song haunts you until the end.

Amazing feeling behind this song... anyone who has lost someone for any reason has to love this song

Life goes on, everything will be alright

I used to hate his song but after listening to it through all the way it got stuck in my head. Now I love it so much it's one of my favorite songs of all time.

I think that this might be my favourite killers song, I don't listen to it very often but when I do I usually shed a couple of tears

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79Goodnight, Travel Well

My favorite song of theirs personally because Brandon Flowers wrote this song after the death of his mother which makes the lyrics all the more meaningful. And the way his voice belts out during the bridge, I love. I love this song and think it should be way up higher on this list.

You guys are joking right? Have you heard this song? Number 1. Period.

Are you all deaf? This is the best Killers song in the history of their music. The lyrics are meaningful for one and it's just so amazing. I'm baffled by the fact it is last on this list.

Not the biggest killers fan, but this song doesn't deserve to be on last of the list

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