Top Ten Kirby Characters That Should Be In Super Smash Brothers

Kirby! The Pink Cute Cuddly Puffball of Doom, a series that definitely needs at least one more character in Smash.

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1Bandana Waddle Dee

It's an obvious one. How could you NOT want Bandana Dee as a new Kirby rep if we got one? - Goombaic


Interesting idea. Would rather have other characters, but still interesting. - Goombaic


He'd be a cool character to have in Smash. - Garythesnail

I liked Magolor in RTDL. I get why people want him for Smash, even though I honestly don't want him in that much. - Goombaic

4Knuckle Joe

A literal FIGHTER. Another obvious pick, but not possible anymore with the assist trophy. Maybe in the next game if there'll even be one - Goombaic


This guy scared me. He still scares me today, and seeing him in Smash would be terrifying, especially with Marx Soul as a Final Smash. - Goombaic


Squak Squad needs representation. That's my only reason of why I would like Daroach. - Goombaic


The true main antagonist of Dreamland 3 and Crystal Shards, 0 has left an impression (of course, a floating giant eye that looks creepy would obviously catch attention in Kirby). - Goombaic

8Prince Fluff

Because Yarn Kirby apparently needs representation. I liked Yarn Kirby, but Prince Fluff would be one of my last picks of recognizable Kirby characters to put in Smash. - Goombaic

I would like for him to be in smash

9Yarn Kirby

Some people actually want Yarn Kirby in Smash, and not as an alt. Some of these people also want Yarn Yoshi in Smash... OK? - Goombaic

10Galacta KnightV2 Comments

The Contenders

11Whispy Woods

I would laugh if this actually happened. I'd still use him though. - Garythesnail

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