Best Kiss Songs

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The Top Ten

Rock 'n Roll All Nite
rock & roll all nite is the best ever
everyone knows this song, Kiss doesn't suck, best show ever they can still rock!


Rock and roll all night is the best song ever made better then beth kiss rocks
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2I Was Made for Lovin' You
it includes what a perfect rock song must have:
lyrics about love
a refrain you can sing out loud
excellent guitar work
a voice you like listening to
and the perfect mix of instruments and vocals (y)
The lyrics, the guitaring, the music, the stage perfomance, everything is just awesome! Der is no margin for error in this song! This must be the song of the century!
Very underrated band of all time. They have memorable songs that stand the test of time.
To thrive and to still be hugely relevant in the music business for almost 40 years is pretty much unheard of. Yet Rolling Stone has barely acknowledged their existence, and they are still not in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame after a decade of being eligible. As far as my favorite song concerned its a tie between I was made for loving u and detroit city.


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3Detroit Rock City
Best KISS song by far, no debate.

I can't understand why it isn't first on the list. Good tunes, good lyrics, overall best song of their career.
AwesoME SoNg!
Wow..! Stunned by what is done in the son!
oh my goodness!
best kiss song, I listen to this at least three times a day still xD great chorus, beat and some brilliant drumming
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4Love Gun
Find out what it means, lolz


Great song! Gene Simons is taking it out on his guitar, and Paul Stanley has a great voice. The Love Gun shot me when I heard this song!
you can't forget this baby... don't try to lie!


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Even though this is a great hit it shouldn't be in the top ten. The top ten should be something like

I was made for loving you
Detroit rock city
I love it loud
Rock and roll all nite
Love gun
Shout it out loud
Sure know something
Black diamond
Lick it up
Nice melodies.. With a little humor at the end..
Simply love it.. Lolz
When I was young we would party to kiss music and this always quieted the room

Also we would all laugh that every guy in the room would be singing along with the song

Try it after the guys have had a few beers play this song and see who sings along with it
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This song deserves to be number one. It is my personal favorite and its just so badass! The people that made this are full of it because if hotter than hell isn't one of the ten best kiss songs then I'm not a kiss fan!
Good song but their are so many songs that should be higher where's she's so European what happened to sure no something and wear on earth is shandi
I think Strutter must be number 1
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I really love this song. Wish there would be more of this kind.
Luv Gun and this are the #1!... but Forever is the #1 Romantic


its has probably the best solo in the world :)
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8Crazy Crazy Nights
My favourite song! I can't belive it isn't higher, but it a Kiss song anyway so it alright. We all love Kiss! If you love Kiss you shouldn't fight about what song is the best!
My favourite KISS song, and the most popular here in the UK, Paul's vocals are great in it, and the tune is amazing as well!
This song may be repetitive, but is nice anyway!


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9God of Thunder
I love everything about this song, the lyrics really got me hooked. Gene's vocals just add something special to this one.
Simply their best heavy metal
My favorite kiss song so far.


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10God Gave Rock 'n Roll to You
How is this song not rated higher in the list? This is the kind of song I'd love to listen to when I finished myself a long journey feeling victorious and all. I love how the band shows how much they love what they accomplished by saying that God gave it to them, and that is grand! The guitar riffs are just awesome and easy to sing along that it gives you a state of peace! This is one of the best songs I've ever heard and believe I will never get tired of it. Always reminds me of how much I've gotten from God.
This song is amazing and the melody and vocals are just perfect. I have no idea how this is only ninth on the list. The key change just finishes of this song the best way possible.
I would give all my money to be able to see this song performed live. I think this is getting it pretty tough being only in ninth place...
Everybody should vote this song up. Best vocals of any Kiss song.
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The Contenders

11Black Diamond
Great Song! It starts off slow and builds to maximum intensity eventually bringing it around to a stop. You think the song is over and then it tricks you and starts rocking your face off again. Love it Love it
This song is so amazing... The best way to listen to it is LIVE! But overall a fantastic song. 1,2,3... HIT IT!

Out on the street for a livin...
My favourite song aside from she... People really need to give peter criss the credit he deserved, drum wise and vocal wise
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12Lick It Up
It should be higher seriously it has a very catchy chorus and is a great song, rocknroll all night is just the same stuff all over again, doesn't have solos or nothin.
Can't believe this isn't in the top ten! This is one of the best rock songs ever, just gets you up and dancing! What a pumping song!
Definitely a song that should be higher in this list. Very well composed, lots of guitar within the verses, which also have rhyming words, with a catchy chorus, & rock n roll throughout the entire song. It's pure genius... from who else but... KISS. It's not a crime to be good to yourself!
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13Heaven's On Fire
The Best song ever And yes I could feel the heat taking me burn with me and Heavens on fire


This song is purely what personifies kiss. Not only because they are the only one's who can get away with singing this song but it also shows their character when up on stage partying and having a great time.
Heaven's on fire should be in the top 5
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14Shout It Out Loud
Rock Anthenm of all times!
This is the best song of the game guitar hero 5
This song should be on the top ten
My favorite song of the kiss!
Wow, really guys? This HAS to be top 5. Come on, vote it up. Lick it up needs to move up also.
Great anthem and very

Catchy riff
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15I Love It Loud
Eric Carr's Drums Alone Make This Song Brilliant
Amazing Song
One Of The Heaviest Kiss Songs To Date With The Greatest Drummer Eric Carr On (Lukejordan21)
Very Heavy...
One of the greatest gene simmons Solos
ever one of best eric carr's drum solo
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16Calling Dr. Love
Best kiss tone, along with detroit rock city, god of thunder, love guns, war machine, creatures of the night, I love it loud
I don't think this song gets the love it deserves. 17 is just too low.
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Hello! How is this song not in the top 3. Calling real KISS fans everywhere, get this song to number 1!
A very hard yet classic rock song do to its simple but catchy riffs solo and fast beat. Though it is one of the bands oldest songs it still remains one of the best.
Easily the second best KISS song ever. Ridiculous that it's listed this low.
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18We Are One
An amazing song! Very special
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19Say Yeah

Anthemic tune that trumps Rock and Roll All Nite. Really catchy tune.

20I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)

My favorite Kiss song. Epic, Heavy, Fast, Melodic. This tune may be the most underrated Hair Metal anthem. Paul was a hell of a singer.

This song has it all, including a guitarist who only appeared on one album. Despite the chaos at the time, could be their finest effort... Ever.

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21War Machine
Beat me if you can, Survive if I let you.
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22Cold Gin
Why didn't anyone vote for this song it rocks. Rock and Roll All Nite is the most overplayed overrated song of all time. Cold gin is just so awesome
Cold Gin should be top 5 for sure. I am amazed at all of the songs after Dynasty. Some good songs for sure but not classic Kiss.
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23New York Groove

The happiest and best song by far, It's so good I listen to it whenever I can
You have to play it

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24Journey of 1,000 Years
Really underrated song! This song feels so different then the rest of their songs, it makes you feel really alive
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25Creatures of The Night
I love this song! The beat is awesome! Gene simmons was loud and raw vocals and KISS was true metal on this one better than god of thunder and detroit rock city.
Pauls sings not gene... Great dark paul song
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26Psycho Circus
This song was among the last to feature Ace and Peter, which makes it even more awesome. This song has great guitar and the instruments are all amazing in this song. Kiss is among the great's of rock and this song really shows that Kiss are Rock Gods!


I LOVE this song with a passion. It is a high energetic song with an amazing guitar solo and spooky yet lively feeling to it that can't be beat.
Probably their most energetic song!
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This is a song that only Gene Simmons could sing. And it is perfect when sang live. This is a dark creepy and sinful song that Gene personifies.
This song reflects the best unmasked generation
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28Talk to Me

Ace isn't the best singer, but he is pretty good in this song. Same with "Shock Me".

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29Hotter Than Hell Listen to sample


Parasite is the hardest hard rock KISS song. The song is back boned by a heavy fast riff. ACE does a great job with the solo. It is an old KISS classic.

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31Sure Know Something
Talk about an underrated song? I think that Sure Know Something should easily be top 10, if not top 5, Gene's bass in this is elite, and Paul Stanley's voice is just amazing. I think that this song and Shandi definitely deserves to be in the top 10 because they are underrated and legendary!
This is one of the best songs that I listened ever.. It has all
This is really a top 10 quality song and needs to go higher
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32Shock Me
Ace is the best singer Kiss ever had, he maybe can't take those higest tones but there is something whith his voice that just make it amazing.


My personal favourite Kiss song, but admittedly not no.1. I say Rock and roll all nite has to win this-no question. Also, bring do: I was made for lovin' you- not even in the top 50 Kiss songs!
Just love Ace and his voice is so unique, so cool.
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33Seduction of the Innocent Listen to sample

34God Gave Rock 'n' Roll to You II
a great dedication song to Eric Carr
This song is off the hook
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35Do You Love Me
Damn Good Song One of there Bests and one of my Favourites!

Do You Love Me KISS ARMY


Listen to sample

36Great Expectations
This song is way better then hate go down to see hate and lisen to it you will not like it
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37Rain Listen to sample

38Goin' Blind Listen to sample

39Hard Luck Woman

Well I must be stupid but this is a great song. Best song written by a Kiss member. It shows that Peter Criss did, indeed, have talent.

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40Magic Touch Listen to sample

41The Oath

Off an underrated album, this song shines like no other on the album. From The Elder, it gets no better than The Oath. "I" is also solid from the album, and so is "Only You". Other favorites from KISS include Magic Touch, X-Ray eyes and Naked City.

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42Comin' Home Listen to sample

43100,000 Years
Listen to the Drum Solo on Alive


I love all these songs. However my most favorite song ever is 100,000 years. I LOVE KISS!


This song is from beginning to end great, you can't sit with this song
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44Within Listen to sample

45Modern Day Delilah
I love modern day delilah it's my all time favorite how the hell can you put it in number 46 are you mad your a complete idiot with no brain get a life you little idiot you need to listen mre in rock school! How can you put beth in top 10 and modern day delilah in number 46 jeasus me and 1 other guy woted for modern day delilah and that other guy is awesome better than you mate.
This song shows that KISS can still write at top ten song. They may be old. They may not be the original band. But doing what was best and replacing two members of the band makes the new KISS just as dominant as the old KISS minus Paul's withered voice. But listening to this song shows that Paul can still sing good minus the younger flavor that he used to have.
This is such a great song, it deserves to be in the top 10 in my opinion

46She Listen to sample

47Jungle Listen to sample

48Rock Bottom
Are you serious I know it's not there creates but, come,
On at least top 20 not down here
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49I Still Love You
Awesome slow song that still has a powerful feel to it.
Listen to sample

50Reason to Live
Underrated it is a great tune
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51C'mon and Love Me Listen to sample

52Master & Slave Listen to sample

53Christine Sixteen Listen to sample

I never understood why The Elder is considered to be their weakest album. ItÂ's full of great songs and this is one of it. If The Elder wouldnÂ't have been recorded by KISS but by some other band instead, I think it would be treasured the way it deserves. Just a boy, Under the Rose, Only you. Great.
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55Tears are Falling
I been religiously listening to Kiss since 1988 when Smashes, Thrashes and Hits came out and let me tell ya although I'm a die hard metal fan nothing hits me like this one, quite honestly maybe my favorite song of all time right now and deserves the respect of being #1 on this list. Listen people don't vote for popularity, vote for quality and substance.
Great song off of a very unrated album
Best song by Kiss period.
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What?! No ways! This is one of their best songs ever!
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57Let Me Go, Rock & Roll Listen to sample

58I Want You
The best hard rocking' Kiss song by far. Great guitar riff and great solo! Catchy vocals that are fantastic every time played live. One of the best songs on Alive 2
This song reminds me the most beautiful moments of my life. So it's just my opinion but, this should be in top ten!
One of the heaviest Kiss riffs ever. Great hard rock song, even better live plus an amazing guitar solo.
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59I Stole Your Love
This opens one of the greatest KISS albums of all time and does it with balls! This is one of the best songs and should be in the top 5 even. This is by far one of the best songs ever done by KISS.
This should be in the to 20 case closed one of their best tunes
Awesome song all together
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60Almost Human Listen to sample

61No No No
A very very underrated song. Maybe the fastest, heaviest and most powerful song kiss ever made. It also has the best guitar lines, specially that amazing intro that can be considered as the best solo Bruce ever composed. Eric on the drums is just so great as well. The band should have include this piece in more tours and ought to play it nowdays
This song is amazing! It should be at least in the top 30. I just don't understand why is so low specially when you realize that it contains the best guitar solo
Yeah! I had forgotten this one... Exellent solo, one of the bests
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62Hide Your Heart Listen to sample


one of their more uncredited songs

Listen to sample

64Mr. Blackwell Listen to sample


Was I missing shandi on the list? It could've happened but I think it should be higher on the list. I am a HUGE KISS fan and don't have a favorite song but a lot of songs should be higher like talk to me, reason to live, firehouse, heavens on fire, forever, gad gave rock n roll to you, hide your heart, take me, I just wanna, hate, I want you, and where is all hells breakin loose? Maybe I missed that too. The songs to me are WAY out of order.

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66Under the Rose Listen to sample


another classic from the 80s

Listen to sample

68Strange Ways

heavy with street cred lyrics by ace and aces awesome I think best solo

Listen to sample

69Danger Listen to sample

70Just a Boy Listen to sample

71Plaster Caster Listen to sample

72All for the Love of Rock & Roll
Great song off the nex album. Eric singer has a great voice
Listen to sample

73Freak Listen to sample

74Tough Love Listen to sample

75Raise Your Glasses

I'm a old school Kiss purist, but this song is awesome!


Listen to sample

76Hate Listen to sample

77Thrills In the Night Listen to sample

78Mr. Speed
Another classic hit from the "Rock and Roll All Over" album! The guitar intro of this song is rocking'! True Kiss fans sure missed the boat by not putting this one on the list. A sure top 25 Kiss hit, why don't you listen to some Kiss albums!
I Really like this song, its very catchy...
Listen to sample

79All Hell's Breakin' Loose Listen to sample

80Sweet Pain Listen to sample

81(You Make Me) Rock Hard Listen to sample

82Hell or Hallelujah
The lead single from their newest album and its amazing!
Listen to sample

83Uh! All Night
Definitely their most underrated song!
Listen to sample

84Rock and Roll Hell
I love this song. "Get me out of the rock and roll hell"
Listen to sample

85Naked City Listen to sample

86Lets Put the X In Sex Listen to sample

872000 Man Listen to sample

88Take Me

So many KISS songs are way down here. I don't have a favorite KISS song but most of my favorites aren't in the top ten. Only seven of them. A lot of good ones aren't even on the list. Its sad. Beth was the first actual non nursery rhyme song she sang. Mine was voodoo.

How is this not in the top 25 songs list? There are so many songs on this list I have to seriously question! This is truly not a die hard Kiss fan's list of top songs for sure!

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89Ladies Room

Really awesome song... You have 2 hear it at least once to really appreciate the band... One of the best...

The Alive II version kicks ass. Sums up Kiss at their peak. Gene pulls off tracks like this at least twice an album. Too many great Kiss songs...

Listen to sample

90Save Your Love Listen to sample

91Silver Spoon Listen to sample

92Flaming Youth Listen to sample

93King of the Night Time World Listen to sample

94Killer Listen to sample

95I Pledge Allegiance to the State of Rock & Roll Listen to sample

96When Lightning Strikes

97Outta This World
Tommy Thayer really takes a stand here. Every instrument compliments eachother gracefully. One of the best. However, it seems like he put no effort what-so-ever into the solo.
Listen to sample

98Wall of Sound Listen to sample

99A Million to One
The cleanest, purest, and best KISS song ever!
Listen to sample

100The Devil Is Me Listen to sample

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