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1Rock 'n Roll All Nite

rock & roll all nite is the best ever

everyone knows this song, Kiss doesn't suck, best show ever they can still rock! - ALD5033

Rock and roll all night is the best song ever made better then beth kiss rocks

Am I the only person in the 9th grade who thinks kiss are the greatest rock band of all time?

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2Detroit Rock City

Best KISS song by far, no debate.

I can't understand why it isn't first on the list. Good tunes, good lyrics, overall best song of their career.

Best kiss song, I listen to this at least three times a day still great chorus, beat and some brilliant drumming

AwesoME SoNg!
Wow.. ! Stunned by what is done in the son!
Oh my goodness!

This song never gets old. Never mind a great KISS song but you could make the case that Detroit Rock City is one of the greatest rock songs ever.

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3I Was Made for Lovin' You

it includes what a perfect rock song must have:
lyrics about love
a refrain you can sing out loud
excellent guitar work
a voice you like listening to
and the perfect mix of instruments and vocals (y)

The lyrics, the guitaring, the music, the stage perfomance, everything is just awesome! Der is no margin for error in this song! This must be the song of the century!

Very underrated band of all time. They have memorable songs that stand the test of time.
To thrive and to still be hugely relevant in the music business for almost 40 years is pretty much unheard of. Yet Rolling Stone has barely acknowledged their existence, and they are still not in the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame after a decade of being eligible. As far as my favorite song concerned its a tie between I was made for loving u and detroit city. - saurabh192007

Love the guitar and vocals.

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4Love Gun

Find out what it means, lolz - SmoothCriminal

Great song! Gene Simons is taking it out on his guitar, and Paul Stanley has a great voice. The Love Gun shot me when I heard this song!

Gene doesn't play the guitar on love gun he doesn't even play the bass it's Paul and of course it's Ace playing lead

you can't forget this baby... don't try to lie!
- goutkris

This song is amazing - has the best riff ever. Also - Paul Stanley has said that this is his favourite KISS song of all time!

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This song deserves to be number one. It is my personal favorite and its just so badass! The people that made this are full of it because if hotter than hell isn't one of the ten best kiss songs then I'm not a kiss fan!

Good song but their are so many songs that should be higher where's she's so European what happened to sure no something and wear on earth is shandi

I think Strutter must be number 1

Always loved this one

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Even though this is a great hit it shouldn't be in the top ten. The top ten should be something like

I was made for loving you
Detroit rock city
I love it loud
Rock and roll all nite
Love gun
Shout it out loud
Sure know something
Black diamond
Lick it up

Nice melodies.. With a little humor at the end..
Simply love it.. Lolz

When I was young we would party to kiss music and this always quieted the room

Also we would all laugh that every guy in the room would be singing along with the song

Try it after the guys have had a few beers play this song and see who sings along with it

No... Kiss just can't do ballads. - IronSabbathPriest

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7God of Thunder

I love everything about this song, the lyrics really got me hooked. Gene's vocals just add something special to this one.

Simply their best heavy metal

My favorite kiss song so far. - Arencey

God of thunder is the best for sure even with the bass solo!

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8Black Diamond

Great Song! It starts off slow and builds to maximum intensity eventually bringing it around to a stop. You think the song is over and then it tricks you and starts rocking your face off again. Love it Love it

This song is so amazing... The best way to listen to it is LIVE! But overall a fantastic song. 1,2,3... HIT IT!

Out on the street for a livin...

My favourite song aside from she... People really need to give peter criss the credit he deserved, drum wise and vocal wise

Most badass Kiss song

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I really love this song. Wish there would be more of this kind.

Luv Gun and this are the #1!... but Forever is the #1 Romantic - SmoothCriminal

its has probably the best solo in the world :)

Though it's a love song, it is by far the best rock and roll love song ever and is the best song written by KISS.

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10Shout It Out Loud

Wow, really guys? This HAS to be top 5. Come on, vote it up. Lick it up needs to move up also.

Both Paul and Gene sing lead on this get-up-and-rock song. How is it not in the top FIVE!

This song is the Kiss Anthem! - rambomoore9999

This song is pure awesomeness! Listen to it and you'll agree!

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11Crazy Crazy Nights

My favourite song! I can't belive it isn't higher, but it a Kiss song anyway so it alright. We all love Kiss! If you love Kiss you shouldn't fight about what song is the best!

My favourite KISS song, and the most popular here in the UK, Paul's vocals are great in it, and the tune is amazing as well!

This song may be repetitive, but is nice anyway! - grecco

Crappy song from even crappier album.

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12Heaven's On Fire

The Best song ever And yes I could feel the heat taking me burn with me and Heavens on fire - SmoothCriminal

This song is purely what personifies kiss. Not only because they are the only one's who can get away with singing this song but it also shows their character when up on stage partying and having a great time.

Heaven's on fire should be in the top 5

Our third favorite kiss song. Should be in top 5.

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Hello! How is this song not in the top 3. Calling real KISS fans everywhere, get this song to number 1!

A very hard yet classic rock song do to its simple but catchy riffs solo and fast beat. Though it is one of the bands oldest songs it still remains one of the best.

Easily the second best KISS song ever. Ridiculous that it's listed this low.

Great song to start the kiss concert!

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14Lick It Up

It should be higher seriously it has a very catchy chorus and is a great song, rocknroll all night is just the same stuff all over again, doesn't have solos or nothin.

Can't believe this isn't in the top ten! This is one of the best rock songs ever, just gets you up and dancing! What a pumping song!

Definitely a song that should be higher in this list. Very well composed, lots of guitar within the verses, which also have rhyming words, with a catchy chorus, & rock n roll throughout the entire song. It's pure genius... from who else but... KISS. It's not a crime to be good to yourself!

Definitely their best song. Vinnie Vincent does very well on guitar on this song, even though he's not as good as Ace. Still, though, great pump-up song. - Shake_n_Bake13

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15We Are One

An amazing song! Very special

16Calling Dr. Love

Best kiss tone, along with detroit rock city, god of thunder, love guns, war machine, creatures of the night, I love it loud

I don't think this song gets the love it deserves. 17 is just too low.

Another fave of mine!

Classic Gene! Should be in the top five!

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17I Love It Loud

Eric Carr's Drums Alone Make This Song Brilliant

Loud! I wanna hear it loud!

Very Heavy...
One of the greatest gene simmons Solos
Ever one of best eric carr's drum solo

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18God Gave Rock 'n Roll to You

How is this song not rated higher in the list? This is the kind of song I'd love to listen to when I finished myself a long journey feeling victorious and all. I love how the band shows how much they love what they accomplished by saying that God gave it to them, and that is grand! The guitar riffs are just awesome and easy to sing along that it gives you a state of peace! This is one of the best songs I've ever heard and believe I will never get tired of it. Always reminds me of how much I've gotten from God.

This song is amazing and the melody and vocals are just perfect. I have no idea how this is only ninth on the list. The key change just finishes of this song the best way possible.

I would give all my money to be able to see this song performed live. I think this is getting it pretty tough being only in ninth place...
Everybody should vote this song up. Best vocals of any Kiss song.

This has to be my favorite because it's just an anthem. I feel moved after hearing it every time.

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19Cold Gin

Why didn't anyone vote for this song it rocks. Rock and Roll All Nite is the most overplayed overrated song of all time. Cold gin is just so awesome

Great song - written by Ace - my favorite song that Gene sings lead on. Ace's riff has been copied a few times (Buckcherry- Lit Up)

Cold Gin should be top 5 for sure. I am amazed at all of the songs after Dynasty. Some good songs for sure but not classic Kiss.

Around the corner to the liquor store...

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20War Machine

Heavy and shows off genes unique vocals

Learned how to play bass on this song!

Beat me if you can, Survive if I let you.

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