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41RainV1 Comment
42Goin' Blind

The Melvins cover is better, but this is the best kiss song ever!

This song makes me want to be sixteen forever

43All Hell's Breakin' Loose
44Magic Touch

Always thought this was a good song. Sounds cheesy now! Laugh out loud


What?! No ways! This is one of their best songs ever!

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Probably the best song on that album!


It sounds just like "I'm Eighteen" which is why Alice Cooper sued them!

48The Oath

Off an underrated album, this song shines like no other on the album. From The Elder, it gets no better than The Oath. "I" is also solid from the album, and so is "Only You". Other favorites from KISS include Magic Touch, X-Ray eyes and Naked City.

49Raise Your Glasses

I'm a old school Kiss purist, but this song is awesome! - urnyurny

No--it's pure crap! Gimme a break

50Dirty Livin'
51Comin' Home

I like this song! Cool!


Second best song on Dressed To Kill, behind Com'n And Love Me. Definitely, top ten.

Their best song w/o a doubt! My all time fave!
Then Hard Luck Woman... Gotta see the video where Paul & Ace play each other's guitar, while strumming @ the same time!


One of the Kiss songs ever. BRUCE is at his best. Love this song. One of my top ten


Was I missing shandi on the list? It could've happened but I think it should be higher on the list. I am a HUGE KISS fan and don't have a favorite song but a lot of songs should be higher like talk to me, reason to live, firehouse, heavens on fire, forever, gad gave rock n roll to you, hide your heart, take me, I just wanna, hate, I want you, and where is all hells breakin loose? Maybe I missed that too. The songs to me are WAY out of order.

It's a decent song... Better than today's crap!

I reckon shandi should be number one love it roland

55Modern Day Delilah

This song shows that KISS can still write at top ten song. They may be old. They may not be the original band. But doing what was best and replacing two members of the band makes the new KISS just as dominant as the old KISS minus Paul's withered voice. But listening to this song shows that Paul can still sing good minus the younger flavor that he used to have.

This is such a great song, it deserves to be in the top 10 in my opinion

56I Still Love You

Awesome slow song that still has a powerful feel to it.

The MTV unplugged version is just outstanding!

Pretty good song that's about his breakup w/ Donna Dixon! & then she married Dan Ackroyd!

57Thrills In the Night

I think its one of there best Post make up era song of the 1980's

58Hell or Hallelujah

The lead single from their newest album and its amazing!

59Rock Bottom

Are you serious I know it's not there creates but, come,
On at least top 20 not down here

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60Under the Rose
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